Lumileds Luxeon V2 5000K 70CRI for $0.46 + Free Worldwide Shipping at

Product's link: Luxeon V2 5000K 70CRI

Other dealers are selling it for quadruple the price.
The emitter hasn't been tested much, but it has received some positive feedback.
At paper it's one of the top performers in the 2mm^2 league.

I purchased 10 :)

Just ordered some, free international DHL express is crazy. Thanks for the tip!

Ordered 10, Thanks!

The few bucks I spent on LH351D’s was the best led deal I’d ever seen at the time and I instantly regretted not buying more, hope 10 of these hold me over till the next deal comes up (I ran out of the LH351D’s from the last arrow sale last week so this is perfect timing!)

I don’t understand how they can afford to do this?!

Cool. Thanks for the alert. Last time this happened there were quite a few other emitters at huge discounts. I all I have found is the 3K version of the above also for 46 cents.

My flashlight budget is 0….but I decided to cheat a bit.
Ordered 1 3000K. They added $.10 VAT, so $.56 with DHL shipping. I guess they wanted to get new customers rather than make money…and they succeeded. :wink:

Just ordered 10 each of the 3k and 5k with free UPS intl shipping.

I ordered 20 of the 5000K leds. Will do an output test if no one else does that in the meantime. No 3000K because for 3000K I can not tolerate less than 90 CRI anymore :blush:

Thanks Bilakos10 for finding this deal!

Thanks for a great deal.

ordered 15 pieces…… not sure what to do yet but the deal is cheap to pass on :stuck_out_tongue:

You will get a great led with good tint (as always with Lumileds) with very efficient outout and low Vf that is just 70 CRI but the impression is that CRI is better than that. At higher currents it has less output than the Luxeon V1 but it makes up for that by better throw and easier (3535) footprint.

And I even have not tested this led. :smiley:

Are there any other LEDs on Arrow worth adding to the order? I have 10 of the Luxeon V1 in my cart.

Just ordered 5 3000k and 5 5000k. $5.80 shipped I believe. Great deal.

They have three XHP50.2 at 90 CRI:

XHP50B-00-0000-0D0UG227H (2700 K), XHP50B-00-0000-0D0UH240H (4000 K) and XHP50B-00-0000-0D0UH250G (5000 K).

Maybe the LH351C for 0.58€ (@10pcs). Available in 80CRI ( besides 70 and 90), this could be a nice compromise between flux and CRI, but I haven’t seen a test yet.

“SPHWHTL3D50” in the search box should list all of them.

Just ordered 10 V2’s in 3000 and 5000k.

Also ordered a pair of 4000k xhp35a hi’s and a pair of 4000k xhp35b’s.

I added 4 SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6 (sadly not the same price as last time) for my Q8.
And i added 4 SPHWHTL3D50GE4RTKF (no plan where to use them but i will find something).

Thanks Bilakos10, i ordered 20 Luxeon V2’s.

Does anybody know what boards are suitable for this led?

Any XP board will work, they’re the standard 3535 footprint. Noctigon, sinkpad, mtnE, DTP boards from Simon.

Thanks Cereal_killer.

So XP-G, is there another XP led the same size?

Forgive my naive questions.

XP-L is the same,
XP-E C-series seems to be the same too. (I remember XP-E being much smaller than the XP-G)

XP-L, XP-L2, XP-G, XP-G2, XP-G3, XP-E, XP-E2, XT-E, Nichia 219B/C/D, Samsung LH351D, luminus SST-10 & SST-20, Luxeon TX, LG LED’s, even osram is using it now, ect…

The industry has basically standardized on the XP 3535 footprint now.