My modest collection

Nice collection. You collect flashlights only with an electronic switch, or could it also be reverse clicky? Of course from the side.

I have a few points that decide to buy a given flashlight.

  1. The switch is not at the back
  2. Natural color and as close as possible to the BBL line
  3. Type of driver
  4. I must like it
  5. Workmanship quality (That’s why I did not buy DQG)
  6. And many other small matters

TN42, TN40 is on the waiting list, and maybe … ROT66 but there are too many complaints. As soon as all defects are eliminated then maybe.

I am asking because I think that Solarforce L2D with L2T head and flat SS bezel would fit to this family.


Now he pulls me to these larger flashlights

A little collection has grown and there have been changes so the update.
I think I almost finished with shopping because I already have what I wanted, but who knows? At the moment I am waiting for ROT66, PL47 and another H03. I have been waiting for ROT66 for over a month and can not come. The list has TN40s in NW but it is nowhere in stores :frowning:

As you have already noticed, I am a fan of a pure beam, I love XP-L HI and XHP35 HI. Almost every light I modified, which I will describe. I want to have lights shining as close as possible to the BBL line. I do not like it over or under the line because even though it’s nice, it’s not natural.

At the moment it looks like this:

Now let’s get to the details. The description will be in order according to range.
I will start with the biggest beast. Thrunite TN42 NW version. I really like this flashlight. I practically did nothing with her because I like everything. It looks like this and has the following performance:

The second item is the smaller brother, or Thrunite V6. Very similar color. A great flashlight. Honestly, I did not do anything with her:

The third in order is Utorch UT02. Here I chose the resistor to get some more power out. We managed quite a lot. Of course, by the way change the paste on MX-4. The LED has a nice warm color so it was the original. I corrected the line alignment on the body. Maybe someday I will change its driver, because UI does not like it and maybe some more power will squeeze out:

Another item, Lumintop GTmini. You had to clean the contacts and even lines on the body because I did not like the inscription was not centrally. Cool flashlight, because small and light but with a lot of possibilities. Color of heat. Only the switch could be better because it is so strangely rubbery:

Now a classic, BLF Q8. As you know, I do not like LED in the dome version. I see yellowing in a beam of light then. It was the same here. I decided to change on the HI version, of course the color 3A. Recently Sofirn released Q8 with HI but CW so definitely not for me. When I changed the diodes, I changed the paste for MX-4. I changed the threads on M3 and put in all the longer screws. I aligned the lines on the body. The final result? Ah … now I like this flashlight. The beam is great, clean, quite focused and yet has enough leakage:

The next raisin is Noctigon Meteor M43. Magnificent. I really like her. The choice of diodes fell on XP-G2 3D and it was a good choice. Of course, there were no corrections. LEDs were not in one line with the switch, I improved. On the occasion of the change of paste because the original was poor, of course I used MX-4. The battery tray has also been aligned in line with the rest of the body. I removed the safety ring against the wrong insertion of the battery. Thanks to this I can use with a flat top:

Another flashlight that I really like is Emisar D4s. LEDs are XP-L HI. Perfect from the beginning so I did not have to do anything. Even she has already made one fall on the road and practically no traces. You could say that it’s such a smaller brother to BLF Q8. Of course, BLF Q8 changed its face completely after changing LEDs to HI:

Now a torch I like so much. First of all, the UI is poor. Second, LED only in CW, so I changed to NW. Plus, he does not have a descent from HIGH (turbo is not) so I use it like a bicycle lamp. Maybe someday I will change the driver and I will like it, because the quality of workmanship is great, the beam is also cool:

There were towers, now it’s time for the flood. Thrunite TC20. What am I supposed to say? I bought it because I liked it, but … XHP70.2 could not be good. I have never seen such a disgustingly glowing LED. Yuck. I did a second approach to another version 70.2 but that did not change much. I just do not like this diode. The decision was made, change to MT-G2. I lost some power, but the quality of light is much better. By the way, a resistor change has occurred to select the appropriate value for a different diode:

If you do not have enough of me, then we’re flying on. Emisar D4. Well, everyone is delighted with it, so I decided to try it. I do not think I’m a fan of D4 :slight_smile:
First of all, I bought the version with leds the same as M43, but it turned out that they shine quite differently, Wali bile terribly. So I decided to change to Nichia 219CT 90CRI and what? Green, paradoxically, the worst color with all my flashlights. I think I will do one more approach and change to XP-L version 5D. In addition, the light was flashing and it was necessary to set a higher temperature threshold, because it was bad at the factory. I will say briefly, the bigger brother of D4s is much better:

Time to show smaller toys. Utorch UT01. Cool, very cheap toy (9 $?) But with problems. First, the LED, in the NW version, shone very ugly, yellow, high above the BBL. Of course I changed to HI NW. The switch was dropped. I bought new switches and fixed them. But what about the time after the error of the driver and now it does not turn on after switching off. You have to loosen the rear cap. This is related to the change in the power consumption at rest and now it is 2mA, that is, one hundred times too large. Maybe if I’m bored I will try to find a fault and fix it:

Skilhunt H03. Great value for money. A lot of brightness modes, a nice beam, etc. Even without modding, it shines nicely from the factory. I changed the diode on the HP-L HI 5D because I missed the color, walking on the street. I bought a second H03 and change its LED to HP-L HI 3A. I like this flashlight:

An even smaller head, Olight H1. Version without charging (conscious choice). A very successful product. I have nothing to improve :slight_smile: :

And now such a small change. UV 365. There is nothing to write, works and you can check banknotes :slight_smile: :

Maglite Mini AAA. My first flashlight, bought a long time ago. A perfect example of how much has changed since then:

Time for the last position. A flashlight that I use most often (which you can see from what it looks like :slight_smile: ). A good diode, sufficient power and a long operating time. An ideal key companion. Always with me:

Two words in the summary. I did not think my collection would grow so. At the moment I am waiting for ROT66, PL47 (both with SST20) and I am very curious about their color. It’s supposed to be warm but clean, close to the BBL line. How can I buy TN40S NW and I do not see anything at the moment that would tempt me.
I invite you to comment and discussion.

Great (collection)! Now I want TC20 with mt-g2...

Btw. w opisie D4 masz ,,ledami" zamiast ,,leds" :)

Dzięki, poprawiłem :slight_smile:

TC20 with mt-g2 is perfect. I got one too.

For me it is not perfect yet, but much better than with the nasty XHP70.2. Now I have a different plan for TC20. Such PCB and 4xXPL-HI. I wonder how it would shine.

Another H03 arrived, which I converted to XP-L HI 3A. TIR45 degrees.
I changed the driver. The choice fell on Emisar (D1). I like the results very much. I have a ramp and a lot of power.

Only just noticed this thread. Really nice comprehensive list of your lights. I do appreciate the selection as well, very sensible choices.

Could you tell me a bit more about XHP70.2 and MT-G2? What is the real life difference and how bad tint on XHP actually is?

XHP70.2 has a large tint outside the center. It goes in the yellow direction. I tried three different LEDs and each was terrible. MT-G2 is much more equal. The color is more uniform. As for TC20, I’m going to make one more modification. It will be 4x XP-L HI placed in the center. I think I like this version the most. When I do mod, I will describe the experience.

I’m waiting about the upcoming Sofirn SP70 or modified Convoy L6 and I’ve read several times about how superior MT-G2 is. How much light do you loose comparing to XHP70.2?

3854 in XHP70.2
2563 in MT-G2

I am currently waiting for PL47 and TN40s :slight_smile:

Nice lights, your slowly leaving modest ville.

That’s not too dramatic. Will give stock SP70 a go probably and change to MT-G2 if I’ll be that bad.

And you’ll be happy with PL47, it’s got amazing tint and surprisingly good throw for the size of the optics. I’m waiting for your measurements though!

If you want MT-G2, please let me know :slight_smile:
After changing to 4xXP-L HI I will not need it.

:sunglasses: An awesome tread komeko, such well put together collection.
My guess is that you have a flashlight for any occasion.
Makes me wish that I read it sooner than some of my choices would have been different.
Well done. Thank you for sharing. :sunglasses:

An unusual lamp joined the family. Interesting in terms of appearance, power supply 21700 and used LEDs SST-20.

Today my D4 has undergone another modification. It was already XP-G2, 219CT, XP-L HD. Now I’m HP-L HI 3A and finally I’m happy. This is it. This is how it looks:

Duv 0,0001