Maxtoch 18650 Torches

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I'm looking to buy one of the two.

Maxtoch M24 Sniper Dedomed

Max Output 1350 Lumens | Max Beam Distance 1100m | XM-L2 U3 LED Dedomed

Battery:2 × 18650, 4 × CR123

M24 Sniper

Maxtoch Shooter 2x Focused Beam

Max Output 1450 Lumens | Max Beam Distance 1200m | XM-L2 U4 LED Dedomed

Battery:2 × 18650, 4 × CR123

Shooter 2x

Hats off to David Moore for the Youtube Review

Simple. Get both. :smiley:

I'll send you my PP info so you can make a contribution ;)

I love Maxtoch lights. They are superb and they both throw out of this world.

Only things that are a non-plus about them are some PWM on lower modes (used to have - I don’t believe they do anymore) and that they use LONG memory, so you have to leave the light on in a mode for four seconds to have it catch in memory.

Designers are so f*cking stupid, I swear. It makes me so angry. I really wish I could start designing my own.

I have several of my own designs way before I came here, that I know for a fact would sell.

Finding someone that has the equipment, that's not easy when it comes to production.

I'm really wanting the Shooter 2X / 1450 Lumen

I'm having a hard time finding a NICE price on one though.

Trying to spend as little as possible, about $80/shipped, to keep the miss's off my hiney!!

I bought the M24 Sniper.

Purchased on (Ali Express) Maxtoch M24 Sniper with Pouch

For reference of shipping time I will update as received.

ePacket Free Shipping

Estimated Delivery Time:12-20 Days

2017-04-27 Order Placed

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Thanks for the compliment on the Youtube review AR.

The GB I did last year on the 2X had the price like $10 cheaper ($83.50) but was about the best price there was that I know of on these lights. One thing I have always said about the 2X though , is that you will be hard pressed to find another light that will match the build quality and the throw , right out of the box and NO mods needed , that will hold full brightness on High mode , for the duration of the average 75 or so minutes WITHOUT a step down for under $100.

The M24 and the 2X both are great lights and both will handle FULL power without step down and without getting super hot. The 2X has a little tighter beam with the larger head and will throw a little further than the M24 will , but out to around 500 or 600 yards the M24 holds it’s own before the 2X starts showing the extra grunt it has. You can see larger objects with the M24 out at 900 or more yards. and with the 2X at 1100 plus. I have actually taken beamshots at 946 yards with both lights HERE and could see the oil tank decent in the shots and even better with my eyes , and with the 2X I have taken a 1041 yard beamshot that showed a 6 foot by 6 foot square , beige colored deer stand , visible in the picture. You will see a brighter shine of a reflector to the left of the deer stand which is just on the right of that reflector in the enlarged shot. (Below pictures show daytime and night time shots of that)

I know I am probably a little bias towards these lights , since I had a hand in the development of the 2 of them and worked with Maxtoch to get the first higher amperage M24 done for the BLF-TE (Thrower Edition) light . But I still think for the price , what you get is well worth it.

Deer Stand 1041 yards daytime

Deer Stand night time

Deer Stand shot enlarged a little

Thanks for jumping in here, Dave. What's with Maxtoch discontinuing the 2x/1450 model? That was the one I wanted to buy.

I searched everywhere for one in stock, reasonably priced. Everyone was OOS.

So I figure I better get on the bandwagon here, and get me the next best thing while they're available at decent prices.

From going to the Maxtoch website, they advertise all the goodies, but the links on their store page are OOS as well.

I get the impression they're upgrading "prices" now, and they will be releasing "new" models of the very same light, with a substantial increase of price.

Thinking and watching how these companies roll, they watch over any interests on the forums. They jack up the prices due to interest and demand at their will, and play the customers for every cent they can.

I don't mind spending good money for a light, but some of the manufacturers need to get their heads screwed on correctly if they want products to move. I think those that do it as I mention, slit their own jugglars.

Keep up with your reviews, Dave. I enjoy them because you wring out the product getting tested.


Thanks Again AR.

I don’t think there will be a price increase on the 2X (although I have been wrong before)

They stopped production temporary because they were getting some inferior drivers from the company they were dealing with and they have now changed companies and should have the quality of driver they want again. As far as I know they will be putting the 2X with XM-L2 U4 1A DD back up any time on the site.

Maxtoch has been really good about listening to the people on the forum and taking ideas and suggestions and their lights have done nothing but improve so far IMHO. They will not put out (or leave a light) out there if they know there is a problem and from all I have seen they will do their best to make sure they have a quality product before it ever hits the market. Customer service is always good with them from everything I have seen so far. Honestly one of the best companies we have to work through , or with that I know of in those respects. Also Amanda is the best I have seen with her communication skills from any of the overseas companies.

I'll keep the updated 2X in mind. I was, however not wanting to buy one again. So I was a little let down when I couldn't find one to purchase now. What's another 100m, right? Dangit!!

