making 3. Batch Texas Avenger "TA" / Bistro HD OTSM drivers fully tested running Bistro or Narsil, Clicky or E-switch, SIR800

If it’s giving you trouble, then you can revert my order back to the original v1.2 with lvp. I’m fine with that.

very bad news I got here a lot faulty Atmel Attin85s

all on the last reflowed boards can be flashed only once,
after correcting temperature offset I want to flash em again,
but they all get me an error

I even took a brand new one out of the cut tape and flashed em, same problem
this affects one 22mm, 3 46mm and all the chips I have in the cut tape

Are you sure it’s the chips that are bad? Maybe there’s a problem occurring in the first flashing process that makes the chip not able to be re-flashed?

I did flash the other chips of that cut tape with identical settings with Narsil v1.4
I tested 3 chips of the new ones with the same error

I even did flash one of the ones I flashed before with temperature setting and it worked without any problem

I ordered 10 Attiny85 chips from another source here in Germany

NarsilM is also now ready to be flashed so I can do 6 30mm boards as well

so a lot orders are shipped
the first 2 or 3 ones were done shipping today, but then the rest will picked up Tuesday,
because the driver came who picks up the stuff from that post office came when I did the first envelops and filled out stuff for the othen ones

tracking numbers can be seen here

date of today 03. June 2017
and your RR tracking number
the tracking most likely will start when they get picked up Tuesday

Thanks, Lexel! This is the second positive event today. The fwd clicky switch was finally delivered and now I see the drivers shipped… excellent!

Ok, sorry to be a bother. I haven’t followed every post here. I was trying to figure out if it’s possible I could get a driver for the Courui D01. I looked at the OP, but I’m not sure I’m understanding all the options and how they add up together. I guess it would be the 38.5mm driver, so that costs a bit extra for being a larger size. I want NarsilM if you’ve got it worked out, or whatever is the latest working version. I will do temp calibration myself. I want the standard amount of 7135’s on board. And it will be used with the normal 1S3P set-up of the Courui, with a ~3V LED, so I don’t need LDO and the LVP should be set for 1S operation with the standard values. I also don’t need a spring provided because I have springs of my own.

So, first, can I order one, or is it too late? Secondly, if it’s okay to order, what is the total price with shipping to the US? I tried to calculate it myself, but I’m not sure if I got it right. Please check and let me know.

  1. NarsilM with LVP calibration …… $15.00
  2. Extra cost for 38.5mm board …… $2.85
  3. Envelope Shipping Worldwide …. $2.00
  4. Add for tracking and insurance … $3.00

Total would be $22.85 - is that correct?

Oh, just looked again at post #2 and it appears that three 38.5mm drivers have already been ordered. I don’t need 3x of those myself. If any more get made, I’d like to get one.

yeah for this batch all 38.5mm boards are sold

vinte77 got his order reduced to one Narsil

so one Bistro HD OTSM is availiable again


my drivers came in today. Looks very good.

Can someone tell me where to connect the eSwitch on the 17mm Driver?



the pads on 17mm size are marked OTC

Today the last 200 AMC7135 arrived

I reflowed all boards but 4 17mm TA Bistro as I am still waiting for 6 17mm boards from Oshpark

6 envelopes are ready to be shipped but its to late for today

My driver arrived today, very nice looking driver.


Im having trouble decoding these spreadsheets :).
So was my driver shipped last time you posted 12 days ago, or is it due this shipment?

Got mine as well but unistalled, maybe tonight

NarsilM drivers were shipped later on 6. June

Excellent, should be here soon then. Cant wait :slight_smile:

Thanks Lexel. Received my 3 drivers today. Impressive. You must have good eyesight to do this!

I’m going to need a magnifying headset of some sort before working with these. Cheers.

My drivers were delivered today. Odd how it took twice as long to travel from New York to Ohio as it took to travel from Germany and clear customs.

Tomorrow should be fun. Reflow the xhp70 to the 32mm star, reflow the star to the heat spreader/shim, reflow the brass ring to the driver, and assemble the Chimera. Forward clicky already installed as is the modified button cover. New photos in the Chimera thread tomorrow.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of the xhp50.2 and 22mm TA driver in the Convoy L5. I’m reasonably certain I’ll be pleased with the 3a tint and slightly larger hotspot (compared to the xml2 u2 3c it replaces). I prefer a 3d tint over 3c so the 3a should be just a bit cooler than a 3d.

Thanks again, Lexel!

edit: the Convoy L5 was my first ‘good’ flashlight (torch) and though it is no longer produced I know it has unrealized potential. With the TA driver it can be used with 2s 26350 in one battery tube or 2s 26650 with both tubes. The reflector finish produces a really nice beam without rings (xml2) and I feel it is a forgotten gem worth updating. I’ll admit I’m not overly fond of the large stainless bezel but with a few layers of foil to improve heat transfer from the pill it is very effective in shedding heat. If you have a Convoy L5 post your opinions or mods in the upcoming thread.