My first Beamshot Comparison !

This is the first Beamshot comparison shoot done on my Newfoundland trip back in June 2013.
This is a comparo shoot of some of the lights i brought on my holiday trip.

- all lights set on High mode, full charged cells of same type.

  • Photos taken at midnight, with all same camera settings, same tripod location. ( Nikon D5100 DSLR / 55mm / ISO 1200 / 1/5 S / F14 / remote trigger.)

  • Control shot showing the distances from the Tripod to specific landmarks measured:

  • collage of the Beamshots for comparison:

*Defiant Super Thrower (Stock, 3 Alcaline C-cells)

  • Fandyfire Rook ( stock)

*Fenix TK35 (Stock )

*Garrity 1-Watt (Stock/Luxeon)

*Hugsby XP2 (stock, Duracell AAAs)

*Nitecore EA4-NW ( Stock, on Durcell AAs)

*Nitecore P25 Smilodon ( Modded, XML2)

*Olight SR90 Intimidator (Stock)

*Reactor Luxeon Rebel ( Stock, 3 Duracell AAAs.)

*Sipik SK68 (Flood)

*Sipik SK68 (Spot)

*Sipik SK98 (Flood)

*Sipik SK98 (Spot)

*Skyeye F13 ( Modded XML2)

*Skyray King ( Warm White)

*Skyray King ( Cool White)

*Skyray King M4 ( 4-XM-L)

*Trustfire X6 (Stock)

*Trustfire X6 + 200 MW Laser Module

*Ultrafire PD32 (stock)

*Ultrafire C8 (stock, XR-E )

Great! How was the control shot taken? It was bright and clear! :slight_smile:

Control shot was taken using a pair of Construction site 500 watt Mercury Vapour floods, and the Camera set on a lower shutter speed.

This is your first try at beamshots!?

Most impressive!!

Thanks. Its definitely my first shot at it. :slight_smile:

Nice work. How to you hold the lights in the tripod?

Excellent shots.

I machined a special foam padded V-Block with camera base to connect to the tripod, and will hold most any shape of light.

Very nice beam shots! But come on, feet? Even ANSI/NEMA FL1 Standard is using meters.

Very nice work. You have got a good King M4 there.

I’m surprised the SRK could light up the trees so brightly. Even more surprised to see the M4 being so powerful.
Very nice shots by the way. I like the use of the remote trigger, I should probably get one so I don’t have to keep touching my camera and risk moving it.

Excellent shots. Thanks for the hard work!

First class, thank you.

Not bat at all...

For reference, the Trustfire X6 stock is 45kcd.

Very nice shots. Thanks

Very nice shots. Thanks for posting them up.

Excellent work. Thank you for sharing.

Would you mind taking a picture or two of your v block set up?