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Right, it doesn’t hurt anything that not all the dies are lit. It just looks a bit funny.

The D4v2 UI has no runtime-configurable option to set the moon level.

However, Narsil does. Could be worth a try?

One of my newer UIs does too, but it’s not available yet. It’s getting close though… I spent most of the past 24 hours messing with its thermal regulation again, which is one of the last things on my list before releasing it.

I understand it not really broken. Richird builds these drivers for the L6, so I just wanted to show him my result if he wants to consider setting a higher level.
“Not sure why” I was thinking that perhaps it is my light or the emitter needs reflow but I don’t think so.
One thing is that my L6 emitter was reflowed backward on the MCPCB. Yeah I didn’t catch it and assembled the Fet+1 driver with polarity on the designated pads and it initially didn’t turn on. Finally checked the emitter with bench power and reversed polarity. Ouch my eyes hurt. Again not sure if the reverse polarity effected the emitter at all or if the DD has an effect perhaps hurting it. Simons original tailcap spring bypass didn’t last long with the new DD Driver.
And anther thought is if the newer XHP70.2 would work on this Low moon setting, if that is what Richard tested developing the moon level.
I have tried different batteries but no change, but I didn’t expect any on a regulated level.


The problem with setting moonlight levels is that different LEDs, even the same type, have different ideal PWM levels for moonlight. Set it high enough to light up all of them consistently and you get complaints that the moonlight is too bright; set it too low and it won't even turn some of them on. When you're selling just parts it is impossible to know exactly what the setup will be, so you have to pick a compromise level.

Configurable ML level in the software would be the ideal solution. The 85 still has about 4KB flash left on the D4 firmware....I think that there is probably room for it. ;-)

Thanks Richard for the reply.
I understand.
D4 V3 with a configurable moon would be pretty cool.

Did some swapping around for a friend and put 70.2’s in an SupFire M6 with a custom battery tube that uses a Fenix TK75 carrier. It now makes over 11,700 lumens with a nice smooth hot spot. :slight_smile: Richards driver is running it, piggybacked onto the original swept board. Gotta address the seemingly cheap plastic holder and do spring bypasses, should make over 12,000 when that’s done.

Figured y’all would like to hear about that one… :wink:

I always like to hear about 12,000 lumen M6s. :-)

Thanks for sharing Dale! (pics or it didn't happen!) :-p

Well, this one has a battery tube made for the Fenix carrier by MRsDNF, with an adapter to allow the carrier to contact the stock driver board properly, also of MRsDNF design. So it’s sort of a group effort. lol It got done to begin with using MT-G2’s, then rebuilt when the XHP-70 came out, had a donut hole with the smooth reflectors of the M6, and now with the XHP-70.2 it works beautifully. Will see about the pics thing, but rest assured it DID happen. Gotta rebuild the carrier to take the high amp draw, once that’s done and I get some final numbers I’ll see about pics and maybe some beamshots…. it’s manxbuggy1’s light so I need to get it wrapped up and sent back home. Trying to limit what I do and it doesn’t come easy for me.

Edit: Since pictures are so much easier than rebuilding carriers… :wink: (FWIW, even this wasn’t easy, the 1DsMkII weighs over 3 lbs without the lens, but oh well…not like pain is a new thing around here.)

That’s already done. What I’m running now has configurable floor and ceiling for both smooth and stepped ramp modes, along with a bunch of other new stuff. It only works on e-switch lights though.

Dale, that's what I wanted to see! Awesome light! I guess you never found that 4S carrier?

ToyKeeper: that's awesome news! Thank you for all of the hard work you put in around here.

I’ve turned my area and then some upside down, no carrier. I guess the ants are building a mega light or something….

Richard I’m glad to see your carrying the little 26350 cells. I’ll try and spread the word that they are now easy to get.

My little Supfire mini L6 runs great on them. Lots of output!


Speaking of the 26350 cells…question for Richard, or anyone. Could I run an xhp35 with a FET driver and four 26350s from Mountain Electronics? I know that the xhp35 can get burned out by too much current, but since the 26350s are only rated at 4 amp continuous, maybe they would be a perfect match. Wishful thinking?

I’m trying modify my Haikelite HT35. Or would I be better off running the MTN-MAX 1A-6A buck driver at 2.5 amps with two 26650s the four 26350s?

I know people have built Convoy L2 and L6 with xhp35 and 4 26350, but I can’t remember if it was with a fet driver or not. You do get more voltage sag compared to 4 26650 cells. Sorry, I don’t have any links.

My mini L6 runs on 2 26350 and I got 7.3 amps from them powering an xhp70. So they can do more than 4 amps.

How would the MTN-MAX 1A-6A buck driver produce 12 volts if you only use 2 26650? I think it would need 4 cells.

That is helpful, JasonWW, thank you.

It takes too long for me to search, but I found this from EasyB:

That’s pretty impressive.

You’re right, either setup would take four 26350s, my mistake. I also want to run an xhp70 with two 26650s and a FET. Typed too fast, got the two projects mixed up.

Thanks for the link as well.

Richard are you going to start carrying the sst40 led?

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