LUMINTOP 10 years Anniversary Giveaway

Very hot :person_facepalming:

Love my TD15S. Bought it here:

Build quality is about as good as it gets. Solid, and super bright.

here’s my gt :slight_smile:

Anxiously awaiting the FW21 Pro & GT4!

Thank you for the giveaway! Please count me in. Here is a picture of my GT70 and its story. My cousin and I are both into lights but have tight budgets. Two years ago we decided to forgo giving each other Christmas presents and when it 50/50 on the GT70. We share the light and both our wives think we are crazy for owning half a flashlight! We have worked out custody (you know I get for Christmas he gets it for thanksgiving, we have visitation rights, etc. not weird at all right?…right?) and enjoy it a lot. The left side is my half if you were wondering :slight_smile:

Edit: Not sure if the picture is showing properly. I still have not got the photo posting quite right. Here is a link if it is not showing correctly. BLF GT70 - Album on Imgur

I’m in. Will post a pic shortly pf my GT.

When you’re under the most unusual circumstances… You need an uncommonly great light…
Accept no substitute - Lumintop


I might retake this at night, on the lawn,but I’d hate to lose her

Please count me in :blush:

fw3a plus simple mod - cheap glow tape added inside the head

FW3A and EDC18 Congrats on the 10 years and thanks for the Giveaway!

Who won?

Tune in next week to find out! Unless the deadline is extended again. :wink:

I’m in.

Congrats for 10 YEARS LUMINTOP.

Tool aa is my everyday carry light

Congrats Lumintop! I have always used your lights and they still work :slight_smile:

happy birthday!

Congrats! Im in.

A Pico/peek O’ the night, and I am in!

happy wishes to Lumintop, thanks for your ongoing support over the years - count me in.