Modding Tools, Techniques, Tips & Questions - Feel free to post them here!

I recently posted an idea for hand drilling small holes in a sales thread - more so the tool I’d use, and probably rightly was told to make a new one - so I have.

I thought it might be useful to have a thread dedicated to Modding Tools, Techniques, Tips & Questions for us to share our finds and experiences, share tips and ask questions about how to do things and peoples different approaches on how they did ‘it’, I’m not talking modding whole lights here or anything like that, just useful little bit’s and bobs from experience essentially - hopefully people will chime in from time to time with ideas and products to help others out who ask for advice, or just share their ideas, it would be handy to include photo or a link for where to get them too if it’s a product.

If you want to use it that’s cool, if you don’t well that’s cool too but I suppose it will pretty soon disappear into the ether lol!

What are the tools you couldn’t live without I wonder? Personally I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for tools, much like flashlights and I would assume a lot of you do too!

Reserved for mine !

Step drills - I have several of these and they are used a lot! Widely available from Chinese vendors and ebay for a few Dollars and come in a variety of sizes/coatings

Hand PCB drill for smaller drills and precise work - you simply hold the ring at the bottom and pump it, again widely available

10x 1/8” Head Tungsten Carbide Burrs - very useful, very effective for grinding/shaping/drilling most things cost around $10 and are all over ebay

Led Head Magnifying Glasses Headset with Light Hands Free Headband Magnifier - old age usually brings poorer eyesight as I’m finding out! Have used this particular one
which comes with a variety of lenses and it is very good! available from ebay etc

A good quality (not a $5 one from China!) miniature bench vice, really handy to have and fits on to nearly any table, soft jaws are a nice feature too so as not to mark you new shiny toys! this particular one enables you to move it to nearly any angle.

A nice set of SWISS needle files - the best in my opinion :wink:

A few centre drills are a must when starting a new hole - they are way more rigid and help you off to a good start when moving up to larger sizes, they are way less likely to pop out and send you ‘off centre’

A good quality miniature pliers set - Buying cheap ones is not a good idea, spend as much as you can afford and they’ll last a lifetime, I have these and they are top notch!

Armeg miniature tool set - I have this particular set and love it. Mini ratchet and every bit you’ll need virtually, obviously you won’t be fixing cars with it, but for everyday stuff it’s ideal

A Dremel - needs no introduction, I have both varieties cordless and corded - there are plenty cheaper that serve the same purpose - but this is the best…. I think. A plethora of bits that fit on them and attachments to make them even more useful.

Tip - Make sure you have lots of peace and quiet to do the job.

Something I couldn’t do without are cottonbuds & wooden toothpicks. I use a lot of them.
Small saws & files.

I was kinda hoping you’d pop in mate…… phew! :wink: :+1:

Variable temperature hight wattage soldering iron, good rosin core 63/38 solder wire, and also paste soldering flux that is alcohol washable. qtips, deoxit, progold, circuit cleaner, No ox id, copper de soldering braid, flitz polish, fiberglass scratch brush, long needle nose pliers. a multimeter, extra set of helping hands, an insulated beberage holder. etc.