manufacturer of high power led flashlight

Please leave me your email address by PM if you like any type, I will send you the price list!

Nihao and welcome to BLF, could u send price list to :-)

NihaoTongue out, price list has been sent to you, hope you will like it!

Dear Mr. Wang

I have seen price list that u sent to me and very interesting with some of ur items like R3/R4/R5 and XML>>.

Just to be frank...most of us want to buy for personal uses (1-4items/order/time) and I'm assume that the shipping fees can be expensive.. Here is my recommendation..

1. Included prices to all SKUs to members can see, so more interesting when they compare with price to branded one.

2. If u could possible to find an estimate price or set price for shipping fees via China post/ HK Post (Air) would be much better to gain attraction from customers here ( Remember customer here mainly, US, UK, Australia, EU and some of South East Asia (Singapore/Thailand)

3. If price low enough and good quality, Group buy (50-70 members/2-3 items per order) could be happened. and some of us might be interest as a distributor for ur business.

4. More customer would like to see items ( how bright/mode of functions) with more pictures or video clip (youtube/youku). This will help u get more customers here.

I do hope, u will consider my recommendation and looking forward to buy items from you soon.....:-)

LOL. No prices - no buying!

Awesome! I asked Hank for a price plus shipping. What I want to see is a photo of the real thing. That pic on the site looks like a cg rendering. [quote=Tas62]




Welcome to BLF

You will do a lot better if you post some prices here including shipping.

thanks so much for your advice.

1. I will post the price for part of our products later. As you mentioned, if buy with several items, the shipping fees can be expensive comparing to the product itself.

2. Ok, will post the shipping fees later.

3. The group buy will be highly appreciated, with a good order quantity of 100pcs or more, the shipping fees will be reduced a lot. And also seeking cooperation with the distributors.

4. The product description is with the picture on our websit, though the video is not available for now.

Model: L200C4-15W
Price: usd 43
Product Size: 62mm*38mm*310mm Switch Place: Tail switch
Functions: 100%+50%+flash+SOS Explosion-proof Grade: NOT
Surface processing: Black fine sand Water proof Grade: IPX65
Net weight: 589g Brightness: 540LM
Bulb: CREE-MC-E Light distance: 200LM
Battery: use 4xC dry batteries Charger: NOT
Continue work time: 3.0 hours Adaptor: NOT
Charging Time: NOT Packing: Gift box

Price: usd 10.5
Product Size: 40mm*25.5mm*83mm Switch Place: Tail switch
Functions: 100%+50%+flash Explosion-proof Grade: NOT
Surface processing: Black fine sand Water proof Grade: IPX64
Net weight: 133g Brightness: 80LM
Bulb: CREE Light distance: 80M
Battery: 1* CR123 dry battery Charger: NOT
Continue work time: 3.0 hours Adaptor: NOT
Charging Time: NOT Packing: Colourful box

Taking the DHL shipping fees for example, ex China post to

1. US, UK & EU, Australia: the first 0.5kg is usd22, and then every 0.5kg add usd5. ($2 up or down regarding different countries)

2. Singopore , Thiland other southeast countries: the first 0.5kg is usd11, and then every 0.5kg add usd3 ($1.5 up or down regarding different countries)

3. You can choose to pay by paypal or west uniton, or any other way you think is convenient for you.

As you can see, the shipping cost would be expensive comparing to the product itself, so, I recommend some nice guy who could organize a group purchase in your region, so that the shipping fees will be reduced a lot.

The dealers or distributors who is interested in our products can enjoy favorable price, please feel free to contact me:

are you Nanjinging me? sorry i had to

if you put up some actual pictures of L200C4 certainly consider it

my best advice

- send samples to someone here

- if you sell like the other retailers - one price , shipping included and you products are good and priced well. i think you will be happy with the results

Almost all the pictures on the website are cg renderings.

"CG" means Computer Generated. If they are real photos then they have been touched up in photoshop to the point that they look fake. Not really something you want to do if you are trying to sell a product. To impress us and make us feel comfortable buying your products we need to see exactly what it is we are buying. Untouched pictures of the actual product will make us feel comfortable with what we are spending our money on. You may know/believe that your products are genuine and of worthy quality but we as consumers don't. Touched up photos tell consumers there is something you are hiding from them and consumers will avoid you like the plague.

