LUMINTOP 10 years Anniversary Giveaway

I am in!

Any winners yet?

Charlie Sheen?

Happy birthday Lumintop!

In. I need a new one after falling out of my pocket and getting run over. The tube is now crushed, and the cell is stuck inside. :frowning:

all the best to lumintop!

Thank you Lumintop! Happy birthday!
I would love to win the LM-10.

Looks like you figured it out...

Nice photo!

Thanks. I’m not sure why it didn’t let me earlier.

The best light I ever owned? in my bag every day :slight_smile: happy bday Lumintop, may the bunny hop around forever.


I’m in :sunglasses:


This is my trusty and most loved lumintop after 1 year and 1 month of use :smiley:
A first gen fw3a that i bought from Neal.
it never skipped a beat and wil soon get a ss bezle for extra protection.

Congrats to lumintop ob the anniversary :+1:
Thx for the GAW

Nice! my first gen fw3a also works best out of my fw3a’s and is my most used light last year. I too found it deserved a SS bezel and a going to try a 18350 tube also.

my copper tool
all the best to Lumintop.

Here’s my FW4A shorty & FW3A

Hello, any news about the draw?

When are you guys going to draw?

Guys just chill. It’s a giveaway, they don’t have to do it but I’m sure they will. If you’ve been around BLF very long, you’ll see that often times things take a little time. Patience grasshopper…

Has this been re-extended to June? :smiley: