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I usually throw them away but I'm sure I have a few laying around. Drop me a note in the order comments and I'll throw one in for free.

Would you be up for the idea of creating part kits for beginners to try?
Non-DTP pads, out dated emitters etc?
I’m sure some would appreciate and pay shipping for a small bunch of these to practice on.
Think of it more as a charity, definitely not a money maker. Lol

Another order sent. Red is my favorite color… :smiley: I am becoming a MTN electronics junky.

119 has a different footprint than XP, no center pad.

Do those Red S2 hosts come in HA III? Do they have an O-ring around the glass? What are the dimensions of the reflector? (Diam and height) :heart_eyes:

That's very generous of you, thanks!

Yep, I just stick a piece of Kapton tape over the thermal pad, then reflow. Info from: here and here.

I have no idea what grade of anodizing they have--just that they look good. Yes, they have an o-ring, just like an S2+. They are the exact same as a normal S2+ besides the color and metal tail cap switch, so the reflector is shorter than the S2/S5/S6. I don't recall the exact dimensions, just that they are shorter.

I have it on high authority that XHP-70’s at high wattage can melt right off of the aluminum DTP boards.

I believe it. I had the emitter wires desolder themselves from an XHP50 on a copper sinkpad. (mostly my fault, poor heatsinking)

Hi Richard, got my order from 3/18/15 and got a problem, PM sent!

Wife beat him to the mailbox, needs a place to crash.

I literally lol’d. We’ve all been there. :bigsmile:

Ha ha ha!!! She doesn’t know… yet! :open_mouth:

Lol. You guys are pretty funny!

After 12 hours of reading and taking practice exams, then a few hours of flashlights and e-mails, my brain is pretty much mush and I'm ready to go to bed (nearly 1 AM here...again). Another teaser for you guys:

22mm single-sided 6A buck driver. Yes, this one works, but need to make a few more tweaks to the layout and do some more torture testing in the light.

I think there will also be a double-sided build for "higher power" applications and for easier flashing (with a normal SOIC-8 attiny).

The 17mm also works...kinda. Need to go back to the drawing board on that one. I was trying to get the best of both worlds out of it with a high-powered SMD inductor build to keep things short and compact (think: P60 and small 17mm lights) but now after a few revisions I think that in 17mm you can't have it both ways. I think that I will do two 17mm boards: One for 3A or so that is super compact, and another for 8A+ (obviously only around 6A into an XM-L2) that has the option to use either a bigger SMD inductor on a daughter board or a toroidal inductor.

Too many projects, too little time. I try not to share too many of these things with you guys because with my current schedule all new developments tend to move in sloooowwww motion. A lot of things, like this driver, began real development back in December.

Again, I've got to give thanks to everyone who has helped along the way. Comfychair always pushed the limits and had some crazy new ideas; Mattaus started hooking us up with our own PCBs, and gave me the courage to start; JonnyC created the program that I run on most of my lights; wight did some crazy layouts and often was my "go to" guy to bounce ideas off of when I would get stumped. I couldn't have done it without these guys, and many more here on the forum as well.

I'll share this on Oshpark when it's ready. No ETA.

P.S. I've got two ready-to-go 10mm FET drivers with guppydrv. I'll get them listed on the website sometime in the coming days.

12 hours on the books and then lights. We'll have to call you the marathon man. Can I just ask one dumb question? Thanks I new you would not mind. Input voltage of the driver that will allow you to retire young (the one above)?

8A? Me Likey! :slight_smile: Can I get it in my TP? ROFLH

Lol Dale’s meds are running low….

Just the fact that you have a copy of that buck running is enough for me.

Take your time, don’t kill yourself. As long as it takes, I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

But honey, I had to have a red flashlight to match my red truck
$12 light, plus diamond jewelry factor = $400
Just go ahead and add an earrings and necklaces category to mtnelectroncs

Input voltage is 5.5V-9V with the current inductor and output current, but with the appropriate components (inductor and capacitors) it can go up to 5S cells. 3S won't require changing anything but the inductor, and with the right inductor 2S to 4S can be done with the same setup (although there is an ideal switching frequency for efficiency). You've got to size everything to keep the switching speed reasonable. Right now it's already over 1 MHz with fresh cells. A 4.7uH inductor will be more ideal--I was just too lazy to swap it out last night .

It's always a compromise between inductance, resistance, and space. You can't have all three. Faster switching speed allows for a lower value inductor, but then you have a lot more switching losses.

I occasionally wondered if the 17mm goal could be achieved by stacking a mode board on a buck board. I’m really curious about this.