Missing members 2022 you want to get in touch with

_ the _ ?

Nottawhackjob, maybe? I think he got upset in that big cri debate thread…(which one, you say….).

When I rejoined a few years back I noticed that a bunch of names had gone missing, many mentioned here already. Then I notice it seemed like about a year an a half ago a bunch more disappeared or became infrequent visitors…wondered if that was coincidence as people ebb and flow with interest, or yet another pandemic fallout effect, or what.

There are some like Lexel and Miller that I sure hope are doing ok…would love to hear an update from or about them.

Are atbglenn and rikr still around?

That’s the one. Previous account was something to do with a submarine? ‘submarineguy’ or something? Same “butt”, same style/diction, etc.

Mmm, could be.

I haven’t seen The Flasholic in a while. And the guy with the oversized headlamp, ‘JohnnyMac’?

Markus, too. I miss his reviews, especially blowing up shiite.

VOB still around? Haven’t seen him post since the server/vpn/whatever thread.

Actually not being facetious, but I think he dead. (atbglen)

He lived out on Lawn Guyland, iirr, and I vaguely recall someone posting about him.

OMG, he was not that old :frowning:
Anyone know what happened?

I tried goggling, eg, ‘atbglen site:budgetlightforum.com’, but no joy.

Last was seen here 2½ yrs ago.

Vaguely vaguely vaguely seem to recall a heart-attack?

Meybe someone with better goggle-fu can find the thread.


I don’t remember a poster with that name.
Its as if something was deleted from my brain :weary:

That really sucks, i hope not.
If anyone finds it please give us a heads up.

I don’t know if I can post this, SB will chime in if I’m out of bounds.

Lexel had a mental breakdown some time ago. Took a sabbatical for some months and tried to get back, but it didn’t work out. I think often of him as my first proper light was an Astrolux S42. I purchase the light knowing the UI was god awful but he had designed a replacement driver with Narsil. Became a true gem.

The Miller had retired to a french country place in a mill house, hence his pen name. Got flooded in some torrential rains and trying to salvage his things, got pneumonia. Some member that was close to him and the missus came back with not so good prognostic of his health.

Some other members (not so stated in this thread) got Covid and after a wrench of a struggle, steered their lives away from this hobby. A near-death event puts things in a different perspective.

Yeah, at that point, the last thing you want to hear is “go to the light…”.


TheOnlyDocc was in bad health he told me, I had some conversations with him via PM (about the Wildtrail D80 V2 that he was developing with the factory, and about new Osram leds), it sounded quite severe. And quite suddenly beginning last year he disappeared from BLF, I asked briefly around about what happened to him, but nobody knew.

Thanks. I’ve heard of health problems too, but nothing specific. Hope he’s okay and he just have no time for a hobby.

I hear from J-Dub74 (Jared) somewhat often. He started a new job last year and has been really busy working and hanging with his family. He’s doing well, healthy, & happy. Hopefully will see him up at the lake cottage this summer. His mother has a place near where our cottage is.