MF01 Mini / MT07- Mod/Upgrade - Copper Heatsink Cover Plate

In this thread I will provide some informations on my MF01 Mini / MT07 mod/upgrade. This mod is basically solve the thermal bottleneck of the MF01 Mini / MT07 and help to unleash its full potential.
For more and detailed information to this design issue please read this thread from Dr.Phillip:
In the post No.#25 I explained and introduced this modification and the idea behind it.
I used the results and findings of this first mod to design a further improved heatsink cover plate out of copper.
These copper heatsink cover plates are CNC machined and I am planning some production runs for them.

For the latest news and current status on production and availability, see the comment at the end of this post #1.
In this thread i will share the information and everybody who is interested in getting one of these heatsink covers can mention his interest.
For those who have already expressed their interest, I will provide a overview in post #2.

Price per piece is $15,00 USD or 13,50€, Payment will be handled via PayPal (sending money to family and friends).

Installation description
Here is a quick step by step summary of this modification:

This plastic cover will be replaced:

by one out of copper that looks like this:

Additional stickers for isolation will be added, these are included, you don’t need to make them yourself.

Thermal compound paste have to be applied on the green marked surfaces. Basically you can use any kind of electronic/CPU thermal compound paste. For my tests I used Arctic MX-4, other types which costs less will work also fine. (If your not sure how to do this proper, search and watch Youtube videos how to put thermal compound paste on a CPU for example.)

Alternatively it is possible to use thermal conductive pads, that will work also fine with this heatsink cover plate. For information how to use these proper, please take a look in the post of ZozzV6 by following this *LINK.
The Design was very accurately defined, so after fixing this heat sinking cover plate, the gap to the AMCs is 0,1 mm, this gap should be closed with thermal compound paste, so put a thin layer on the marked surfaces as shown above. There is no mechanically contact to the parts of the driver board except the big outer GND-Surface.

Important Note: Please pay attention to the right alignment of the heatsink plate to the driver pcb. Wrong alignment does not fit mechanically anyway, but in case of wrong mounting, a damage on the driver pcb is possible.

After mounting it sits like this on the driver pcb (Sorry for this bad pic, but it gives an idea of):

I will deliver it with a set of isolation stickers, it’s up to you whether you want to use this ones or something different for isolation:

After mounting.

After this mod, the AMCs and the GND surface of the driver pcb is very well contacted to transfer the heat to the flashlight body. The Battery tube is now also directly connected to this heatsink cover plate if it’s screwed together with the head, this was not the case with the plastic cover.
So there will be no throtteling down any more in any ramp level (also top ramp) till the host (body) of the light reaches the setted max. temperatur. On max ramp (in default config.) it takes about 5 Minutes till it reach the max temp (60°C) and begin slowly to step down.
A level around 1200lm can be maintained constantly (@amb temperature of 20°C), which makes the light very useble, see here.

Here are some results before and after the mod. I’ve done three runs before and after the mod, turbo mode, top ramp (in default configuration) and a run at an output level of around 1000 Lumen in ramping mode. I used a fully charged Shockli 26650 IMR 5500mah cell for the three runs. Thermal calibration of the MF01m was done accurately and the configuration was set to max 60°C (30 clicks in addition). The SST-20 4000K version, which I was using for testing delivers less output and more heat (at same brightness level) then the 6500K or the 5000K version.

Turbo Mode, before and after:

Top Ramp, before and after:

Ramping mode, output around ~1000 Lumen, before and after:

Lexel has done a thermal test of this heatsink cover plates, follow this LINK to see the results.
Additional Info: Lexel has already passed the technical drawing and the 3D-CAD model to Mateminco end of 2019, as a proposal how to solve this design issue. So far no feedback on this.
Because it’s an open source project, here the currently valid drawing for the production version:


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Current status June.25th.2020:

I personally will not organize another production batch of this Copper Heatsinks anymore. Its just to much effort and work for my and it doesn’t pay off for me. In addition, my supplier jumps of and I would have to search for and evaluate a new one.

If somebody of the community would like to organize a production batch and ship the parts to the interested members, that would be great for the community. I can share the 3D-CAD File (.stp) and the original drawing (.pdf) via E-Mail, please request with your E-Mail address via PM.

Thanks for understanding.
Best regards,


Interested, but cautious of shipping costs.

A level of around 1200lm can be maintained constantly (@amb t20 ° C), which makes the light very useful - it sounds very tempting! $ 13.50 is the price without delivery?

Why not use registered post instead of DHL? That is maybe cheaper to ship outside Germany.


Interested, but cautious of shipping costs (Russia).

Ich bin auf jeden Fall interessiert, hoffentlich ist der Versand nach England nicht zu teuer!



Yes, shipping costs in addition,

I’m definitely checking this and will provide an overview of shipping options and prices later in the first post.

Interested if shipping cost reasonable to Hungary

Still in - PM when ready



Just updated the first post with shipping options and costs.

I’ll take one

Ready to send € but i’m a bit confused with shipping options... registered in EU is (should be) tracked.

I’ve just call to the hotline of the postal service, and you are right, there will be a tracking number for registered postal. But my overview in the first post is wrong, the compact letter 50g ist not allowed to use for such shippings. I will update the overview now.