making 3. Batch Texas Avenger "TA" / Bistro HD OTSM drivers fully tested running Bistro or Narsil, Clicky or E-switch, SIR800

Thanks for the PM Lexel!
Letting you know, I just now received the (6) 30mm drivers from the first batch, and they look very Professional! Great Job my friend!!! :beer:

Lexel; If its not too late to easily add 1 more driver-everything identical-to my two 17mm bistro HD OTSM please do. I’ll add $ to my total & paypal once you let me know. Cheers

Topic is now change from interest list to making 3. batch

Excel sheet updated
check if the order is listed there correctly

PM are sent to all
requested for detailed information how you like the drivers configured and which shipping service to estimate final pricing

Payment can be done in € as well, with Paypal exchange the currency the fees they charge me are ridiculus high,
makes only sense if you have Euros or not USD as your currency

doing paypal transfers fill the right side out, so it calculates your local currency

Dang. I haven’t got my first one yet, so I don’t know if I should get more. Lol

the first drivers from last batch arrived in USA, so it will be there soon

just couldnt find the tracking receipt for your driver
JasonWW I will try to find the receipt with the tracking number when I visit my parents tomorrow

(SMT Stencil) Order from China, very cheap, for TA series

Not bad, if you could get the PCB’s printed out as a panel then you could solder paste them all at once and save a ton of time!

I would need one of those sheets, but with the different sizes for TA drivers, also including the AMC7135 side, but I got no clue how to get those Oshpark files into one mask that contains all those sizes on one stencil plate

Then cut out the different sizes into round form to place em on top of the board

ordered today the 46mm boards

I did order last week the first boards (even before i bothered to send out PM for driver details or payment instructions)
and they got shipped today

I hope springs from kaidomain and 400 AMCs ordered as wqell last week from Aliexpress will arrive not with too much time delay

Don’t bother trying to get them all in one sheet, that would be WAY harder to deal with then just getting them individually. Just make sure to label them so that you know what is what. You can also reduce the edge clearance to the smallest they allow with this tiny drivers, there is no need for all that extra space.

as this stencil sheets are quite big I just would put costwise all stencils on one big sheet and cut em out later

They charge by the inch, so the total cost would be able the same buying them together or separately. unless you squeezed them together really close, which would make it very hard to handle later when you were actually using it.

on this one sheet you could place all sizes of driver stencils
the cost for one of those frames is always the same in those chineese shops, but I found only pretty expensive ones

Well, if you are ordering from some other stencil manufacture then yes, the pricing could be cheaper. From oshstencils though it would be able the same price due to how they charge by the inch and not by the sheet.

Excel sheet up to date

missing only a few ones

please check if the information of drivers, settings, shipping and address is correct

Do you have a 30mm available? You ordered 7 boards and have 7 orders, but it says you have 2 on order? I’m not sure I understand the chart.

I like my first one a lot. Is it possible for me to order a 30mm or is it too late? If too late, will there be a 4th batch?

I was hoping for a 30mm 2S LDO Narsil v1.2 with LVP, large spring, (tail switch - no output)

If not to late i would like to order

1x 17mm Bistro HD OTSM 2s LDO no spring
1x 17mm Bistro HD OTSM no spring

use lead solder on both

7 boards 30mm are requested so far
9 boards ordered from Oshpark, 6 last week, 3 yesterday as I got past 6 boards
So I got 2 boards that are left, like the 15,20,21mm that are left from last batch

From Oshpark you have to order 3,6,9 aso.
Thats Why I say big sizes makes no sense if I got only one requested and have to buy 3

Its no problem to make more drivers atm, if needed I will order more PCBs from Oshpark

when first Oshpark boards and the AMC7135 arrived here, then I am going to order parts from Digikey which get delivered within 2 working days UPS express

At this point the parts for a few more drivers are within that Digikey order for the case I screw up destroying a component building the ordered drivers.
Thats the phase, where I can add a few more orders and thats it for this batch.

Question regarding LVP in Narsil can it be calibrated/set through the config settings or just in code before it’s flashed to the board?-

My driver is going in a modded T01, so I’m trying to determine specs ahead of time unless it’s possible to do it in config.


EDIT: found the answer - it’s done in the firmware before flashing. I like the default lvp stepdown. Nicely done.

Yeah Tom E changed LVP to 2.8/3V for the Q 8 before it was 3.0/3.2V I can calibrate that to any level you want, 2S needs modified voltage divider And then change the setting before flashing to match 2S LVP

For medium single LED lights or big multi LED lights I recommend Over Temp Protection of 60-70dC

If your light has a tailswitch as well you can choose how the driver reacts to be powered on with a forward clicky tactical with turbo makes sense