making a small batch of Texas Avenger "TA" Drivers fully tested running Bistro or Narsil, Clicky or E-switch, SIR800

If you want fully assembled and tested drivers reply here
Flashed and thermal calibrated MCUs are included.

This batch will be reflow soldered

Today 200 AMC7135 arrived and from last drivers I had 2 boards over
so i could fit the rest of parts to them, 21mm fully reflow soldered, 17mm resistors and Attiny25 hand soldered
need to use less paste especially on the FET, and add solder with iron to fets pad, as its not easy to push it down and hold still till the solder gets solid

you can choose soldering paste
with lead 62% tin, 36% lead, and 2% silver

lead free 96.5 % tin, 3% silver, and 0.5% copper

Oshpark has all boards from first order shipped, so it wont be long till first drivers go into production
Check the Excel screenshot if the information to your order is right, I keep it up to date dayly

Availiable options:

there are different sizes availiable 15, 17, 20, 21 and 22mm
those are cheap on the PCBs from Oshpark so I may end up with some unused boards
30mm and bigger are possible as well, but add costs depending on size

Information about this driver here

There will be a very good SIR800 FET used
You can choose a custom number of 7135 less than the maximum

can be equipped with Attiny 25 or 85
running Bistro
or Narsil Triple v1.4 latest version with fixed bugs

Drivers will be fully tested before shipped

Narsil v1.4 driver will be thermal calibrated as well
you can choose the temperature for stepdown,
the time for stepdowns depends on the lights size/heat, a Pocket rocket off a 14500 high drain will need a shorter time than a Convoy L6
standard will be 55°C
standard time between steps will be 45s

temp calibration with hairdryer

custom mode groups can be programmed for a small price depending how much to modify

ATM there are 2 main options for 2S Narsil for lights like Convoy L6
Narsil v1.2 utilising low voltage protection on pin7
Narsil v1.4 utilizing indicator LED on Pin 7, has some bugfixes and temperature protection
but Tom E is working on v1.5 where it is possible to choose between indicator pin and LVP

For 2S lights that use only a sideswitch or you dont lock out the light all the time a LDO is needed,
the zener mod has a very high parasitic drain

2S LDO is availiable for 17, 21, 22, 26, 30 and 46mm
2S Zener Mod is availiable on all sizes

efficiency advantage over Fet+7135*1

this is just an example, keep in mind that triple hotrods get more gain than a single emitter light

Springs for 15 and 17mm Board will be phosphor bronze

For larger boards I recommend those springs

for 20mm and bigger a larger diameter spring can be used


the Bistro Attiny25 12.5$
the Narsil Attiny85 14.5$
spring 0.3$
30mm add 1.5$
Zener mod add 0.7$
LDO 1.5$ 21mm and bigger only
LDO 17mm add 3$ more expensive part
Bigger diameter than 30mm I will build only if more than 3 drivers are requested
SRK size add 4.5$ if full 3 get ordered, if only 2 add 7.25$
SRK Size with more than 7 AMC7135 add 1$

2$ envelope shipping worldwide below 50g
tracking adds 3$
Insurance and tracking adds 6$
1€ Germany below 50g


