MT-G2 ideas...

For a while I wanted to do something with an MT-G2, so I went and ordered some from FT. Figure I’d throw one into an F13 host, and use a 22mm driver for minimal trauma.

So, I was going to use this MT-G2 and star as the emitter part, and for drivers, either this 2400mA one or this 3000mA one.

Really don’t want to use a pair of 18350s, so will have to get 26350s to fit in there, unless someone knows of an F13 extension tube.

So… will need to open up the reflector a bit, insulator for sure, maybe even a spacer? No idea how an MT-G2 will focus in an F13 reflector, whether it needs to be pulled out somewhat with a spacer, or shoved in more by sanding down a bit off the bottom.

Anything I’m overlooking?

What about putting one of those H1-A kaidomain drivers so you only need one cell?

I was just about to suggest that. :slight_smile:

Or the 22 mm version

I like my 5000k MT-G2 that I put into a Convoy L2 w/ a Zener modded FET driver, nice ratio; throw vs flood, a throwy floody. Put all of that on into a C8 as well (w/ 2x18350s) but much more floody and not as bright due to the batteries I’m using that are pulling less amps. I put an XHP50.2 into a KL-S26 using a H1-A driver, both from KD, on 1x26650. My favorite of those 3 would still be the L2. Just the wonderful tint I got on my MT-G2, and the nice powerful wall of light it puts out on max. Not pure flood, and not pure throw. A good all around, multi-use light.

Does the stock reflector have a big enough hole to handle an MT-G2 without modification? And any rings/artifacts in the beam?

It just barely fits, yes. The dome through the reflector base opening, that is. I have the reflector sitting on the die though, with electrical tape on the bottom of the it to protect the die. The reflector opening have to be cut open to have the whole die show through.

Interesting, tnx!

Imagine I can always shave down some of the rear threads to snug up the tail, as long as it’s not just going to grab onto 2-3 threads.

Nah, I looked into the H1-A and the FX-series drivers, and dismissed them.

First, didn’t want to put everything on hold for too long drilling out a Cu washer for a shelf/adapter (20mm→22mm). I want as much of a drop-in as possible, that I can throw together in one sitting.

Second, I’m absolutely not doing multimodes on this light. All those drivers seem to have multiple modes, and strobe just plain pisses me off. So I’m sticking to a nice stoopit 1-mode driver.

I wanted this to be a simple on/off general-purpose light, to just grab it and go see what’s making that ruckus in the backyard at night, etc. And be able to sustain its level indefinitely without cooking itself to death. (And I’m going to a forward-clicky, so multimodes will for sure just piss me off.)

I might tolerate low/high, but not more than that. But especially with a FC, I’d rather stick to 1 mode.

Figured that the F13 is fairly throwy, akin to a C8, but dropping in an MT-G2 would widen that hotspot nicely to make it more of an intermediate range light. Not floody for close-in use, not an extreme spot for überthrow, but a sort of in-between light.

Hmm, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m planning for the F13. Was debating a zener mod for a 105C, where I could hardwire the star to 10%/100%. Didn’t even think about using the L2 as a host. Comes with a FC, so I’m most of the way there. Just forgot offhand what diameter driver it uses.

I don’t want a DD-FET, but a regulated FET. I’d rather have consistent output for a longer time.

Modded a Crelant 7”G”10 about 3 years ago with a MT-G2, modded the stock driver to 8amps, (old school step ramping UI) and with that very light OP reflector, it’s the only light I have never (ever) thought about going back later and changing, never going to get rid of it, it’s just that beautiful! :LOVE:

And I still use it! :wink: (and it’s still working) :smiley:

I also did a UTorch MT-G2 that was just as Beautiful, but that one got taken away from me, but she let’s me use it once in awhile, if I can find it! :smiley:

It dosen’t matter what you put it in, or what you power it with, just put it in something and for sure it’s going to be Beautiful! :LOVE:

You just can’t lose with the MT-G2!! :wink: :THUMBS-UP:

That’s exactly why I wanted to do something with a MT-G2… :smiley:

I like the MT-G2 so much, I modded a old school Surefire 961 weapon light with it, bored out for 2x18500’s at 6amps and fully potted with Stycast and put it on my .308 SBR. You could say it’s Bullet Proof!!

Sorry about the old phone camera crappy pics, but you get the Gist! :LOVE:

Almost 5 years and a thousand plus rounds down range, never a flicker! :wink:

I put a mt-g2 in the old tk35 (and clones) as its 2s stock and the c8 sized reflector its a dead simple “get off my grass” type of light.

I have an older Convoy C8 (with pill) with a zener modded Nanjg 105 driver with 6 extra stacked 7135’s.
(14 in total = 14 x 0.35 = 4.9 Amperes)
I can use it with 2x 18350 or 2x 18650 (with the Fasttech extension tube, which fits the old but not the newer Convoy C8).
for the sake of the old school-ness of it all, i put a green switch boot in the tail cap. :smiley:
I did a topic on it:

It runs out of breath pretty fast though, because the Vf is rather high.
That’s why the H1A driver could be a better choice, although that only pushes 3 Amperes through the LED, but will maintain the voltage.
And then you can run it from a single cell.

It’s cute though with 2x 18350.
Looks like an average older C8, but has that 2700 lumen punch. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have a Convoy M2 that I put an MT-G2 in, where I had to widen the reflector opening quite a bit to fit the dome through. Kapton tape along the bottom of the reflector to protect the die, so similar in that regard. I’m just thinking that an L2 with the same kind of setup could be a nice ‘big brother’ to my M2…

Yep, that’s kinda what I want. Simple, very effective, and MT-G2 goodness.

That’s what bugs me, though. All these drivers insist on loading up with all kinds of silly modes, and few if any have just 1 mode and ideally an LVP blink and cutout. I’d be happy with just 1 mode and to use protected cells if need be.

So the ones I got on order seem to be good candidates, albeit force me to use 2 cells instead of just 1. Oh, how I’d love one of those to work down from 1 cell. I might just try it to see if it’s an “undocumented feature” or if it really is architecturally just a buck converter and not, say, a boost-buck.

That would be tres kewl to be able stuff an MT-G2 in, say, a side-clicky C8 from Sofirn. :smiley: ’Though of course not the triple, but, say, the one with the single XP-L or whichever it is.

(Wow, I kinda feel sorry for the other 2 Sofirn C8s, as only the triple has gotten all this attention lately. :smiley: )

But I like the beefiness of the F13, and the L2 would be quite nice with an MT-G2 in it.

Oooh, it might even function as a glass broker and/or brick smaher! })

Courui HD 2010 + Cree MT-G2 Q0 6v 5000K + RNX-28A + Resistor mod 0,1 Ом = 4,85 А
The Pill I milled myself