My new collection of 50+ Chinese knives

Its been less than a year since Ive started collecting knives again. With the current offerings of Chinese manufactured knives (such as Cold Steel, Colt, Browning, Enlan, Ganzo, Navy, Sanrenmu and Schrade) the quality has increased dramatically and prices have dropped. Its now affordable for almost anyone to own a descent knife collection that they can be proud of without spending ridiculous amounts of money on name brand knives. They are so inexpensive that Ive bought dozens of the same models as gifts to others. People think that I spent a lot of money when they examine the quality. So far, Ive received only overwhelming positive reports from satisfied knife users, stating that their examples have held up as well or better than their much more expensive EDC's. I suppose this shouldnt be much of a surprise since many name brand knives are now being produced in the same Chinese factories as their much less expensive contemporaries. Its also interesting to note that most of the people I give & sell these knives to abuse them mercilessly and that they have held up well. For my personal EDC's, I keep a new example in my collection and buy duplicates that I carry.

Since I have way to many new knives to review, Ive decided to take some photos for comparisons and answer any questions you might have. Please note that the ruler in the photos is only for size reference and not accurate to scale. Because photos were shot at varying angles and heights, the aspect ratio has been skewed and does not properly represent the knives actual lengths, especially from one photo to the next. Scale is in inches.

* I have used several of these knives and some might reflect some wear and tear.

* I will update this thread as new knives arrive.

Folding Blades



SRM A169

SRM T-01

SRM 766

SRM 763 in G10

SRM 733

SRM 733 Black

SRM 730

SRM 730 Swirl Handle

SRM 723 SS

SRM 723 Black

SRM 710 SS

SRM710 Desert Camo

SRM 710 Dark Camo

SRM 710 Black

SRM 707 in G10

SRM 707 Camo

SRM 703

SRM 908

SRM 939

SRM 962


Enlan M020

Enlan M012

Enlan M10

Enlan EL-02 in Micarta

Enlan EL-02 in G10

Enlan EL-01

Enlan EL-01 Black

Bee L06 in G10


Colt SIG6 Stockman

Dealextreme sku19366

Navy Knives

Navy K-905

Navy K-705

Navy K-631

Navy K-628

Navy K-607

Navy K-606

Navy K-605

Navy K-603

Navy K-506

Navy K-505

Navy K-501


Ganzo G704

Fixed Blades


Browning 863

Browning 537

Browning 586

Browning 039 Set

Cold Steel

Cold Steel 80tob Perfect Balance Thrower


Colt CT280

Colt CT295


Schrade 168UH


Camillus Becker BK-9 Double Edged Nose.

I know this doesnt belong here with the rest but its one that I really like. This is an original Camillus military survival/fighting knife made in the USA. Unfortunately, Camillus went out of business several years ago. Known for being extremely over-engineered in design and materials, this example sports the very rare factory double edged nose. Ka-Bar is now making copies of this knife without the double edge, although I doubt they are as sturdy as the original.

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Wow, awesome collection, thanks for the sharing those pics.

Which ones would you pick to be your favorites?

Awesome Collection !!!

Very nice, and nicely photographed collection.

Somehow I think about knives differently than lights. I probably have about the same amount of money tied up in knives that you do, but I only have 6 or 7 knives. A couple of them are in the $25-30 range, but the rest are Benchmades and Mcustas.

I have a small personal collection of two thousand guns… That clip from Little Britain comes to mind (no pun intended).
Nice collection you got there. I got only few, but that SRM 707 sure is a fine knife for the price.

Small folder: SRM 710 SS. Elegant, functional, sleek, typical fantastic SRM build quality. This knife seems to please everyone. Ive gifted at least 30 and sold at least twice that amount.

Large folder: Enlan EL-01. IMO, this is easily the overall best manufactured knife in this collection. It excels in quality, fit, finish, materials, ergonomics, safety and ease of deployment. Very robust construction with a sharp factory edge that holds up to repeated harsh abuse. Also my most carried. This is the one I give to my police, firefighter and outdoor survivalist buddies. Always a favorite.

Curious what you would consider to be a "large" personal collection of guns.

LOL, 2000 guns is not a collections, its an arsenal.

Please post your top 100 favorites.

...large enough for a small country.

You certainly cant go wrong with any of the SRM's... or about any of the knives I just listed.


Could you start a new thread and discuss a few of your favorites please?

Oh those crazy fins.

Lol... I was referring to this hilarious clip from Little Britain.

Me, I don't collect guns, I only buy them to be shot. Currently I have 7 and they all can be seen here.

Damn you FlashPilot. I'm not into knives at all, at least not yet, but you just made me buy those two!

+1, I only have about 5 or 6 knives but I have the 710 and the EL01 and they are both favorites too!

Nice collection, Flash!

All I can say is WOW!!!

My God man... my wife would KILL me.

How do you like the 733? I've been thinking of getting one - I like smaller flippers.

Wow, if you announced that here in the U.S. (if you lived here) you'd get robbed in no time. I never tell anyone what I've got, except for individual lights.


The 733 is an excellent choice and is one of the sharper knives for its broad blade design and size. I personally love the style and carry one clipped to my shorts when I go rafting down the river. Its also very comfortable to handle. Typical excellent SRM construction and materials. Now all you have to decide is black or silver.