MANKER GODMES Bluetooth programmable Flashlight - Review Sample Incoming!

Bluetooth control…nice.

Looks like it has a true disco mode :party:

Interesting product. They rate it at 3000lm, but they also say:

“Utilizes 3pcs CREE XP-L LED,delivering a maximum output of 900 lumens, giving you more brightness and safe.”

I noticed that. Maybe they are talking per emitter?

I don’t get the music control part and 100m positioning

I don’t either. I assume it strobes to the beat of music when connected to Bluetooth music source….

Kinda silly…but if you can…why not?

What’s their logo…?

A transformers skull?


Only because you can doesn’t mean you should do it :stuck_out_tongue:

A BT controlled Flashlight… how often do I have a light that far away that it is easyer and faster to get my smartphone out to control the brightness?
Edit: That thing doesn’t even have a tripod thread - so the BT function is absolutely nonsense.

Bluetooth flashlight Take Two. Think they did actual testing with this one?

Ouch… my wallet hurt… GB anyone? :smiley:

GOD i hope this don’t make a MESS. :bigsmile:

either way regardless of the odd name, its interesting if it uses three XP-L emitters maybe. One problem might be the heavy standby drain on the cells with the Bluetooth enabled for it to work. The only benefit i can see the bluetooth “remote control” thing use full in any way would be using it as a lantern when tail standing, or as a remote spot light mounted/duct-taped on a tripod maybe.

Guys…this isn’t just a remote control…it has remote programming for custom modes.

That is the only thing that came to my mind when I asked myself “For what?”

But… in which situation aren’t you able to get to the light but are able to get out your smartphone, open the app and press the button?
Is they would make a remote control for that (small one like for cameras) and a tripod-Thread - then this whole stuff would make a little bit of sense (even though 99,9% of buyers would never use that) - but in that case that is just pure bulls*it.

I can get the same brightness with a 30$ SkyRay Kung or a Warrior :stuck_out_tongue:

edit@Krono: Yes, maybe - but what use does it have for me to change the light from high to low while I am 5m away?

If you look closely, it also has an external BT antenna, so it should not have the connectivity issues that the Asgard had.

QRcode on flashlight...

This could be one reason included in description.

“There are a 1/4 and 3/8 foot neck finish adapter,photographers can use different size tripod.”

Now…what the heck is a “neck finish adapter”?

IEDs. Damn.

That name … just when you think you’ve seen it all.

Now…blue tooth MODE/LEVEL programming (levels and enable/disable strobes) would be AWESOME…not have to have bluetooth control and and app to have it change modes instead of using the push button

like having the ability to flash an attiny w/ bluetooth…upload whatever levels/firmware you want thru a bluetooth connection

Still a very awesome looking light

Looks like a samurai on meth :smiley: