My folding knives

Hello again! Here are my folding knives (most of them cheap ones from China), another one of my hobbies apart from the flashlights:

I hope you like them! ;)

Whoa! Nice collection...

Holy buckets jalbam! Surprised

That's quite the collection.

So you got from Sanrenmu - C117,604,605,612,613,703, 2x704,701, 2x711,721, 3x723, 738, T16, 962 .... did I miss an SRM ?

I that a Spyderco Bug I see there?

Impressive collection BTW and you are missing some of the standards like the 710,763... don't like them or ran out of money? ;-)

Whoa! So what we now know is that Joan really really likes to cut things in the dark

(queue Dexter intro here...)

The dark? I don't think so.

(Dexter is the most disturbing hero ever.)

I should have said "at night" since I knew about the monster bad.

When your nights are brighter than daylight, then you know you are a flashaholic. ;-)

Nice collection !

Do i see a SRM 962? How much for it. :P

Thank you very much for your replies :D

Hehehe sorry I don't remember which models are most of them, but yes I have many Sanrenmu knives (including 962) and one Enlan, most of them from Exduct and Focalprice. Very great knives and not very expensive.

I also have one Spyderco (bug) and one Tool Logic (SL3). This last one is my most expensive knife.

Do you really want to buy a Sanrenmu 962? I am not willing to sell mine sadly :P haha, but if you want I can ask a friend of mine who maybe have it too, maybe he can sell one or similar. Do you also collect them? Why that model? it seems so big, hehehe. I bought mine at Exduct but I have just realized that they are out of stock. Is not there any other shop with it in stock? :o

So what's the big deal with these 962's? Is it the cool looking handle?

Here's 1 for $152.63---it must be something really special for that price. Surprised

Hehehe I think the special thing is the quality for a not so expensive price and the axis lock system. That link is for a dozen! :) Not bad price at all.

I think we have some long time collectors here like old4570 , jekostas and others. Some members just started to collect and we discussed some of the cheaper Chinese knives in this thread . fishinfool is probably in the lead with 8 knives (more like 12) at once in the pipeline. He beats me by 5.... ;-) . I have a SRM 905 here and an Enlan EL-02, BEE L05-1, SRM 939, 605, 909,908 on the way. You see that I ordered mostly the larger knives. A friend ordered an Enlan EL-01, BEE L03-2, SRM 603,531. It will be a nice round up of not so common knives.

Embarassed lol I didn't even notice it was for a dozen. I just thought that since it was so rare now that the price has gone way, way up.

@Budgeteer - Hey, maybe we can do a group buy or something--I'm in for 2 or 3 of them.

Plus 4 more from PriceAngels.

I'm in for 2-3 too :)

I like the looks and features. Just that. :)

Who is gonna organize the smuggling operation?

Who's gonna volunteer as the SRM 762 Mastermind?

I just noticed that on the blade of the 762 the word 'LAND' is on it. Is that still the SRM 762 or something else?

Land is a sub-label of SRM for their bigger knives (900 series) that are going out of production.... like Enlan is a sub-brand of Bee. (If I remember correctly)