Mag-Lite 7C

BLF is probably the only place in the universe that can begin to appreciate the inner cartwheels of delight I experienced upon the arrival of a very special package this morning. Four months ago, ruffles, and because of his vast generosity, henceforth knighted Sir ruffles, presented myself and I believe one other person (possibly 2) the opportunity to purchase a rare Mag-Lite 7C . . .

For those unable to appreciate the scope and scale of this, simply do an eBay search for 7C Mag-Lites and click completed/sold. Scratched, beat-all-to-hell 7Cs are snapped up instantly for serious cash - when they are offered for sale, which is almost never.

This example is flawless.

The folks at Mag Instruments told ruffles this pristine specimen was manufactured in January, 1989 and was among a dozen he was lucky enough to buy from a camping store in the UK . . .

He believes they remained in storage for over 20 years. ruffles posted a group shot of his original purchase on CPF . . .

(batteries shown for size - did not mix these in use)

Not sure which one is Foy's but I do believe this is the only dozen 7Cs you likely will ever see pictured together . . .

7C pictured with an early '90s 2C I bought on eBay a couple of years ago from a hillbilly in Tennessee. That light arrived in its original, unopened package. Several days passed before Foy gave up his attempt to leave it in its factory-sealed box, thus ending two decades of hibernation in the volunteer state.

7C (top) with a 6D.

After a minor redesign (early '90s?) Mag-Lite serial numbers have the cell size, how many cells and then a sequential number. Lights made prior to this contain no cell size letter. The above picture from top to bottom are the serial number for my new 7C prize, an early '90s 2C (no C prefix) and a current model 3C with its "C3" prefix.

Sir ruffles; Foy praises your generosity and applauds your giving back to the flashlight community. The 7C Mag is among a handful of rare, vintage LEO lights I covet. Now, if I could just find a decent Kel-Lite that didn't cost in the hundreds of dollars.



Lucky bastard!!! I really want one of those clubs...

Congratulationstoyoufoy! It is a hard to find piece of history.

And to Sir Ruffles - Very nice gesture.


Wow I never knew they made a 7C, that’s wicked cool. I am really glad you compared it the 6D because I am more than a little relieved it’s not quite as long as my 6D, size does matter when it comes to clubs. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome, is ruffles really a Scotsman? Hell, there’s many more UK blfer’s than I thought, we should organize a light meet, put some faces to names. :bigsmile:

I don't even own 7 C-cells that are all the same . . .

Not sure if he's Scottish but he did move to the states from Scotland. His typing has absolutely no accent so, hard to tell.


Amazing - I never knew they made any C ! Still, I’m not sure I could edc it :wink:

… and thoroughly undeserving…

Foy, I’m glad you like the new club. To everyone else, I’m sorry my combination of greed/short supply kept me from doing a wider group deal.

And for the record, I’m Canadian, eh; currently in the sunshine of the Bay Area, but had been living in Scotland for a few years. Foy was very patient to wait so long for my shipping container to arrive from overseas.

(And I cringe at the promotion that’s about to follow, but here goes: I’m about to sell off a couple of these on CPFM. They’ll be at scary CPF prices, so be forewarned. If you want an email alerting you to the sale a week in advance, PM me here with your regular email address. It’ll just be the one note, blind copied so nobody else will see your email address and nothing else.)

Talking about overcompensation..

any plans for it?

7 x 26500 IMR + 24V 275W bulb?


6*26650 LiFePO4 (A123 ANR26650M1B) + 18V bulb might be a better idea (much safer)

I do not know if it’s interesting for you, but in Italy they sell the 6D Mag-Lite for about $ 48. here

$26 @ Walmart online

I am sick , my C cell holy grail was a 6 cell , i gave up looking . 7 cell !!

I think the only option is to buy a tig welder lol.

Very nice , if you ever want to sell it …

CPF! Hey, don't feel bad, that's where the money is. It's where I take my lights if they don't sell here, LOL. Money pays the bills, nothing wrong in that.

@Foy - You are keeping it stock I imagine? How much does the light weigh without batteries in it? Just curious.

I have one just like it.

O-L is correct; no modding this guy. Been meaning to buy a scale so, not sure . . .


ps: Daym Justin, is that really 3 miles?

Wow that is huge, never knew that they made such a thing. Thanks for the pictures!