Please don't take anything personally that I'm telling you. I'm just offering you some sound advice and trying to improve your business model. Here are some other tips you can use or ignore...

  • More photos of your products from different angles
  • Photos of the internal parts so we can see how it is made. Flashlights are one thing that the buyer needs to see inside of to tell how well it is heatsinked and engineered. It's one of very few products sold to the public where this is the case.
  • More details on the key parts themselves as well as measurements.
    • Is the lens glass or plastic?
    • Is the lens AR coated?
    • What current is the LED driven at in each mode?
    • What is the reflector made of? Aluminum or plastic?
    • Is the reflector smooth or Orange Peel?
    • Switch information...forward or reverse clicky?
    • Input voltage range?
  • To sell to the general public you need to sell your product in single as well as multiple quantities. To sell in batches of 100+ you need to market to retailers and stores, not to individuals like us on forums.
  • To sell in quantity to us you need to do it in more reasonable quantities of 20 or so, not 100. I can pretty much guarantee that it would be pretty tough to get enough buyers to fill an order of 100 units unless it was a SPECTACULAR deal.
  • Being overseas and in China, shipping is everything. Find out how your competitors are shipping as cheaply as they are and find a way to do the same. No one wants you to lose money due to shipping costs but $25 to ship a light via DHL is WAY too expensive. Your competition is spending $5 or less to ship a light and you need to figure out how. We are used to waiting 2-4 weeks to receive our goods if it saves us enough money.
  • Offer buyers the option to pay using PayPal. PayPal practically owns internet commerce and for a very good reason. It works and it works well.
  • Customer service is just as important. If you focus on it you will be rewarded by fierce loyalty and lots of word of mouth business. We are a relatively small forum but are seen by a much, much larger group of shoppers when they are searching the internet for advice on what is good and what to avoid. Our opinions and recommendations carry a lot of weight.
    • Communicate with us each step of the way so we know what is happening after we give you our money.
    • Stand buy your products and make good on defective goods.
    • Respond quickly to our needs and questions.
  • We are hobbyists and as such we want quality products at the lowest possible price and reasonable, if not free, shipping. You may not make a lot of money selling a flashlight to us but if you make us a deal we can't refuse then you can make money selling a lot of flashlights to a lot of individuals.
Best of luck! You have a few lights we are definitely interested and see nowhere else.
Johnny Mac

Most of the light reflections are extremely soft and the flashlights looks glossy somehow. Flashlights at one point or another have some sort of grainy detail. Even so, if the flashlights are retouched in PS, they still don't offer the real deal, because of the PS. In this shot you can even see the banding of the applied gradient

This is a useful photo to check the quality of the machining

At least that type of photo I'd like to see.

This is too retouched,

Thanks for your criticism and sound advice, I’m so impressed!

1. The website is a place to introduce our products and company, comparing to the online store, our pictures are really not that specific. So, in the future, I will try to shoot some pictures for our products and introduce to you in detail one by one without any touchup. We really have some very good products, please give me time.

2. I agree with you that as a forum for the flashlight hobbyists, it’s very hard to make a deal by 100 pcs, so 20 pcs or less quantity is also workable.

3. The delivery by DHL is fast but so expensive, I’ve heard the way of 2-4 weeks delivery period and $5 each shiping fee, it should be by airfreight. Anyway, I will confirm it.

4. We have paypal service, you can choose to pay in this way.

5. Customer service is really very important, we will try to improve our service by taking your advice.

6. We will try to establish the long term business relationship with people here and win your trust by good service and sincerity.

Best Regards!


Thanks, comparing to the pictures you offered, our pictures are really so touched up.

Should I say :"the real thing is everything"!

Will try to shoot the pictures as this one.

I’m sure you will. :slight_smile:

Now, get one of these into our hands so we can test it and write up a review on it!

Product Size: 62mm*38mm*310mm

Functions: 100%+50%+flash+SOS

Net weight: 589g


Battery: use 4xC dry batteries

Continue work time: 3.0 hours

Switch Place: Tail switch

Brightness: 540LM

Light distance: 200LM

Riflector: Aluminum Smooth

Lens: Hard resin