Mod of old 9 led flashlight

Hi BLFers!
A couple of months ago, I started thinking to mod an “old” light I had.
I didn’t want it stopped so I thought of something, took some measures, did some search online to find what I wanted, and I eventually get what I needed!
Here’s the result of my 2nd flashlight mod! Quite simple, but I guess it was nice :wink:

I’ll show you the pictures of the process, and post the links from where I found the components I needed.

NOTE 1 : I got this idea during the night! When I woke up, I came to the forum searching for anything alike!
I found it and I got some inspiration (well, at least anyone had the same idea before!!), but the mod I’m presenting is quite different. Here’s the link: , take a look and get inspired as well!

Pieces needed to the mod

Switch (20.7 x 19.6mm):

TIR lens (60 degrees):

Pill (21.5 x 8.9mm):

Driver (Biscotti 7135*4 chips):

LED: (16mm plate / XML2 T6-3B):

Pocket Clip:

NOTE 2 : My option for the driver with just 4*7135 chips was due to the host. A more powerful driver would provoke too much heat, as it it’s a thin aluminium host and there is not a good absorbing path to take the heat away from the LED.

This said…

The Original Light (no beamshots, and not necessary I guess)
I guess almost everyone has/had any of these, or seen one in action… Praised be LED technology!

The Head
Options: I put the original plastic lens above the TIR lens so that it could be a bit more protected. As far as I perceive, there is no impact on luminosity due to this.
The TIR lens is a bit recessed because of the battery size.

How it would look with a bigger battery

How it ended

The Tail
The original switch was used in another mod I did, so I had to use a new one! It fit well, although I had to hammer it a bit! I used a metal switch cap to cover the spring. The rubber tailcap is the original (it is pretty large, so it’s hard to find those…).

The Pill
It leaves some space between it and the host. However, I figured a solution (very rudimentar, but works): to use the 2 pads of tailswicthes, bend them on opposite sides of the pill and get them in the host!
They make contact with the host, allowing the energy to pass and so far there was no short-circuit!
It fits a 17mm driver and a 16mm plate and has a spacer ring. It was a perfect fit as the driver has no chips below, so no soldering had to be made in the bottom of the pill!

The Battery
At first I thought that I had to buy 18500 batteries, as the modding thread above. Then I realised I had my 18350 and decided to take some measures. They fit, so I built the light according to its dimensions so that the battery makes contact with the driver and the switch (of course). I cut a 18650 adapter tube and adjusted it, so that the battery doesn’t shake nor loses contact.
If I wanna try an 18500 I just have to push the pill and lenses a bit to the top!

The Pocket Clip
The S2 clip+ fits well this light. I added a magnet (as usual…) in a sliding version so that I can adapt it according to the weight of the light depending on its position. 8^)
I also used heat-shrink tube so that it doesn’t scratch the host, as this is thin aluminium and gets scratches very easily. It works fine :wink:


Major issues

  • Well, the major issue was to figure how could I settle the pill - functionally - and have the LED centred and aligned with the TIR lens.
    My choice was to use those pads from 2 switches. They are thin enough to fit the space between the pill and the host, and they are conductive, so this was the best choice I could find!

- Another issue that is still “annoying” me a bit is the space between the lens and the edge of the host. This is due to the batteries I have (18350). If I had a 18500 (like the modding thread above), the space would be smaller, creating a wider floody luminous area, as the lens would not have “walls” at its side to stop the light flux.

This was a pretty easy mod to do (except thinking the pill accommodation), and was funny too! :wink:
This will probably my indoor light , configured in mode 2 or 5 of biscotti driver!

Feel free to ask questions or to say what I could improve here (yeahhh, I know there’s a lot that may/might be done!!! :FACEPALM: )!

Thanks and best regards :THUMBS-UP:

Good on ya

I think I have one of those lights in the parts box - nice to see you have improved it :THUMBS-UP:

I don’t recall seeing your thread for this year’s scratch-built competition yet… - nudge - O:)

Thank you :smiley:

Thank you :smiley: Well, this was the first mod I thought about, but only now could be done (it takes time to get components from the other part of the world…). It gets pretty nice for a indoor light I guess, and was not that hard :wink:

About the contest…yeah, I thought about that, but I still have a lot to learn before, and more than that, I don’t have the means to make something from scratch, namely for the host :((
But, I’ll get inspiration from this years participants and maybe in the next one I’ll be able to produce something!
For now, I’ll just recycle some hosts I have, and make them more usable lights :wink:
But thanks for the support on that :THUMBS-UP: