Maeerxu EV18 new launch all goods free shipping.

DF03-14500-copper:Maeerxu DF03 copper Three-lamp glare flashlight. - maeerxu

XT4-21700-TITAN:Maeerxu XT4 21700 battery 4000 lumens super bright titanium LED flashlight - maeerxu

XT3-18350-TITAN:Maeerxu XT3 Titanium 18350 3500LM EDC flashlight - maeerxu

DF03-14500-brass:Maeerxu DF03 Brass 14500 three lamps brass flashlight - maeerxu

MT3-18350-TITAN:Maeerxu MT3 18350 Titanium flashlight New model 519A 3000 Lumen - maeerxu

XT3-18350-Titanium anode color
Maeerxu XT3 Anode Colored Titanium 18350 EDC Flashlight - maeerxu

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I want to admit that Maeerxu ignores question in this forum (A EDC flashlight in Titanium with high lumens. - #142 by Sonnenhell123) and even some per Mail (asked for the manual “old UI”).

Be aware that you won’t get the full support other companies give you!

These are fabulous lights. Worth every penny even without the coupon.

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I’ve got an light with old UI:
-old UI is total trash and you will only find a picture which shows you the setting of one click up to ten clicks and a youtube video (of a MANUAL!!!). Company doesn’t told us how to update UI (see my first post here)!
-click button is even more trash: its a “turn the fortune wheel” if you click n times for accessing or setting things. Can’t image if they knew how to spell “quality control”.
-everthing else is super!

So inform yourself quite well before purchasing one of their lights and astray if you can life with the disadvantages or if they doesn’t concern you.

I have 15 of their lights and they all all excellent. I have no regrets with the UI, the quality, or the price.

As mentioned, they are excellent lights.

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He’s always responded to my emails about questions I’ve had — I’ve even bought parts from him – No Problem

Sorry, the previous salesman left, BLF has not been taken care of recently, so the message cannot be replied. At present, the old UI cannot be upgraded directly to the new UI. You need to buy a new pill to replace it. If you need a manual for the old UI, please let me know by email. I will send you a copy.

I bought one of their flashlights a while back.

It developed a problem with the switch, but contact through here with @AnnyLi got spare parts sent out for free. I will say, the way the switches are installed/ work involves some critical tolerances and perhaps the switches used aren’t made to tolerances that are tight enough. My original switch actually had a piece of cardboard inside (fitted as a spacer between the switch plunger and external button) so it would function correctly (!?) A special tool is required to remove the switch- which makes what should be a simple task complex and expensive (noting the tool was included for me free of charge.)

Anyway, I got that working with the spares that were sent after trying a couple of spare switches (which were also included. )

[Sadly, later on, the LED driver died. All I can get on is the aux light, and from memory the main LED’s flash on momentarily but won’t stay on. One day I’ll look into modding/ repairing it. EDIT: THERE WAS NO FAULT, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE BATTERY VOLTAGE DROPS TOO LOW]

The copper body is very heavy duty (thick walls) and exquisitely machined.

The designers failed to take into account tolerances. At a recent product meeting, it was decided that a switch with a silicone cap would be considered in the future.

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Can you try in the boot state, half press the switch 15, restore factory Settings try

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Thank you for liking our flashlights. In 2024, we will improve the quality of flashlights and improve after-sales service. Develop more flashlights.

Thank you, we look forward to it.

I recently got an stonewashed titanium XT4 and am quite impressed. So much so, I ordered an aluminum DF01 that’ll hopefully be arriving next week.

Do you plan on producing more of the titanium DF01 21700?

Our product designers are still debating between making 21700 and 18650 titanium. So can I get the answer I’m looking for here?

I have a DF03 in Titanium and an XT3 in camouflage anodized titanium.

Both are excellent. Build quality is very high. The DF03 is a bit heavy for a 14500 light but the XT3 is absolutely superb… nice weight for a titanium 18350 light, flawless build quality and a great clip. For the quality of the host the XT3 especially is quite affordable and well worth the purchase.

However, they aren’t perfect.

  • The manuals for both lights are absolutely awful and borderline incomprehensible.
    • Hands-down the worst flashlight manuals I’ve ever seen. Be prepared to do a Google search or look at Youtube videos to figure out how to use the light. Fortunately, once you actually figure out the UI for either of these lights, they’re actually not that bad for a clicky.
  • The DF03:
    • Needs a lower low and a moonlight.
    • Maintains high brightness longer than other drivers. However, I’m not sure it has a thermal sensor.
    • The clip on the DF03 is too stiff. Thinner metal should have been used. Also there are deep ridges directly below the clip that tend to tear up clothing. The area below where the tip of the clip meets the light should be smooth.
  • The XT3:
    • Defaults to the colored LEDs turning on in the main cycle. Fortunately this can be disabled in the UI so isn’t an issue.
    • Has a very steep and rapid rampdown when the thermal sensor triggers. Too steep in my opinion.
    • Ramping Mode is largely useless since double-click for turbo shortcut doesn’t work with it.
    • Stepped mode offers inadequate mode groups. The groups with a wide range of brightness settings have way too many modes. There aren’t any groups with just 2 or 3 modes spread across a wide range of brightness.
    • I also found the switch spring a bit too mushy on the XT3.
      • Fortunately this was easily fixed. Just unscrew the tailcap, pull out the existing spring and replace with a stiffer spring. No need to actually disassemble the switch.
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You are very professional. After the XT3 upgrade, removing the switch is very easy.

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Yes, that was a problem with mine too.

I did try that without success back when it first failed. I’ll give it another go though.

Yes, once I started changing switches I realised how many different parts needed to be “just right” for the switch to function correctly. I tried a couple of the spare switches that were sent and found one that worked.

If you still can’t solve the problem, please contact me. My email address is

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Good news, the problem is solved. It was misbehaving again, so I checked the basics… the battery was below 3.0V. I fully charged it and it’s working again. Something basic I should have thought of last time.

So, if you get odd behaviour, with some modes working, others going on intermittently or flashing- check the battery.

(I’ll edit the previous post and point out it was a battery problem.)

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Love your lights , always have and the quality is outstanding… but I really think you need to work on getting Anduril drivers into your lights, I think it would be the most important thing you can do going forward., your current drivers are just nowhere near as good.
You can do so much more with anduril and the aux leds will be far more usable. I really want one of your Maeerxu MT3 Titanium 18350 lights, sadly don’t have the money free at the moment though. It will be my next order.

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