Missing members 2022 you want to get in touch with

Just wanted to start a thread where people can ask about certain members.

There is already a thread like this, but it's from 2013, and outdated

Sometimes some member also connnect outside BLF, and make it easier for you to get in touch, or know how he/she is doing.

  1. Who would you like to get in touch with?
  2. Just want to know how a certain person is doing?
  3. Why somebody is missing?

This doesn't need to become a list of people who are missing in general.. but asking to get in touch with the missing members, or asking about their health/life.

Of course, please be careful with sharing details here. It's probably best to talk through PM


I'll go first:

Does anyone know where JaredM is, and how he is doing?

If you can get a hold of him, please PM me


Lux-Perpetua got silent and no news from Lexel as well.

There was a guy I bought some Drop Ins from — Bushwacker —I think his name was

Lexel. Great guy, miss him...

Has posted non-flashlight related content elsewhere.

Hi everyone, just a reminder to please not share any personal details or contact info about any user, especially if they haven’t personally published it somewhere recently. Thanks!

I miss a lot of people.

Off the top of my head, I wonder how Foy is doing.

Some great modders I haven’t seen posting…comfychair, RMM, CRX, themiller.

CRX was last seen about 2 months ago, but he was missing for quite a while at one point.

He burnt himself out with all those great Mods :sunglasses:


Saypat has been sick and I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers .




He often goes for weeks or months without connecting so one month is nothing unusual for him.

Thanks for letting us know.

Has anyone contacted or heard from dc or match? i hope they made it through the pandemic and will come back for a visit.

raccoon ci….Oh hang on. :smiley:

I liked Lux-Perpetua posts, but hadn’t noticed him missing unti he was mentioned above.