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Yeah, my internet goes down for a week, and all of a sudden people are saying that I must have been killed by the Zodiac killer.

(I completely understand, though, as I post a lot on BLF.)

Its a legitimate concern :smiley:
We don’t want anything happening to the unofficial BLF mascot :beer:

What would be really cool is if the Zodiac killer tried to kill me, and I luckily killed him in self-defense, and I didn't get in trouble for defending myself.

I would be somewhat famous as the person that took the Zodiac killer down.

But you would need the weaponry and skill to take him down.
Better yet if you took him alive he could be interrogated for the key to his cyphers.

Maybe I could kill him with my knife?

I'd probably have to wrestle his gun away from him and use it against him.

I would rather kill him than try to capture him alive.

He's hella dangerous.

(I don't care about his cyphers very much.)

You could always use a stun gun.
Wasn’t there a budget light/stun gun?

I’m not big on capital punishment, i would prefer to see him in jail for life.

I have a budget stun gun.

Mine isn't that powerful, and does not "stun" me.

It's just very painful.

I think even powerful stun guns don't work on everyone.

I have pepper spray with tear gas.

I think that would be more effective.

I'm not big on capital punishment either, but if the Zodiac killer is after me, I'm gonna kill him if I can.

My life is more important to me than someone getting life in prison, which is what he actually deserves.

I would never personally test a stun gun on myself :blush:
Don’t tase me bro :laughing:

Though that CSI episode where they used it was hilarious, the guy catches on fire and the Mythbusters make a cameo appearance.

I’d be surprised if the stun gun didn’t work on everyone, but you do have to make sure you hit the target (the intruder). Most guns end up harming the owner of a family member rather than an intruder.

I have seen police videos with people completely unfazed by stun guns/tasers.

I'm pretty sure the police use stun guns/tasers that actually should work, but they just don't seem to work on everyone.

That makes little sense, are those people made of unobtanium (or are aliens)?

The Miller

And I personally miss the “intervention” of some other members that were more present when I arrived.
And I would have liked to live while comfychair was still around.

I don't know, but if someone were to use a stun gun on me, and they really shouldn't be, and they're not law enforcement, I would beat the s*** out of them (while they are zapping me) because while stun guns are extremely painful, they don't actually "stun" me. I don't know about tasers, though. I think they're more powerful.

I did not realize there is a difference between a taser and a stun gun?

Crappy knock-off re-wrap 18650s probably. :wink:

A stun gun does not shoot out metal electrodes that impale your skin.

A taser does.

I didn’t realize they were called two different things, i figured they were just variations on the same technology.

The people in the police videos that aren't fazed by a stun gun/taser might be on drugs.

That wouldn't surprise me.

Who was the “butt” guy?

Ie, would always type “but” that way, as in “I like coke, butt I also like pepsi”, etc.

I think there is more than one "butt" guy on BLF.

I'm more of an ass man, but I only like women's posteriors.

If I were a doctor, I'd be a proctologist, but all of my patients would have to be female.