meet up. blf UK chapter

It’s a shame you guys are so far up north. Coniston is waay to far for me since I down south :smiley:

Would have been nice to get together though, I bet those Americans laugh at us quibbling when we live on such a small island lol

It’s a pity you are all so far away! I can’t drive (yet). :_(

Well, why dont you guys down south use this thread to organise a southern meet up? I suspected that we wouldn’t be able to do a nation wide meet up but there’s nothing to stop a northern and southern meet. I know tabetha wanted to do a ghost hunt and he’s down in the west Country.

Gords sorry I can’t make a whole weekend got 6 dogs, and Coniston is a bit far for an quick pop in, so afraid I will have to take a pass.

But would be up for a southern meet up sometime with lights of course :slight_smile:

Hi Chloe. Do you not have enough confidence to drive?

I’ve not needed to drive, not with my chauffeur… :crown: Of course there is also that tricky thing called a licence. :bigsmile:

I passed my test at 18 years old, but didnt drive until I bought my first car when I was 30!!
I never ‘needed’ to drive and had no urge to drive- lived in London for years.

Cant do without a car these days, wish I could though :frowning:



Subscribed , nice work guys.

If someone starts a thread for a southen meet, please place a link from this thread.

Is the new forest southern enough. It’ll be nice and dark there.

If anyone is up for that I will be there!

new forest is a bit far for me at 20mpg but looks good :slight_smile:

I might be up for a spot of camping but am rather at the hands of public transport. Getting up to Windermere is easy on the train. Bit of luck I might have my new bike by then in which case I can ride from there, otherwise it’s crappy buses / taxis. I’ll see what unfolds with the plans.

I’ve been rather distracted by my move from smoking cigs to vaping of late (it’s like torches, but these ones are actually supposed to make smoke! :bigsmile: ) Sadly they have as many mods and toys to collect and my budget can’t cope with both activities at the min.

we can always drag your gear up, and I could come grab you in the crusier, or train to wigan, strap bike to roof bars and we run you up.

you dont get out of it that easily :stuck_out_tongue:

And if Gords can’t I can. Don’t worry about transport from any hub we can fix that.

But we’d better get concrete about dates. Given payday stuff, is the first weekend of August better than the last weekend of July? The days will be a fraction shorter which might help.

first weekend in August is best for me, but I can work round that.

It looks like Coniston is on the cards but I am open to any suggestions so come on guys and speak up, tell us any other idea’s and lets make some decisions.

In Conistons favour, it sits in a valley, it gets dark really quick and there’s good pubs to hole up in if the weather turns crap. If it doesn’t, as I say, we could do a night hike up the lake and bbq on the lakeside saturday night. The only downside of Coniston hall is no open fires. :~

Ok - we’ll need to check if the campsite can take us. That isn’t the August Bank Holiday weekend is it? If so, the roads will be nightmarish. Just checked, ABH is the last Monday in August.

Bank holidays in Scotland are irrelevant, they just mean the banks (And basically nothing else) are closed.

they actually have group sites if we could get enough of us two or three family groups, we’d probably be good just rocking up.

I’m thinking of getting the friday off. Travel up friday, secure an area for us and people can arrive as it suits them.

Plus once this

is parked up, our site should be easy to find :bigsmile:

Or just look for the glare!

:bigsmile: I’m kind of hoping most manage to make it in day light, the landcruiser needs me to sort out its off road lighting requirements. For a flashaholic, its mildly embarrassing that there’s more lumns in the drivers pocket than available from the vehicle :smiley:

Just bring all the brightest lights and see if we can beat the sun :stuck_out_tongue:

Or look out for these two. Giant schnauzers aren’t all that common. There are probably only 300 of them in the UK - and nobody could mistake the Swamp Thing for anything else. Just look for a large and extremely muddy dog. Lying down in mud is one of his favourite pastimes.

That bottom pic is what he usually looks like if there has been rain in the last fortnight.

And here’s Dieta who’s a lot quieter (usually).

Here she is checking out an excellent trainer to see if he might just have any treats on him. The tracking was a hoot - treats on every footprint - but that was too much mental effort when she could just scrounge off everyone present.

And here’s Swampy again trying it on with a really big dog.

Like I said, these guys are unmistakable. If you see a 7 stone wet and muddy black dog (bet he can get places your motor can’t Gords! :P) - just make sure you are wearing mudproof stuff - he’s very friendly.