Most Powerful Flashlights in the World (by throw distance)

You do realize that is and not
Or are you saying that looks different than it normally does.

The first one. But I didn't realize it right away. They are both about flashlights.

Yeah, weird stuff when you go through that link !

Someone’s been drinking too many Budweiser’s.

I wish some of these guys would find a way to manufacture these beasts. I don’t have the skills but I’d love to buy a Maxablaster 52 Mcd

Yeah it’s too bad.
The most powerful one that is retail is the Maxabeam G3, which is essentially the maxablaster but with a smaller reflector :slight_smile:

I heard someone talking about light emitting plasma flashlights - not the laser LEP ones - but I’m not sure if it’s a real thing. I was thinking today too how nice it would be to have some sort of light making technology that doesn’t generate nearly as much heat as LED

Do you mean plasma as in not HID or arc?

Uhh… not really sure. I do have a Firefoxes FF5 HID and it’s awesome.

I just saw that Sanwu came out with a new laser with a dimmer switch. Are you guys into lasers? If you got the blue you should be able to add a phosphor lens to make a white beam

Short arc bulbs are filled with a gas like xenon or mercury or others, and the high voltage electric arc that forms creates plasma, which is what makes light.

Also if you look at the list you will see that there are several LEP lights, which do use a laser and a phosphor to create high intensity white light :slight_smile:
LEP = laser excited phosphor

Wow nice! I wonder where I can get a short arc light? I actually have an Acebeam W10 gen 2 and a W30. Awesome lights

The Maxabeam G3 is the farthest throwing short arc flashlight you can buy, they show up on the used market often.
HID is a type of arc lamp too, just not as intense as xenon bulbs.

Wow! There’s one going for about a thousand smackaroos on eBay. So tempting


2 Mcd makes it, cool! Think I got a modded BLF GT --> GT90 doing over 2 Mcd. Will verify before posting details on my Extech LT45 at 10+ meters.

You’re welcome!
It’s one of the coolest flashlights ever :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: I gotta add that in then!

I wonder what a 1 Gcd light would look like… 1 x 10^9 candela. Bet we’ll have those in 10 years

That’s 63km beam distance :open_mouth:
There are some lasers that can do half of that, like
If you put four of them together theoretically that would double the beam distance to 68km.

Ha wow that’s crazy. Do you have the formula you used to calculate that handy? I have the Wicked Arctic blue (1.2 watt) - wish I’d bought the green before they stopped shipping to US. I have a 1.6 watt green from Sanwu that’s pretty wicked with the beam expander lens

Yeah, its just the inverse square law of light :slight_smile:
distance = sqrt( candela/0.25 )
or candela = ( distance^2 ) *0.25

The arctic blue is a really cool laser!

Most measurements people use in this forum are based on the ANSI FL1 standards. Light energy or photons obviously can travel forever, assuming they don’t hit anything. So to create a standard distance to compare beams, we measure out until the intensity drops to 0.25 lux.

You can basically measure a lights intensity at a certain distance and then calculate it’s intensity at 1 meter. From there you can calculate a “rated distance”.

It’s talked about here in the forum, just try searching for ANSI FL1.