Mini MarkII Combo, TI Rainbow

This is one of those lights that was out of my budget but was really a dream of a flashlight. Heard about the clearance sale going on at 47s and man, they were half price, $42 for the kit that included battery, mag charger, light and etc. Just could not resist!

Got a few FourSeven lights from the Clearance.
TI Mini MK II call it Lil Scrunchy
Cu Mini MK II Smoothie
And a Preon P1 Blue (its the Silver one with a 219B)
Love the Magnetic chargers too.

The four sevens RCR123A is $9, any suggestions for a spare battery? The Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340 Battery looks good…


I have several of these. Seem pretty good

Only other 16340 I have are Old trustfire I got from DX many years ago. They are still going strong @ 700+ mAh. Kinda why I got the combo packs for the batts and always wanted one of those chargers.
I recently acquired a couple 16340 lights again after many years. Those 4-7, a Clone M3 I modded heavily and a Smini.

I am not a protected battery user. So from my quick search I would go for the $4 red Efest 700mAh sold by IMRbatteries, Li-IonWholesale or
you will need a button top for the mini MK II because those stupid plates they put on the driver outside the POS brass button contact.

In all honesty I am not at all impressed by FourSevens brand based on my experiences with these lights. If I had the option of satisfaction return policy the Ti and P1 would have been returned for manufacturing problems.

Robert beat me to it… but we agree on the batt :+1:

what problems did you have?

Thanks for the tip, will jump right on it.


Whats the problem with the Ti?

Threads on the head to body of the P1 were soo loose they were ready to strip or skip.
More bout that light here.

I call the TI Lil Scrunchy for a reason. I know TI threads are rough against each other but this one is impossible to use one handed. I have worked it with 800 grit Garnet lapping compound but still is pretty awful. The Ti threads should never have been sandblasted.
It is so rough that its impossible to get 10 quick contacts to get into mode changing.
The driver is glued in and the plates on the driver only allow button tops. The plates are prolly mechanical reverse polarity protection. Thats what diodes are for.
On both Ti and Copper MKII the lights will turn on when pressure is applied to the head. They need 1/2+ turn to be completely off. Makes one handed operation more difficult. Again better quality control on the thread cutting would easily make these 1/4 turn lights. Both lights have excessive play in the threads with head loosened. On a twisty head light the thread wear is going to be its life expectancy. Being that loose it is already half used.
However the loose threads on the Ti were what allowed me to get into config. I pressed the head down quickly to get it to change. Neither of my lights were set on mode 6. That suggests to me they are returns from other unhappy customers.

vw, that magnetic charger is an Olight item, is it not?

Has the square “O” logo of 4-7 etched in.
Don’t have the Olight, but best I can tell its the same maker.
I wanna drain a 30Q to see what charge rate is. I think the chargers are Neat.
Sadly the chargers tickle the flashaholic in me more than the lights I got.

Certainly sounds like they were returns. Something like that isn’t worth the clearance discount

Charging an HG2 with the magnetic, using 2 different cheapie USB meters, connected to a MPow QC 2.0 AC wart… Seems to hunt a bit at first, starting low about 120mA… 300mA and increases to about 700mA. After a few minutes it was steady 610mA. Pretty much same on a 30Q.

Just for giggles I connected it to an AA Alkaline. It was charging it at 120mA. So I guess its smart but not too smart to be useless.

Foursevens & Olight’s magnetic charger are the exact same. Foursevens is Olight’s subsidiary company. Olight board chairman is the owner of Foursevens.

I had suspicions of Olight making these lights, or at least involved in some way. You answered that. Thank you.

Could be why they were shifting all these at discount.

Those can usually be removed with a soldering iron.

Most definitely they were returns.

Not buying.

selling returns as new seems kinda shady, have a few 47’s lights but something didnt feel quite right about this sale and reading about the mode skipping issues with the mini turned me off

I love this flashlight format. Unfortunately here in Europe it is difficult to find good prices in CR123.

So I will continue with the less compact ones in AA / 14500 for flexibility of rechargeable and non-rechargeable options.