Most Powerful Flashlights in the World (by throw distance)

X axis = million candela (Mcd)
Y axis = ANSI throw distance (Km)

And now zoomed in to show all lights below 8Mcd:

The legend for what each colour means is at the bottom.
Link to the graph:

*There is no standard definition of a “flashlight”, however for the purpose of this list it will be an artificial light source that:

  1. contains a battery or power system that does not require it to be tethered by a cable (no mains, vehicle, or generator power)
  2. is portable and can be carried in a single hand (no wheels, stands, or heavy external batteries)
  3. has a runtime of at least several minutes at max without running out of power or overheating (no ‘flash’ bulbs)

    There current list is:
# Flashlight name Creator candela Type Source link
1) Maxablaster Ra 52 Mcd short arc
2) Maxablaster replica edgar 48 Mcd short arc
3) Swan Blaster ma_sha1 42.8 Mcd short arc
4) Ansmaxabeam Andi, SMA, Xandre 19 Mcd led+fresnel
5) Moon Blaster ma_sha1 16.7 Mcd short arc
6) Maxabeam G3 Peak Beam 12 Mcd short arc
7) SyniosBeam Enderman 10 Mcd led+reflector
8) 80W UHP project PolarLi 6.6 Mcd short arc
9) LED inrector Xandre 6.19 Mcd led+aspheric
10) Megablaster ma-sha1 5.5 Mcd short arc
11) 37.5cm Fresnel build djozz 5.34 Mcd led+fresnel
12) Hyperblitz japudjuha 5.11 Mcd short arc
13) 75W HID mod amaretto 4.8 Mcd arc lamp
14) HID Scheinwerfer Alexander/werty 4.79 Mcd arc lamp
15) Fresnel build EasyB 4.7 Mcd led+fresnel
16) OptoFire Enderman 4.63 Mcd led+aspheric
17) LX70 Superthrower Lemax 4.5 Mcd arc lamp
18) 20cm Fresnel build djozz 4.2 Mcd led+fresnel
19) 200W UHP Nexxos1412 3.8 Mcd short arc
20) Grüne Scheusal sven_m 3.7 Mcd short arc
21) BLF GT mod pscal 3.508 Mcd led+aspheric
22) Optik Scheinwerfer Photon 3.228 Mcd led+lens (thread hidden)
23) W50 Acebeam 3.26 Mcd LEP
24) Megaray Megaray 3.125 Mcd arc lamp
25) MF-05 Astrolux 2.844 Mcd led+reflector
26) SM5500 mod amaretto 2.8 Mcd arc lamp
27) Lance of Ra STO 2.6 Mcd led+aspheric
28) Xsword L2K Maxtoch 2.508 Mcd LEP
29) M1X WP-RX Jetbeam 2.28 Mcd LEP
30) W4 Weltool 2.184 Mcd LEP
31) Huygens Ultimate Walterk 2.14 Mcd led+aspheric
32) Nighthunter NH1 Xenonics 2 Mcd arc lamp
# Flashlight name Creator candela Type Source link
33) Sceptre pscal 1.9 Mcd led+aspheric
34) Lux Monster Lumenstein 1.9 Mcd 3 led+reflector
35) Halogen Blitz japudjuha 1.87 Mcd arc lamp
36) XSWORD L2K Maxtoch 1.8 Mcd laser+phosphor
37) Excalibur The_Driver 1.7 Mcd led+reflector
38) BLF GT mod Wieselflinkpro 1.639 Mcd led+fresnel
39) GTvn CFT90 vinhnguyen54 1.58 Mcd led+reflector
40) MF04 Astrolux 1.46 Mcd led+reflector
41) LightCanon Enderman 1.35 Mcd led+aspheric
42) Deft-X clone gaston01 1.35 Mcd led+aspheric
43) REV Victor Enthusiast Saabluster 1.3 Mcd led+aspheric
44) TN42vnM vinhnguyen54 1.3 Mcd led+reflector
45) BLF GT BLF 1.29 Mcd led+reflector
46) LX-70 Lemax 1.265 Mcd arc lamp
47) MT35vn+ vinhnguyen54 1.2 Mcd led+reflector
48) K75 Acebeam 1.2 Mcd led+reflector
49) Blue Star on steroids Kenji 1.2 Mcd led+aspheric
50) Million bet beam Ervin Anastasi 1.177 Mcd led+aspheric
51) Günstig thrower Xandre 1.15 Mcd led+reflector (thread hidden)
52) TN42 mod muellihenry 1.138 Mcd led+reflector
53) LarryK14 japudjuha 1.1 Mcd incandescent
54) Black Bullet X mash.m 1.05 Mcd led+aspheric
55) TN42 mod gaston01 1.019 Mcd led+reflector
56) Bimmelglocke wiestom89 1.015 Mcd led+reflector
57) EBRZM Ervin Anastasi 1 Mcd led+reflector
58) Deft-X Saabluster 1 Mcd led+aspheric
59) HID LiteBox StreamLight 1 Mcd arc lamp

Lights below 2Mcd have been omitted from the graphs, but are still included in the list, however they are no longer updated due to the large amount of flashlights in that area these days. Anything 2Mcd and above is complete, however.

Please keep in mind that certain lights have only been measured at close distances (less than 100 feet) or with budget lux meters and may have inaccurate numbers.
This list is constantly growing, so if there is a light that you think should be on here please leave a comment and a link to the source!
Thanks to The_Driver for helping me compile this list :slight_smile:

A German post with this list (plus a few other well known lights under 1Mcd) can be found here.

Ha humbling graphs you got there :wink:

We’re just scratching the surface of short arc with our LED lights :stuck_out_tongue:
The only way to get better is to keep building!
The BLF GT will hopefully be on this list soon :wink:

Well I’m happy with my 14th overall, 3rd in LED aspherics place. Nice to have a comparison of all these in one place.

It’s funny that all three of the top lights are called “blaster” :smiley: .

Are you planning on releasing more information on your light at some point? Or maybe do a passaround to get some reviews? It is certainly interesting!

Actually there will be a review of the Lance of Ra coming up shortly.

I would like to see a list of the most powerful flashlights in the world per dollar. :smiley:

The Maxabeam would probably do very well…

Well it’s also #1 for LED flashlights that are available on the market :stuck_out_tongue:
Guinness apparently didn’t take Ra’s Maxablaster submission because it wasn’t a retail flashlight.

If I ever build a light that makes the top 3, I will call it _blaster :smiley:

Looking forward to that!

Using the theoretical numbers for the GT, where will it fall on the curve?

Anti blaster!

Theoreticall it will do 1Mcd, so 2000m throw.


To put it into perspective… I simply can’t imagine what the ones to the far left of that curve are like.

Here I added 3 flashlights (red Xs) for reference, the M3XS-UT from olight, the TN42, and the potential BLF GT assuming around 1.25Mcd.

:person_facepalming: What an idiot I am. Sorry, I meant to the far right. It seems I don’t know my left from my right today.

Haha :slight_smile: well yeah, it’s definitely hard to comprehend just how powerful those flashlights are xD crazy stuff

I have added many more lights and graphs to my google speadsheet. Maybe you also want to add them to yours.

Will update asap.
Unfortunately the Hyperblitz and the Zielscheinwerfer won’t make it on my list since they are both tethered, not “portable”.
If people want to see those lights they can go to your document instead :slight_smile:

Actually the Zielscheinwerfer ist not tethered. Alex made it portable later on (although rather heavy).

The Hyperblitz has a built-in battery.

The blitz short-arc moon blaster I’m not so sure about. He doesn’t mention a battery.