Mateminco MT90 Plus aka Astrolux MF05

First Impressions

Beam Shots

Thanks for the great unboxing and beamshot videos. My light just got to Vinh on Friday.
Now we wait to see what enhancements he will offer!


Thanks for the vid!

b i g flashlight.
And the way they designed those battery carriers is actually pretty horrendous... right? Why didn't they just use 1 long piece with double springs instead of springs with these tiny bypass wires.

Sweet man.

It definitly is.

I agree…now they usualpy use double springs.SMH

My Mateminco MT 90P is finally on its way from Vinh, with great specs. He has managed to get it up to 3.3 Mcd peak intensity!

Nice, shame my face didn’t fit with Vinh.


I kept paying for him to make me lights, but I always ended up getting a refund as he’d “forgot to make them”

Might be because I reviewed his X45vn and I declared it dangerous. Why order more you may ask but I always like to give brands a second chance and Vinh seemed a likeable guy at the time.

O K, Can you please direct me to this review, I would like to see your opinion. I can only speak for myself, but so far, I've bought 3 lights from Sky Lumen and have been completely satisfied. Zandar

It’s an older review when I mainly did beamshots but the issue is highlighted

Hello The_Flashaholic, I purchased your KG Tuning specimen from Vinh after you returned it on May 12, 2017, delivered June 19:

I have been using this same specimen every night for over three years, no operational issues, and the tint is subjectively ok with me. Being a fan of very large lights and rocket lights, I purchased four Imalent lights from Vinh, MS18 and R90TS and two MS03. The two MS03 did need tool tightened at the tube to head connection, and the battery pack for the MS18 takes a long time to charge, but no other issues.

I still feel saddened that your experience with Vinh and his products has not been great. Also, my interest in Imalent lights blossomed after yours peaked.

Topic recall :) The first big light that I purchased, but Not from Vinh, is the Astrolux MF05, which is a must have in either MT90 or MF05 guise, stock or modded. Interestingly enough, it is the very large Lumintop and Astrolux/Mateminco huge lights that has made this forum an important nexus for not so small price tag lights.

Did it still have the black spring?

"Did it still have the black spring?" No.

To The_Flashaholic, thank you for taking the time to post this video review of the X45 light you owned and then returned. I saw your video and then read the comments you posted on CPF andI can only conclude that you received a defective light. At that point you had two choices either return it for a refund or return it for repair and eventual upgrade. You were dissatisfied with the light overall, and made the choice to get a refund. And that was your right. Apparently Vinh admitted to the driver issues and was able to fix the issues at a later date, so He made good on his word as far as I can tell. As for the lights you say he "forgot to make" , I can't comment because I know nothing of these transactions. In closing I would say, that it sounds as if, Vinh made a reasonable effort to satisfy you on this light but failed. My experience with Vinh has always been excellent , especially in the customer service department. At this point I respectfully suggest that you deal with some one more to your liking,


One of the worst things dealing with Vinh was his militant supporters. This sentiment has been echoed a few times by others too.