LusteFire, not a TK70 clone, maybe a mini clone.

People often refer to this as a Fenix TK70 clone, looks very similar but a lot smaller including the head.

Outside TK70 bezel measurement is 106mm measured on the round area, 103mm measured on the flat area. Outside LusteFire bezel measurement is 93mm.

Inside TK70 bezel measurement is 91mm, inside LusteFire bezel is 79mm.

The differences seem a lot more in person than in the pictures. Know this has been mentioned before but wanted to show some comparison pictures.

Dawkins that thing is huge!

I was always curious about performance comparison between these two lights. Could you post some beamshots? Thanks!

Not enough open land for good beamshots, I’m surrounded by trees. Both put out a lot of light but the TK70 easily wins.

Could you link where you got the light?

Nice pictures. That does a great job of showing just how massive the TK70 really is.

My avatar also has a lustefire triple you can see how much smaller it is compared with the BTU Shocker. The Shocker is in the middle the Lustefire is on the top left. The other two on the top are J-19's and on the bottom is a SP03 and a king.

I posted an overview here. I have not posted anything about the mod yet..Im currently using it in direct drive and XM-L2 U2s on copper. 18 AWG wires and resistance mods.. I started with 3 de-domed. But I swapped one out with a domed emitter.

I just call it a TK-70 clone because I have seen others do it before me. People know better what light it is then.. I know its smaller. The original TK-70 is roughly the same size as a Led-Lenser X21R, which is huge!

In terms of output/beam my modified Lustefire 3XU2 beats the X21R in every compartment. Except when its raining/or fog. Then the concentrated beam from the X21R is better. Me and a friend did some side by side testing last weekend. :)

As far as I have seen a X21R is better or pretty equal to the TK70 when it comes to throw.

The Lustefire, the Tangsfire the... xxxfire with the same body style. They all have different names. I think people just call them TK-70 clone because in terms of looks/head design it reminds people of a TK-70.

Nice to see them side by side. Thanks for sharing. :)

As many times as I’ve seen your avatar I never once noticed it was a bunch of triples tailstanding.

It’s looks a bit like some goofy flower.

18sixfifty. Visually, how would you compare the beam from the J-19s, to Lustefire to BTU?

Getting the specs (reflector size, width and depth) of J-19, Lustefire, BTU and SP-03 down on the same paper would be interesting to see.

Stock it goes from the BTU to the Lustefire then the SP03 (pretty close those two) then the J-19.

What I like best about the lustefire is it’s flood. It has a very nice beam profile. I haven’t tried it with de-domed led’s yet because of that and because I have the others. I put XM-L2’s on copper, a dry driver and heavy gauge wire and with that in it beats the stock BTU in flood and is about the same in throw.

Modded the BTU is a still number one overall closely followed by the J-19.

The J-19 is a dog stock, it just has the original trustfire 3T6 driver.

Modded With de-domed XM-L2’s on copper and a dry driver the J-19 is my favorite of the bunch. One of my J-19’s out throws my modded BTU but it has XP-G2’s in it so it’s not as floody. The J-19 is much better to carry than the BTU and longer run time. It’s slightly heavier than the BTU but not so top heavy.

I haven’t modded the SP03 because of the glued in driver. Plus it’s pretty nice having the run time it does. It’s a nice light for long walks because of it’s size and run time. Although I have a modded Mystery Sky Ray triple that has about the same throw and a lot more flood and it’s smaller yet. I actually use it more than any of my lights.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any reading on them stock.

Here but it was on special back in October.