Just to let you know, your reviews are what sold me on the shooters, because you give me the impression, you call it as you see it. I respect that in people, little do they know.

Maxtoch has some sweeeet lights. But, don't tell them I said that...LOL.

Changed my mind. I got an itch.

I see they have a custom order Special-Order-MAXTOCH-Flashlight on their store page.

How do I go about having them build me a custom torch, in the 2X Shooter body?

I want the highest output, furthest throwing, de-domed (2 x 18650) saber I can get. Given that, I'm not sure how to go about telling them what LED I should have them put in it.

I honestly don't know the variables well enough to choose.

I want a button with Momentary ON = Partial Press(=L/M/H), and ON = CLICK

Then there's the board. I'm not sure on that either. Do they need a different board/driver on a custom build?

Or, maybe It would be best to let them tell me their recommendations.

Someone in the "know" steer me into the light!!

Got a link, would like to check it out if you don’t mind please! :+1:

Hey AR , I hate to keep popping up and making comments on the 2X and M24 when you ask something and I will quit if you don’t want my opinion and / or would like to hear from others instead.

But after all the working together I have done with Maxtoch (along with Mudgripz and Gadgetman) on developing the current 2X and M24 I just feel I have seen results that most people have not on these 2 lights , with all the testing of different drivers and emitters that has been done on these. I have tested the prototypes and changed out emitters and drivers many times between the 2 lights and done actual field testing for many hours as well as probably 100’s of beamshots to sit down and compare with the different configurations that have been tried.

Unless Maxtoch has come up with some new combination I am unaware of , you will not be able to put together a longer throwing light with any thing they have to offer on their site in the 2X or any other body they offer at the moment , than what the 2X with factory dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A is doing as it is out of the box. It is the longest throwing light they have developed to date.

ALL the Maxtoch boards are DTP copper boards also , but the 32mm (31.5 actually I think) XM class board with the dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A is going to have the best throw of any combination of driver , emitter and board they have right now in the 2X body and is what comes standard in the 2X with the U4 emitter. The other 2X is the new XHP70 version but it is a more floody beam and not so much a thrower light.

I mean there isn’t much on the market period that you can take out of the box , put cells in it and turn the light on, that will out throw the 2X , most lights will need a mod of some kind to get close to the 3/4 of a mile of rated throw the 2X has with the 4.5 amp buck driver and the U4 1a dedomed emitter. It is making an average of 355 to 365 K lux ( a few of them tested even higher) and throws like crazy for a 63 or 64 mm reflector with the tight beam it has. Even of the 75 mm plus reflector lights , most don’t have the throw of the 2X without doing some mods on them.

One of the few lights out there right now from the factory I know of that out throws the 2X right out of the box is the ThruNite TN42 and it is in a whole other class of light using XHP35 with a 100mm reflector and also cost a good bit more and weighs a good bit more.
I am talking again lights WITHOUT mods.

You could probably put a dedomed XP-L V6 in the 2X with a higher amp driver (if you could find one to fit , Maxtoch is the only one I know that uses the 27.5mm driver) and get a longer throwing light , but you are talking about a complete overhaul to get the 2X to throw more than it does now and even at that , I don’t think you are going to get just a whole lot more throw because the size of the reflector is the limiting factor and only going to let you get so much throw no matter what you put in the light.

As far as the switch you want……just ask them if they still have the old style forward clicky switch that was in the previous model 2X and it should be exactly what you are looking for , with last mode memory and NO blinky modes.
I am reasonably sure they still have the forward clicky though.

I think you just talked me into getting a 2X…

They are not up on the site right now because they were getting some inferior drivers from the company they were dealing with and stopped selling until that was dealt with…….They have switched companies now and got the issue resolved from what I understand and should have the 2X listed again soon.

Here is a link to the GB I did last year and my review of the 2X just a short way down from the top of the OP if you would like to see that.

EDIT: I was thinking you were in on the 2X GB LightBringer?

Heres a 2X shooter with the dedomed U4. Exactly a half mile across the lake, and it’s not even totally dark outside yet

Me too , but where from, seems their all out of stock

See post #16

I have the 2X Shooter and was in the group buy, watching the development and testing all the way through. MaxToch is a high quality independent manufacturer, they go to great pains to ensure a light is as perfect as they can make it before they’ll release it. I’ve had the previous models, as well as a few models no-one’s heard of by dealing directly with Amanda.

David is right in all that above, the 2X is the best throw you’re gonna find straight out of the box. If you bought a host (theoretically, as they’re not available) you would be hard pressed to build it better yourself.

My 2X isn’t stock anymore. I’ve got it throwing about the same as stock, but nearly doubling lumens. :wink: Wasn’t easy, but hey, it’s what I do! lol

Sorry to hear you went with the Sniper. A good light, but it has some weaknesses that they addressed with the 2X making it a hands down better model.