MRsDNF's 2018 Old Lumens comp build. Finished.

Due to time constraints and a busy schedule this years torch build will be short and sweet.
Basically it will be a triple, not sure on leds yet, possible de domed XPG 2 leds or XPL HI, BLF A6 driver, 18350 battery and a Convoy S2+ metal switch.

The components from the S2+ switch along with a new threaded adaptor. The spring on the switch will be replaced by a Blue spring. I love utilising items created by other users on this forum into builds or mods.

The tailcap. This has three threads rather than the normal two threads. The third thread being the smallest here is for the S2+ switch to screw into.

This picture shows the switch assembled into the tailcap. If you haven’t guessed l love these metal capped switches.

The switch retainer is recessed on one side to centralise the switch board into the tailcap. This threaded collar is held in the chuck in a split bush to allow the recess to be machined.

After awhile lots of split bushes are collected. Its usual to not have one in the size you need.

And the switch sitting in its new home.

Threaded mandrels are also made up to hold the torch components, battery tube, head and tailcap, in the lathe chuck so they are not damaged by the jaws and also if the item is tapered on the outside still allows it to be securely held.

Update 14.11.18.

We start of today with the pill and driver retainer. The diameter is turned to size, The grooves cut are for the lead in and out of the thread. The small section is the the driver retainer. the pill itself has an overall length of 10mm.

The driver retainer has already been parted off here. The machined recess is for the MCPCB to sit in.

The tool here is called a centre drill. This is used to drill a taper in the end of the work piece so when a hole is drilled it starts on centre. A hole is then drilled for the wiring to go through.

The pill was then parted off and placed in a split bush so the driver pocket could be machined.

The battery tube outside dimensions were then turned to size. The grooves are for the threading tool to run into.

The threads were then cut for the head and tailcap to screw onto.

Update 18.11.18.

Today was a good day and a bad day.

I was not sure on a pattern for the light so played around with a design on a test piece.

The head and tailcap had 12 flats machined on the largest diameter. These flats were machined .3mm deep. This is the head here.

I had not realised I hadn’t taken any pictures of the head while I was machining the grooves. Possibly because on the angle’s first cut I wound the work piece the wrong way, winding the head into the tool instead of away from it making the groove a lot deeper than planned. Not having time to make a new head I decided to work with what I had. When it came time to machine the grooves opposite the first lot I could not remember the measurement I took as a reference point so took a guess. I’d say the second lot of grooves are about 2mm lower than the first set of grooves. :FACEPALM:
Anyway here is the tailcap after it had been finished being machined.

And finally a couple of pictures showing a couple of tools used on testing and reflowing.
Firstly is the reflow setup. I have been using this set up for a few years now.

And secondly the battery setup used for testing reflows. It consists of a AA battery holder with a AA LiPo battery with a couple of home made prongs that are placed on the + and - on the MCPCB.

Time for the bling shots.
Firstly the assembled pill and switch ass. The switch is the standard convoy assembly except for the small bluey spring. The Mountain Electronics A6 DD driver also has a small bluey spring attached.

The leds are all XPG2 S42B dedomed.

The battery tube.



And finally all the components in the torch. Assembly and lots of fingerprints has not happened at this point in time.

Update and finish 20.11.18.

With the light assembled and up and running it was time to take some fingerprint pictures.

This is always a good sign.

Thanks all for the kind comments and inspiration.

One last picture.

An Old Lumens Comp torch with an Old Lumens tribute torch.

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Working perfect :smiley:

I haven’t used Photostuffit for along time and decided to give it ago. This is a paid account but alas no good.

Looking forward to your build, good luck!

I see pics! Looking good so far!

Outstanding how ya did it. Nuthin like great pics to show it.


Nice! I like metal switches :}

It’s great that you are doing a build this year :THUMBS-UP:

Pictures are visible to me.

That switch looks like it would survive a tank running over it. Love it.

Short and sweet is better than nothing. Glad to see you didn’t miss this years build.

Great to see more folks joining the fun. Welcome aboard MRsDNF!

Good luck with the build !

:THUMBS-UP: Love the switch.

A nice box full of split bushings.

If I had MrsDNF as a next door neighbor I’d buy him roses every week and set them on the box of lights I’d like him to work on. :))

Nice work so far! Excited to see what this turns into.

Nice! It has been too long since the last Moose build! :THUMBS-UP:

Updated the first post 14.11.18.
All the components have been machined and now to work out what to make the outside look like.

Progress looking good :THUMBS-UP:

What? No square threads? I bet the ano isn’t even HAIII Military Grade Hard Anodize. :FACEPALM:

Nice machine work, though. O:)