My first car was sold today :-( I will miss you Probe..

I have had a pretty bad day because my first car has been sold. I shared it with my sister and loved it but it needed some repairs, new tyres etc. It was simply not worth spending more and more money for 18yr old car although it was overall in good condition :frowning: If you had one, what was your first car and how did you feel when it was sold? Do you still have a photo of it? Share some memories with us!

This is the last photo of me and the car :frowning:

first car was an 89 nissan pulsar. it was a fun first car. the hardest one to let go was my 96 saab 900se turbo

and i was going to post a pic, but it seems myspace had done an update and it deleted ALL user contend. F you myspace

my first car was a ’73 ford escort (uk model, not the crappy yank one lol)

it destroyed a landrover discovery.

That´s a big achievement, a discovery is not easy to destroy! I suppose speed helped a little bit…

My ex-wife’s first car was a broom.

My first car was a 1973 Buick Electra Limited with a 455 cubic inch four barrel engine. It was huge. It even had vestigial fins.

what lights are you going to buy with the money you got for the car?

It loved gas stations.
A couple of friends bought it and raced it at the local Nascar 1/2 mile, high bank, oval track for a couple of seasons. [jalopy/bomber stock car series.]

I got to drive it a couple of races. What an adrenalin rush! Eventually it was sent to the metal recyclers.

Some of the best memories I have are doing this: and this
if you know what I mean. :wink:

taken from Google for demo.

First car: Ford full-size 4x4 Pickup.

Hardest car to let go of: Jaguar XKR Convertible

Sorry, had to do it. :smiley:

Oh my first car… My fathers 1979 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale.

Saw its fair share of problems and incidents over its life.

Notice the novice bodywork done to the side. But man what fun that car was even at 9-10MPG. Nothing like a 350CI 4BBL carburetor on tap with just a twitch of the foot… oh and 6 passengers coddled in red velour.

I loved it so much I found another one on ebay about 4-5 years later, which was then sold to finance a new, more reliable car purchase.

I remember searching eBay for literally YEARS before finding another one that was in great shape. Really hurt to have to let her go.

Pic of the “newer” one

I never own a car yet :frowning:

My first car was a 2003 Holden Astra (an Opel Astra re-badged for the Australian market).

Absolute hunk of ****. The day I got rid of it, I part-traded it in for $1500 for a brand new Subaru Liberty/Legacy and even left the old battery in the trunk. I got the registration renewal notices for the old car for 2 years straight which means even the dealer gave up on it haha.

Now the Subaru....that's a car I loved.

You sure it was the car that was hard to let go of?

My first car was a 1972 MG Midget, bought in 1978. It was in pretty rough shape but I fixed it up and had it painted. Most fun I’ve ever had with a car…and I learned an awful lot about being a mechanic! (mechanically they were dreadful)


From Childhood pics 1980s


Too bad to hear about your car.

I still drive my first car, it will be our 8th anniversary on 30th of june. :party:
It’s a 97 Nissan Almera (Pulsar in other countries), I love that it is very reliable and never let me down.
Sorry no photos available.

Yeah, I'm sure. I Never let go of the other expensive toy :) (hoping she's not looking, hehe)

I’ll bet that nobody here, but me, has ever owned a 1970 AMC Hornet… Bayshore Blue paint (when it stayed on). Regular tuneup consisted of buying a new carb and sticking it on (cheaper and easier than the options). Radiator mounts liked to give way, sucking the radiator into the fan blade. Finally sold it to my night shift foreman’s brother for $50… and it got him through school. It had around 150,000 miles on it… and a JC Penny Lifetime battery (which was replaced around 6 times)… and a Midas Lifetime muffler (replaced around 3 times).

My first car was 1985. VW Golf2 with 1.3l petrol engine :smiley:
I had driven on it almost 2 years.
Something like this one:

but I was not particularly sad when sold it. I had no emotional attachment to it. It was just a tool for travel from point A to point B

But the much more I miss my second car - The Mazda 626 GL with 2.0 petrol engine and AWD! Yes, it was a unique! All was amazed that 626 GL have AWD!
It gave me lot of fun!
here it is:
I was emotionally attached to this car. and it was really sad to sell it…
It has now been 6 years since it sold, but still I miss it…
Ou, I found the picture with my modified dashboard on it: