Manker U11 Problems (brown box version)

Got my replacement from Fasttech, and my order from GearBest.

Both brown box, no notch on bezel, and not waterproof.
GearBest slight green tint.
Fasttech horrible green tint and low1 is too bright again (110mA).

My order from Banggood with black box was the only decent one, though still not waterproof. Looks like I’ll be avoiding Manker.

What’s a good, non permanent way to seal the bezel from water?

2016 is a bad year for me. Out of the 25+ flashlights I bought over the last 7 years or so, I’ve only needed to return one of them. In 2016 alone, the defective lights I got were:

-(2) Zebralight SC63W’s
-Zebralight Sc600 MKIII HI
-Nitecore EC4SW
-Eagletac DX30LC2-R
-(4) Manker U11’s

Talk about bad luck.

Just got one from Banggood it arrived today. First you works fine, this one has quality issues. The bezel is cut with only 1 1/2 threads. So poorly made it rattles and flexes from poor bezel/head thread matching. Inside of the bezel has a sharp lips bending at spots into the lens. So far the rest is working.

I don’t think Manker would have “ghost shift” problems because Manker does not have a factory, as I recall. Manker is just a group of guys from a Chinese flashlight forum like BLF. It would not surprise me at all if the people they hire to make their flashlights have made a batch for themselves, and sold them under the table to Fasttech. It’s just a theory, but not impossible by any means.

And I was thinking that only I have unusual bad luck with my 2 bad Manker’s T01…

Actually I was thinking to buy U11 NW in some time, but now I’m a little afraid of that idea. On the other hand - my current (and good) U11 is my most beloved light…

Manker replied to my Email they want $5.00 to send a replacement part. They also write that they no longer do business with Banggood.

Interesting! No more group buys? No more Astrolux?

I am also thinking about buying the U11 in NW. But after looking at this thread… not sure anymore.

Could be that they no longer supply Manker flashlights to Banggood as they did mention before that the sales price offered by BG for Manker’s lights are just too low.
Maybe they worried that the low prices will just dilute their brand names

They diluted their reputation. Poor quality and when contacted they want money to replace defective parts.

Strange , U11 in NW just shows up on BG site today.

Hi sir,

We never ask money for defective parts, we just tel l you need to pay the shipping fee.

As what we told, you bought from Banggood, Banggood got your money and profit.

You can ask them to arrange the return for repair or replacement. You can ask them pay the return fee, when banggood send defective item to us, we will handle it for you.

If you buy directly from manker, of course, Manker will pay the shipping fee because we get money and profit from you.

Any way, we can offer after-sale services to all Manker product user.

Manker, you asked for opinions and user reports to get better and improve you products!
Well, based on these user reports I guess you need to improve the weather sealing on your lights… disappointing that it is advertised as waterproof and it seems it is not.


That paragraph describes a method called “passing the buck” True you only made the light you didn’t actually sell it to me. True you only wanted to charge me $5.00 for shipping a replacement bezel on a light I had just received that day. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I thought the designer and manufacturer would care about product, customers or their reputation. Caveat emptor as long as you get the money and profit.

So I voided the warranty and stripped down the light. The Bezel is cut with only 1 1/2 threads. Ideas for improvement, add a few more thread while also making the bezel taller. Have the bezel sit on top of the head instead of inside. Part of the bezel job is to protect the head. Lights get dropped a scratched bezel is better than a dented head.

I have two of these lights the first works. The second has some tolerance issues. Bezel can’t screw far enough down to press the lens and reflector in place so they rattle. I cleaned out the slivers still attached in the bezel. Placed the thinnest o-ring into the underside cut. This took up enough of the slack to get rid of the lens rattle. Tighten up the tolerances on threads. With the lens and reflector out I put the bezel back in. It’s got a lot of wiggle especially for so fine a thread and pitch.

My U11 just started acting crazy,it turns on sometimes and button presses won’t do anything at all. It also turns off by itself and flashes and fades. I’m not happy because it’s my new EDC and the other one I bought was gifted. I bought mine from the Fasttech sale in February and it was a “brown box” one with smooth bezel. Any suggestions,the warranty page on Fasttech’s site states most items are 6 months.

Just contact Fasttech. If they do warranty the light you will have to ship your light most likely to Miami.

ME too :frowning: I just did ask a question from the banggood whether they ship item in the brown box or black box (from which batch). I really dont need a faulty one. But I really do like U11. hoping to buy NW version.

Is user “Manker” any relation to user “Mankerlight”?

Someone send Manker another box of band-aids. I think they are running out.

something similar happen for me. First item and a replacement I got both wont turn on. try two different battery. Now hopping to get a full refund.

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OK.Waiting for your information about this item SKU 4090800.

And please kindly offer us a video about this issue when you test it with different batteries. Thank you.’’