meet up. blf UK chapter

Ok. For now this is totally open ended - it needs work.

I propose a meet up of UK members.

For now, I’m untied on where and when but I’m thinking a weekend camping around july or august ( school holidays as this is a family orientated event)

Don and tabetha have professed an interest an I want to make this as central as possible for interested parties.

Tabetha suggested a ghost hunt. As I’m used to the lakes and specifically Coniston ( I know we can camp on the lake at Coniston hall campsite and from there do a lakeside/forest night walk/bbq and obviously the lakeside/forest walk provides a light use potential).

None of this is tied as I want to centralise the meet to suit all involved. We can work out dates and locations when we know who and where we’re dealing with.

So post up both your interest, location and any suggestions for a meet up.

My premise is a weekend that’s family oriented, central to most interested members and gives us a chance to play with our lights. I’m a camper but a dual camping/caravan site is definitely preferred as I’m sure there are some who like to clog up the roads :bigsmile:

Let us know.

If not its me don an tabs meeting up somewhere. I think we can do better than that.

I normally goto the lakes a few times a year and take the inflatable etc,ullswater ,never been to coniston but i think the kids and mrs jakey would b up for it.I m at ulls ,in june hopefully for the sponsored swim along at windermere .Im not swimming but uptill now a few friends are…

Its our southern cousins I want to tie in, we may end up in wales yet… us northerners could do a met on our own but for now, I want it open ended till we know interest.

Wales would b to far for me im afraid,if thats where it ended up.But im sure it will b great wherever you decide…

I thought that. Lets see hiw interest goes before we decide/pull out :bigsmile:

Subscribed to post see how it goes 8)

Could be fun - count me in. I’d rather not drive much south of Manchester if possible.

So Coniston is good for me.

Well, if its only the three of us then Coniston is looking likely :bigsmile:

Works for me! Nice bit of the world. And I’m sure the assistants will love a different venue to run around in.

I cant wait to see James and lukes faces when they meet the assistant. :party:

Not sure what the plans are for summer holidays this year…we do a bit of camping so maybe I could suggest to Mrs H a spot of camping ‘up north’………

and just by chance bump into you lot!


Sounds good woody. The more the merrier. :slight_smile:

27-28 July would work for me. Or the following weekend as long as the campsite will take dogs. Do you have one in mind so I could check?

And somebody’d better bring a generator for battery charging duty :slight_smile:

Actually, quite a few of my chargers will run from 12V.

coniston hall campsite is where I would suggest. They certainly used to accept dogs, sure they still will. So for now, last weekend in july 1st weekend in August is the plan. August weekend works for me due to pay day but I can probably work around it. :bigsmile:

I’d be up for this but living in Reading I’m about as central to SOUTHERN England as it gets which makes any treks up north seem longer than desirable.

If there is a lot of interest and I can convince the wife to come with I’ll be up for a jolly up north.

I’ll be happy to bring a big genny with me OR a handful of AGM batts wtih me (about 200Ah worth).

As an idea Coniston would be about 290miles each way so thats a total of 10 hours travel and probably £90 worth of fuel

It’s about the same for me - but at least I don’t have hideous southern English traffic to worry about.

Indeed. It’d probably be easier for me to fly and land 200miles further north and drive DOWN to meet everyone. I have memories of most of the route up that way and I don’t like any of them but I have a family member who lives in Kendal so that could be one option. Also, I’d be travelling with a sub 1 yr old in the car


I would love to come and meet everyone, but I am not sure I will be here. As soon as my eldest (Jacques 5) has finished his second year at school, we are goneski! We are moving to the South of France, for ever! :bigsmile:

But I am subscribed to this in case we go a few weeks later. So I hope it all happens for you, I haven’t found a friendlier bunch on any forum.


I’d like to come along too, but I fear my camping days are over. Gave away my “drinking” tent (4 person used by my wife & dog to many Cambridge Folk Festivals in the days when you could wander around relatively easily) a while back, together with the camping stove that was great for eggs beans & toast breakfasts. Now left with the serious two person Blacks tent that can withstand gales and really heavy rain … except it is now a one person tent thanks to my growing girth lol.

So, together with the drive up the M1 & M6, I’ll have to pass. Time was when I could get to Stafford from east London on a Saturday morning (160 miles) in just over 2 hours. No longer. Now use the M11 & A1 to get to South West Scotland when I need to, which is OK normally, but if you get stuck, you get stuck.

Oh, and I now have one very anti social dog who’s idea of an introduction to a new (small) dog is to headbutt them. For bigger dogs, he just runs away. Not as stupid as he looks, perhaps.

I’m sure you’ll all have a great time - assuming the snow stops by then - it’s Baltic out there tonight.

We had horizontal snow today. Looked great but I think the landcruiser scared it all off :bigsmile: