making a small batch of Texas Avenger "TA" Drivers fully tested running Bistro or Narsil, Clicky or E-switch, SIR800

and again 9 boards reflowed
so a lot reflow work done after almost 8 hours

a pitty that still so many AMC7135 are not delivered
also 17mm boards I ordered later are not here yet

there are now all drivers gone, but if enough people want more drivers we can start an interest list from now on for a new batch

drivers with AMC7135 bank up are completly populated, MCU upside no AMCs

Updated Excel table

Lexel; Glad to read you may do this again. I’m in need of drivers to build triples for my 2 Jaxman E2L hosts. Have two 219b 4500K & several 219c 5000K LEDs from clemence that need homes. May try mixing tints.

I like ToyKeeper’s UI in the BLF A6 and now so much more has been developed by the amazing people on BLF. Will read up on all the options you have once another run is a go.

Thanks to all sharing their expertise on BLF, it is magic.

Sorry I’m late to the party.

If you do another round, I would be interested in a couple of 17mm drivers. Please add me to “the list”. Thanks!

I’ll be interested in a few more too!! :wink:

Looking good Lexel! :beer:

Still in need of a L6 driver so sign me up.

for next batch please use this topic

I checked for paypal payments and one payment i cant find in my PM and Excel sheet


This is why I always ask anyone sending my a payment to include the following details in the notes. I have had too many cases where I just can’t figure out who is who and what is what with unlabeled payments.

I ask for them to list:

The item(s) being ordered
Forum name

This way worst case I can contact them via PM.

good news today 200 AMC7135 got delivered

so more reflow work for this afternoon and evening

I got no reponse for days from kaizer for days

If he does not answer till wednesday a 17 and 30mm get free from reservation

so finally reflowed all those 200 AMCs and some MCU sides of 17/20/22mm

in the picture on the left side drivers that are ready to be programmed and tested,
already passed visual check, with some that needed some parts aligned right, remove solder blob shorts between pads

on the right side drivers with AMCs missing as I expect 100 from the last order I added after I got more MCUs and fets to build some extra drivers

I did learning by doing for reflowing drivers
I learned how to apply a tiny but sufficient amount of solder paste with some tricks
just see one of the first vs the last, optical far better, but electrical identical

so we got for programming
1 15mm Narsil
4 17mm Narsil
9 17mm Bistro
1 20mm Bistro
1 20mm Narsil
1 21mm Bistro
3 21mm Narsil
1 22mm Bistro
1 22mm Narsil
12 30mm 2S LDO Narsil
4 30mm 1S Narsil
3 38.5 1S Narsil

At this rate you will surpass myself in the most TA drivers built lol.

The latest drivers do look much better, you don’t need much paste at all. This is why the stencils are so nice, they give you the perfect amount and put it in the perfect spot every time and in a a couple of seconds too boot!

A tip for better reflowing is to reflow the top side components first and heat the pcb from the bottom with about ~350-380c air. First off this lets you use much higher air speeds without blowing components off and it also ensures the best possible connection.

The 7135 side just do like normal from the top of the components. They are much easier to deal with like this.

Added indicator resistors to all Narsil drivers

Wiring like in this picture

first driver flashed and under testing and temp calibration

With lots of happy on lookers. :slight_smile:

first 8 Narsil driver cleaned from flux, electrical check
test and temperature calibration

Wooo Hoooo! :beer:

:+1: :wink:

100 AMC7135
3 17mm boards

Output first orders complete to get shipped

this is now the 3. board witch such an issue
not enough solder mask paint, and I get ground short from back of one AMC7135
costed me 1.5 hours so far

board looks messy when you unsolder those AMCs too often

Those shorts are almost always a result of too much solder paste. This is why I recommended the stincles. They make it much easier to get the right amount but not too much.

This is a case where less is more.

The mask looks good, the solder looks to have been pushed up from the FET having too much paste.

Generally if you replace the 7135 and reflow it back on it will work fine as that removed a little bit of solder paste when you do that.