making 3. Batch Texas Avenger "TA" / Bistro HD OTSM drivers fully tested running Bistro or Narsil, Clicky or E-switch, SIR800

more 30mm driver requests come in

I ordered today 6 more 30mm boards, but those drivers ordered lately will be ready a bit later as those boards will be produced almost 2 week later than the first

For Bistro OTSM 2S I got the information it may be running only with LDO properly, I asked flintrock if this is the case

Lexel, on the 30mm boards what diameter would they be without the excess material on the edge?

Is the center part basically the same as the 22mm?

the center part is almost identical to 22mm, some parts have a little more space between em like the bleeder

you can reduce it to about 24mm and still got some copper ring around

Do you use 350 or 380 mA 7135s?


When the time’s up to make an order?
I think that’s the driver I want, but I changed my mind twice in a week and would rather have it settle in me :slight_smile:

Getting in the final stage of ordering the parts

first 6 Oshpark boards and 200 AMCs arrived yesterday

today a big part of Oshpark boards arrived

just amazing how tiny a 17mm driver looks compard to 46mm

3 of the 22mm LDO bards came without contact ring on the MCU side
and 3 46mm SRK without the contact ring on the retaining ring side,
just removing the paint with a knife or chemical will work

I will contact Oshpark to get replacements for them,
but it should not be a big deal to use em, only if you got no problem with it
or you got to wait another 3 weeks

Please everyone check if the data in the Excel sheet is what you want, I will build what is listed there

Parts from Digikey will get ordered today

Batch is limited to 58 drivers by the SIR800 FET

2 Backup MCUs ordered in case one is faulty like last batch so probably 60 possible with IFR or LF PAK33 (15mm)

43 drivers are taken 2 pending feedback

I’d like 2*17mm. Max number of 7135. It can go without firmware, I want flash my own Bistro-based image anyway.

I will flash it for testing the driver anyway, of course you can send me your custom hex file

Standard TA Bistro or HD OTSM?
OTSM has more expensive parts but no more issues with hot light and OTC timing getting almost unusable

:+1: mine are OK

Seems ok

All good on mine.

All good for me

more boards from Oshpark
sorted by size

ordering from Digikey tomorrow

I’m a bit lost with HD OTSM, I haven’t spotted its existence until now.
Reading / skimming quickly through its topic I guess that’s what I want, but is there a summary of hardware differences somewhere?

I’ll take 1 short spring.

Hi there,
Id like to get in on the fun. Intersted in a narsil driver for Convoy L6

My line on the spread sheet looks good.

Question for all (not just Lexel). I have ordered a 46mm for a Q8. I requested the temp sensor set to 60°C. I see on the spread sheet the other 46mm orders have selected 70°C. Am I being too conservative (setting too low)? What would you use for a Q8?

You will have to choose between having low voltage protection and no temperature stepdown (narsil v1.2) or

temperature stepdown, but no LVP (narsil v1.4).

I went with LVP and let my hand control the temperature.

Forgive me my noobish question, but what output does this driver give? Is it able to light up an XHP 70 in an 18650 form? If so, i am interested