luminus sbt-90 gen2 led

Hi folks,
what torches with this led?

Acebeam K75, one of the best throwers

Update, what other torches with this LED? Ni40, K75…. all I know of atm?

I messaged Mateminco a few days ago and told them to put this in the MT35 mini (Astrolux FT03). They said they’ll look for the LED. Dunno if it will happen for sure but I’m waiting.

That would be a great combination. I ordered a couple SBT90.2 from lantend. I plan to put one in a convoy L2.

Can’t find it on their website. Did you contact them?

Yes, there’s info on their Facebook.

Got 2 on order 1 for blf gt reflector.and a big aspheric thrower with rlt might hit it with laser as well

I’m also waiting for astrolux/mateminco see if they can make sbt90.2 led for their next thrower list. I bet on FT04…EHE too early though.

I'm ordering qty 3 from Wendy. They come pre-mounted on a 20 mm MCPCB, $36 each. I'm ordering the "SA" flux bin rather than the lower "RB" bin. According to the datasheet, there's still 5 more bins above the "SA", but SA seems to be the best they got now.

Just placed the order - $150 with shipping - a bit high on the shipping costs, ~$42.

Corrected amount from invoice:$35 for shipping, 4.5% for PP fees.

Who is Wendy?

Sorry, think it was mentioned earlier, maybe a link to FB: I used this email address to order the LEDs. appears to be a Chinese distributor, or wholesaler. I think others have ordered from her.

Woe that shipping is so expensive for something that small. Which lights do you plan to put this in?

Yeah, that's a good Q - I'm not sure what I got in to. I'm sure this requires reflector modding because of the big surface - didn't check it all out yet, so not sure of same or bigger than a XHP70. I have no shortage of lights (of course...), but I was think'n of 3 unique sizes, like a pocket EDC (SD26 maybe?), nice mid-size thrower like a FT03, than of course a BLF GT. The GT battery carrier would need modding, least how I'd like to do it, -- 4P/8P perhaps.

But this light might be the ultimate for it:, with a 146 mm diam reflector.


I know its not possible due to wiring and connections and such but just imagine that space efficiency!! What a best of all worlds.

Or 26800 cells - they seem to exist, 6800 mAh capacity, 30A rated, of course I don't trust the rating. Brand is listed as "QB" (house brand), wholesale cost of $2.80. Put in perspective, their cost on a GA cell is $3.00.

Listed here:, spec sheet link.

Is the SBT 90 Gen2 available only with 6500K or also with 5000K?

5700K only from Wendy at

Thanks, Tom E. Any hints on what the tint looks like? Is it green and/or more on the cold side?

No idea - may take a while- they still didn't acknowledge my PP payment yet and the lead time is 5-7 biz days.

I would think KB ordered them ahead of me - he would get them sooner probably.