1 staticx57: 5x 17mm Bistro 1S
2 KawiBoy1428: 2 30mm 2S LDO E-Switch only with Narsil SD75, 2 30mm 1S Narsil for UT02, 2 30mm Narsil LDO E-Switch/Push button, no springs 70°C, LVP disabled on all drivers
3 giorgoskok: 5x FETs and 3x Attiny 85
4 Caleb: 3x 17mm Bistro 1S, one 30mm LDO Narsil
5 lampyris: one 15mm Narsil short spring, one 17mm Narsil short spring, 60dC 60s turbo
7 electricjelly: 1 Bistro 1S short spring, 1 Narsil 1S 21mm short spring 1 with indicator 60°C 40s turbo 1min, one Narsil 1S 21mm without resistor 60°C 30s 30s Tturbo, one 30mm Narsil 1S with indicator resistor 65°C 60s stepdowns
8 Vinte77: two 17mm Bistro 1S long spring
9 Tjhosan: 30mm LDO Narsil no spring 70°C, 17mm Bistro LDO piggyback
10 MrJohnny: one 17mm Bistro 1S long spring
11 JasonWW: one 30mm LDO Narsil short spring with indicator and power LED resistors
12 tekwyzrd: Narsil 38.5mm 60°C 1 min with LDO seperate
13 BobbyMK: one 30mm LDO Narsil, 1 Narsil 38.5mm 1S 90°C 1 min 90sec turbo
14 Sukoi: 2 30mm Narsil LDO large springs tactical 65°C, 1 30mm Narsil 1s large spring 65°C, 1 22mm Bistro 1S long spring, 1 17mm bistro 2s zener mod long spring, 1 17mm Narsil 1S short spring, 1 17mm 1S Bistro short spring
15 X3: Narsil 1S 20mm with short spring
16 khas: two Narsil 1S 21mm short spring, 20mm 1S Bistro
17 Lipfit2000: two Narsil 1S 17mm or 21mm SRK Piggyback
18 mattlward: one 2S Zener 17mm Bistro, one 17mm Bistro 1S, 2S 22mm Bistro Z-diode
19 lostheplot: one 1S 22mm Narsil large long spring, one 1S 21mm Bistro large long spring
20 driver repair: two Klarus XT11GT 17mm Narsil
21 TheOnlyDocc: 3 FETs and one Attiny 25
22 Kaizer: 1S 17m Bistro, 1 30mm Narsil 2S LDO tactical 65°C L6
23 Sledgestone: 2 17mm 1S Bistro Infineon FET

according to this list there are 54 drivers taken and 3 reserved

originally ordered parts for 50 drivers,
but I got some more parts ordered so up to 59 can be build so its not to late to join in
I can do some more drivers but I have limited parts and boards sizes

What about a 30mm size like these in a 1S with Narsil?

the bigger ones can be used as 1S or with a LDO for more cells

of course other sizes like 26 or 30mm are possible like in TA thread
as you pay for board surface 3 30mm cost 7$, if I only build one I got 2 boards that want to be payed
for SRK each PCB costs 5.5$, so if I make only one 11$ of boards unused

its not the problem to make other sizes as they are done by hand,
just Oshpark send minimum of 3 PCBs, so its a cost factor if I only make one and pay for 3 boards

Is narsil “fixed” for 2s now? like low voltage warning.

If yes i could be interested in a 30mm one with a LDO

Ill ask Tom E,
but as its Narsil triple v1.3 likely fixed
a lot features like temperature stepdown added to the original Fet+1*7135
and those boards come with pad for a LDO

I’ll take (3) 1S 30mm Narsil drivers please!!

And (3) 2S 30mm Narsil LDO drivers too if possible!

Could that it be used in utorch ut2?

Made one , 30mm LDO is the right driver .

Tom E has fixed the LDO low voltage not yet in Narsil triple
in Narsil 2 channel its already implemented

I am sure it will be in triple soon
I will give this batch some time to get enough people in to get enough to get free shipping from Digikey

Ok, great thanks.

Have you measured the result and of course, was it worth it?

You don’t need LDO for 1S…… 2-3-4S e-switch of course Zener for mechanical button switch.

I would be in for 5x17mm Bistro at least

Hi Lexel, I would like to buy one 15mm and one 17mm Narsil.

Thanks for offering this for us folks in Europe :slight_smile:

I’d be in for 2 x 17mm bistro.

Edit with a long spring.

Awesome!! Thank you for doing this!

I would like:

3 x 17mm Bistro

1 x 30mm, 2S, Narsil (is this what I would use for a L6 mod?)

The 30mm 2S Narsil works with Eswitch and fits the L6

It can be used with Zener Mod, but you need to lock out the light because that has a quite high parasitic drain, the LDO reduces the parasitic drain so no lockout needed

Narsil can be modified so the light gets on at Turbo if you want to use the forward switch tactical, similar to Klarus XT series lights

Please choose which spring you prefer the short or long

Short spring on both 15 and 17mm requested above please :beer:

No springs or wires needed, thanks Lexel!

Ill take one 30mm configured for 2S with narsil firmware. No springs needed.