Most Powerful Flashlights in the World (by throw distance)

You’re right, I was looking at the wrong images that weren’t the hyperblitz.

I’m not sure if the Zielscheinwerfer counts as “portable” based on the guidelines I mentioned at the start, do you think it can be carried in one hand for many minutes with the ballast and batteries and everything?
Looks a bit too heavy to me, but idk.

I assumed that the moon blaster was battery powered and portable if it is only 120W, but without images it is hard to be sure.
I will have to look into it.

Well no, I would guess two hands for a short period of time. It is a tank light after all…

List has been updated, and stuff put into a chart :slight_smile:
Images updated too in the original post.

Updated again, this time a few more lights were added such as the “BLF GT” and “HID Scheinwerfer”
The_Driver still holds the record for a single-LED reflector thrower at 1.5Mcd but the BLF GT is very close :slight_smile:

When people start modding the GT with Black Flat or Synios LEDs we will probably see 2Mcd+

I wonder where you always find all these lights :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you’re right, I’m left, she’s gone. (a song, made famous by the :crown: )

From browsing the german forum of course :slight_smile: that’s how I found the HID Scheinwerfer. And the other two as well.
I think I also have to add the TN42vnM which is at 1Mcd :stuck_out_tongue:

wow the list is 40 long already!

Not anywhere near 1Mcd, sorry :frowning:

The list and images have been updated with pscals’s sceptre, #20 in the world :slight_smile: The Sceptre - PScal's quest for a superthrower
Also the recent vinh CFT90 GT mod and I added a 7.5Mcd placeholder for my Syniosbeam, until I can find time to do a better measurement (hoping to get around 10+Mcd)

The Acebeam WL20 should make it onto this list soon too since it is expected to have 1Mcd.

Why did you label all the HIDs as short-arcs?

HID is a subcategory of arc lamps.
I guess it would be more correct to call them “arc lamp” instead of “short arc”, I’ll edit that.

maybe this one 13Mcd -

Yes I plan to add that and other laser flashlights when someone actually tests them and can confirm the manufacturer specifications.

Hi Enderman

you make me crazy with your numbers of Lux (in a positive way- incentive)

Yesterday I press some paypalbuttons to keep up with your results. (wavien and so on)

Regards Xandre

:slight_smile: haha thank you
Other people inspired me to get higher lux, glad I could pass it on to more people :smiley:

Not yet a flashlight (“right now it is a functional mule, a working test-bed for the optical and electronic architecture of the flashlight”) but the Light of Xiuhtecuhtli “with >50 million candela and >6000 lumens on tap, it is aptly named. This gives the LoX the power to reach out and touch targets 9 miles away (ANSI throw)”.

“We even have enough power in the wash to illuminate the ”near” mountain which is “only” 1.6 miles away”.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

That light must be unfocused in the picture, correct?
Those 6000 lumens don’t really seem concentrated enough to get near 50mcd.

Also, is this an LED or laser based flashlight? Or is that information classified? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry can’t answer, i’m not participating in any way to this project.
I was just quoting what they had written on their blog.

Maybe a HID?

It must be LEP or HID if it’s supposed to have a reasonable size (“flashlight”).

I think it’s LEP. Short-arc HID is too complex for production.

To be more precise, I think they are using multiple blue laser diodes. Otherwise you don’t get so many lumens.