Most Powerful Flashlights in the World (by throw distance)

Never know whats Lurking around the corner, always a Surprise or two. Maybe one day some peeon will do that too. :beer:

Next Question will be , ” What exactly is the Definition of a Flashlight “.

I’m not comfortable calling a Laser a flashlight, but that’s a peeon’s opinion.


There is someone standing at the right side of a tripod, that gives an idea of the size of the box emitting the light. There is light “escaping” the back of the box that is larger than the guy’s head, and because of the “3 petals clover” shape of the light at the back, I would speculate that it has at least 3 emitters…or 3 groups with several emitters.
It also looks like this “box” has some sort of syniosbeam form factor = much larger in the diameter than in the depth.

I tend to think the same.

You missed one, the GRB-080319B.
Oh, you said world… I thought you meant universe.

“The afterglow of the burst set a new record for the most intrinsically bright object ever observed by humans in the universe,
2.5 million times brighter than the brightest supernova to date, SN 2005ap.”

Oh haha, I thought you were part of their team :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s definitely more than one, there isn’t a single blue laser diode powerful enough for that many lumens.

Yeah me neither, but LEP isn’t actually emitting laser light like a regular laser does.
It’s just replacing the blue LED underneath the phosphor with a more narrow-band blue light diode, which in this case is a laser.

The list has been updated, now a laser flashlight has been added :slight_smile: Maxtoch L2K
As well as a few others.

Still waiting on more info about the “Light of Xiuhtecuhtli” (which claims >50Mcd) before I add it to the list.
Would like to know at least one more significant digit, it could be 50, it could be 51, or whatever.
Also it’s still not certain if they are using laser phosphor or some type of lamp.

Looking forward to adding more laser flashlights to the list in the near future.

The list has been updated for lights above 2Mcd.
Below 1Mcd I still have to add a lot of lights, since many LEPs and BLF-GT-like superthrowers.

I’m planning a build based in a 5 gallon bucket with a 30cm fresnel, hope I can make the list.

As long as the battery is inside and the bucket has a handle, it should :smiley:


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SWEET. :smiling_imp:

My Viroblast (20cm fresnel thrower) is 6.2Mcd in the graph of the OP, but in reality it is 4.2Mcd.

@Xandre, the ansmaxabeam seems awesome, I’m looking forward to the pictures on TLF :slight_smile:

Yo,I am waiting for the pictures ,too (sma) :beer:

Your Viroblast makes me hot,
to try a fresnel .

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Adding it right now! Very cool

Thanks for the correction :slight_smile:

Please change it to LED CFT 90 plus collar Fresnel :innocent:

and please write it in small or big letters
cause the name is not from Maxabeam
it is a mix from our names
you see I am small minded :partying_face:

The LEP picture was just a test (another project)

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Haha thanks for the corrections, will do :slight_smile:

It is nice to see an LED-based light in the top 5!

Thanks for the kind words-

As we started the LUXrace it was max 100 KLUX with LED

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1350m throw is only 455,625 candela, which is significantly lower than the 2,000,000 candela minimum to be on the updated list, sorry!

Maybe we should start a list for most powerful by lumens. Though it’s harder to verify claims and ensure lumens are calibrated correctly.

There’s this thread on the hottest hot rod and a few threads about specific cells but I’m not sure if there’s anything for brightest flashlights in general.

When I click on your link, the forum board looks different, and the feeling I get is not the same. Hard to put in words, just different.