Missed the Yezl Y3 GB? No worries! Check this out! :) (you can buy separate extension tubes too)

Did you miss the Yezl Y3 GB? No worries, I managed to arrange a special NotAnotherGB deal with GB.

I just received mine from GB, together with 2 x extension tubes, and can confirm that it's true what have been said about this light: Good build quality for the price, throws pretty well, and is quite moddable. :)

Initial impressions:
+ Bright
+ Throws well as stock
+ Good build quality for the price
+ Good regulation, as bright with one cell than 2 or 3
+ Very long runtime with 2 or 3 cells
+ Electronic side switch for changing modes
+ Mechanic tail clicky for turning on/off => No parasitic drain!
+ Three main modes (H->M->L, changed with single click on side switch)
+ Hidden strobe (long click on side switch)
+ Mode memory (tail clicky turns the light on always with the mode it was turned off - this works well also after changing the batteries)
+ Throws even better with dedomed emitter :)
- Noticeable PWM on med & low (not very bad, but still noticeable)
- Low mode could be lower (to my taste)

Yezl Y3 (1x26650) for $24.99 with code GBYEZL (<-- Affiliate link = "Thank you for arranging the deal" - but don't worry - here's a non-aff-link too)

You can also buy one or two extension tubes for Yezl Y3 for longer runtimes for only $2.99/pc with code GBY3 (<-- Affiliate link = "Thank you for arranging the deal" - but don't worry - here's a non-aff-link too)

I heard that the extension tubes fit also HD2010 - would someone please confirm this?

+ =>

Please note that because of the different discount codes you can't order both light and tube(s) at the same time => Just order the light first and extension tube(s) after that.

I tried last night and the extension tubes do fit quite nicely on the HD2010 that I got from Tmart a long time ago.

Best wishes on this GB.

Thanks for confirming!


Would only give one tube with discount code. Tried two but only gave one discount. So purchased one. Then tried to purchase a second. Gave a “Discount Expired” notice. Need second discount code please?

Thanks for informing me. I'll ask them to remove the limitation. They'll probably do it when they come back to work tomorrow..

Thanks the you are the best!

+1 - I fitted it to a HD2010 as well.

the - please can you confirm with GearBest they will ship these lights in a box? Too many dings and dangs from the other GB, thinking it was all due to shipping, wrapped in deflated bubble wrap and no boxes. Thanx!

Prices look good _the_. All the best for the not another GB. Do I need another?

I just ordered an extension, this is a very nice light.

At least my samples came in a box. Light in a thick brown cardboard box, extension tubes separately in thinner white boxes.

I'll ask GB to confirm.

Hi the
Are prices inclusive of free shipping with TRACKING NUMBER? Also, is there a way for me to order the light and 1 extension tube in 1 transaction only? I tried to do a mock order, I can only use either the fl’s copuon code or the ext tube’s. Also, would you know till when is this special pricing available?


the extensions are sold with 18650 spacers ?

Fixed -> Now you can purchase more than one extension tubes at the same time.

No, but you want another. :)

Tracking number is free if the order is more than $40. Otherwise it costs +$1.99.

There are technical reasons not allowing to use the same code for different items. You can order the light and extension separately and ask them to combine the orders (by writing a note to second order, contacting their support, or sending PM to CSgearbest)

The end date is not known, but this won't last forever. :)

Good question. I'll ask them and update here as soon as I get the info.

Dang - though I got 3 Y3's around here already, I'm gonna order at least one more, just dunno how many more Smile. I do love this light - overall quality for the price and a HD2010 format but better, and just finished a MT-G2 mod on one using the stock driver, 2 26650 cells, adding a 0805 R100 resistor, and measured 4.6A at the tail with a MT-G2 on a Noctigon, with a UCL/p lens, getting 2,329 OTF lumens and 43.5 kcd measured at 5m.

Note: all my lumens and kcd measurements are "my own" taken on an older LX1330B meter - kcd taken indoors and lumens in a PVC constructed lightbox, accuracy can be freely debated Smile (CYA all the way...)

- Standard shipping: Thin white box with foam padding
- Expedited shipping (DHL etc.): Brown cardboard box

18650 adapters together with extension tubes:
- Yes, the plastic 18650 adapter is included(!!)

Tom E: Thanks for sharing your mod results! Seems like I need to buy some MT-G2 emitters.. :)

4,6Amps in the tail with 2 cells is it ~9 amps to the led?

Code for tubes is still not working for me, 1 for $2.99, 2 for $9.38, 3 for $15.77.

MT-G2 is 6v, so 4,6*0,8*8,4/6=5,152a and less @ led?

Weird, but just checked and it happens to me too. I informed GB, let's hope they get it fixed soon.