Molicel IHR 18650B anyone have these?

Came across these while searching for 'budget cells'. Ive never heard of this particular cell or company (Molicel). After researching further, they are made in Taiwan and use LiCo02 Chemistry. I decided to purchase 2x to try them out. They are only rated at 2250 mAh, I plan on using them in single cell application with my L2P w/ R5 drop in and LP w/ R2 drop in.

P.S: Free shipping in US only.

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Product Data Sheet:

Molicel is a good brand, a lot of companies use these cells for notbook batteries.

Thanks for the info.

Ridgid use their IMR18650's in their Lithium tool packs. Good cells for high current applications. Unfortunately they won't cell loose cells to the public. (I tried to order some through the Canadian facility in BC).


The Emoli IBR18650's are rated for 30A discharge!

They are 25% off for the next 15 hours. $7.46 a pair

Hey, they are on sale again. Ends in the next hour. I'm guessing these would fry something in my DRY instantly? :)


Awesome, thx for the heads up, just picked up 4 for testing.

Interesting, MOLI cells are quite hard to get bare for some reason, I'd like to hear how these hold up... Other Japanese, Korean and Mainland Chinese cells are easy to get.

Just found this-guy still has 'em.

Are these IMR's, and will they be OK for the Skyray King?

Hope so, just bought four!


They are not IMR's. They are LiCo cells as stated in the OP.