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Hmm… Let me get out the paypal password while my wife is at the gyno lol

edit Hey RMM you guys don’t carry the efest high drain 26650 like these?

Bah I’ll wait… I’m getting out of control

I’m thinking of getting the VP2, is there any differences besides 2 more bays?
I have a nitecore D4 already

Yeah, the VP4 doesn't do LiFePo or 4.35v charging, just regular 4.2v. It also only does 1A to the outside 2 bays and 0.5A maximum to the middle 2 bays.

For a combination of high capacity and high current drain in a 26650 I think I would prefer the Keeppowers linked to below. Wish Richard carried them or an equivalent. Based on the photo they look like the flat top is raised enough to work in lights with flat + battery contact plates. I do not have anything that needs 60 amps at 3.7 volts YET!

BTW has the Efest Purples for a MUCH better price than the Amazon listing. RMM is my first choice for batteries but is a close second. Richard recently quoted a alert from them regarding counterfeit Sony batteries so it looks like he respects them too. Both excellent companies and battery suppliers IMO with fair pricing.

I could be wrong, but I am 99% sure those cells are the same as the 5200mAh ones I sell---i.e. not really 60A or even 30A capable for any realistic length of time. HKJ's review.

A 30A 5000+mAh 26650 cell is about as real as a Unicorn at this point in time. It's a bit disingenuous IMO to list it as 30A capable--but it seems that KP has to keep up with the high numbers vaping craze arms race where the highest number is what sells. Even ILLUMN rates them at only 15A continuous...there was a thread about it somewhere around here.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Looks like there are TWO versions of the Keeppower 26650 with 5200 mAh listed capacity. At least HKJ has two recent tests, dated 6/22 and 7/12. One is listed as a IMR cell by Keeppower (the high current version) and the other is not specified.

IMR Test/Review of Keeppower IMR26650 5200mAh (Black) 2014

Not Listed Test/Review of Keeppower 26650 5200mAh (Black) 2014

Based on curves through the maximum draw of the non-IMR cells the performances of both are very similar but there are minor differences. As HKJ says in his ending comment though the IMRs are not really super high current cells.

Want another (maybe not so wild) guess/opinion? They are the same base cell, but the difference between the two boils down to the fact that the non-IMR version is protected.

Considering the similarities I suspect that you are probably right.

Richard - do you have MT-G2 Q0's on the way? Thought I read that. Been wait'n....

Not yet. I will order some as soon as I can get some from a reliable source at a reasonable price.

Ahh ok, thanx! Dang you got those MaxToch coppers at a great price... Now sorry I ordered them from BangGood a while back (09/03 shipped), any day now from BG... Smile or I got banged good.

--> Richard or anyone... Have you ever seen or heard of icon's appearing on dye's of LED's? I swear -- I got a little doggy in a corner of a bare XM-L2 U2 1A I bought a while back. It's in a budget zoomie now, reflowed onto a sanded down 16mm SinkPAD now. I never saw anything like this - totally unnoticeable in flood mode, but when zoomed out to see the dye image, there it is! I can't see anything unusual on the LED itself - all looks perfect, like any other XM-L2. The dog image itself is much brighter, and measured to be so on the light meter.

Told an engineer at work bout it, and he's heard of it but didn't have much details. I'd assume you'd never notice it in a reflector light. I "think" I bought it at MtnElectronics here -- can't be sure, but think I did because I ordered qty 3 back in July and this bare LED was in a strip of 3.

This is very interesting. Got any pics?

Tom, interesting puns to very strange Chinese store names aside, I've never heard or seen anything relating to graphics embedded in Cree LED dies. Hmmm...I wonder if we got something special on our hands. A quick search didn't turn up anything about Cree offering this as a service, but who knows.

TONS of batteries back in stock and being updated now!

Here's what we've got now that was out of stock:

  • Protected Sanyo UR14500P
  • King Kong 26650 Flat Top
  • LG E1 4.35v Button Top
  • LG D1 4.35v Button Top
  • NCR18650B Button Top
  • NCR18650B Button Top - Protected
  • NCR18650BD Flat Top
  • NCR18650BD Button Top - Protected
  • NCR18650BD Button Top - Unprotected
  • 20R Button Top
  • 25R Flat Top

If you're looking to get a VP4, take advantage of our battery rebate offer for the best deal around! (See VP4 page for details).

Still no protected PF’s or 16340s. T_T

Actually…How much loss would I be seeing from the protection circuits drawing almost 6 amps from a PF?

They sent the XTAR 16340s to the wrong side of the country--to Washington DC! But they are being re-routed.

I thought I had bought some PFs but I only got BDs. I will get some more PFs ASAP.

Ah well, its just as good, I have at least two weeks before a lack of proper cells will be the impediment. I’mma hotrod my Trustfire X6 and figure with no low-volt protection in the driver, protected cells would be a good idea. I’m just worried at how much wattage the protection will eat-up.

Besides the Maxtoch M12 & M24 which are arriving later this week, there are also a few new sweet Noctigon products on the way:

  • 16mm MT-G2 MCPCB (no more grinding down to 16mm for the "pocket monster" lights!)
  • 25mm MT-G2 MCPCB (easy fit for the Small Sun ZY-T08 and other similar lights!)
Also, the SupFire L5 and L6 will also be in stock soon!
What are your thoughts on some of the monster zoomies, like the JAX Z1?

Price on the Supfire L5 and what mods do you intend to offer for it? Looks interesting.

This is subject to change, but I think that the pricing on the new Supfires will be as follows:

L5: $20.00

L6: $17.50

The usual mods will be available including LED and driver swap.

The JAX Z1 is look'n pretty good so far - seems legit, but would like to see mod results on it - some real power, de-domed LED's, etc.

I'm in for a SupFire L5! Been wanting one... Another great price you got Smile. I'll order as soon as I see it listed. Thanks!! I really like my L6...

Their C8 isn't bad either - I have one, nice finish, nice looks, pretty good heat sinking... I'll have quite a robust SupFire collection.