MOD/Repair of old Zebralight SC50+ 14500 light

pc_light provided this host in exchange for a S42 Narsil driver

My plan was to remove the original driver and LED to swap in a 15mm Narsil driver with new DTP star
The light was already disassembled, the original switch cover was destroyed to get out the press fit switch retaining ring
And then likely the reflector pushed out the press fit bezel from inside

Original info about the host condition

Reflector and glass are fine.
Body is intact but there are scratches because it was my long-time EDC.
& a new replacement rubber boot.

The LED emitter board should be replaced.
The driver board should be replaced.


Even if the shipping from USA was pretty high for him I think repairing this light will be not that easy
The very small Zebralights 14500 body is machined from one piece, so the driver has to be put in all the way down the battery tube

The old switch board had a solder pad missing

The switch board lays directly on top of the LED shelf, so my Q8 side switch board cant be soldered on the back,
so I stripped the pads and will wire it directly with 0.05mm² leads on the top side I get through small holes drilled in the board

I had to file the switch board a bit smaller

Driver reflowed and the original drivers contact plate added

Old Star is 1.5mm thick aluminum with insulated thermal pad, this wont be good enough for a DD 14500 driver

Driver hole drilled down into the brass button and soldered

Wiring for new driver

Getting the new DTP copper board to small size

seems perfect now

cutting down the wires and get the insulation off not easy in this small head

Still having a short on this MCPCB pad to the outer copper

soldering again did not help so I used Dremel to grind the soldered side and it worked

wiring the switch

Soldering looks not so good, but I had to solder a few times to get it working, still 2 0.75mm² battery cables and 2 0.35mm² ground cables


and final assembly

I hate how zebralight pressfit their lights which makes hard to mod without damaging the parts

Nightmarish for modders but dreamy as is un-modded.

Looking forward to seeing Lexel work his magic on this :nerd_face:

Generally zebralights are modable but u will break either rubber switch or the glass lens :smiley:

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