My Tenergy 18650 leaked

So today I thought I would take the time to cover up my recently purchased Tenergy's with the green wrap I got from Lakemonster. Unfortunately when I pulled one of my batteries out of the storage case I noticed what looked like brown rust underneath the positive "button". It appears that it has leaked or vented out of the positive end of the battery. The voltage is fine but the battery will now be retired.

I thought I would put the word out to keep an eye on the protected 18560's from Marrsinc.

Tell us about it

WOW. That looks ugly.

r1derbike, thanks for the link. I thought someone else had the same problem I just could not find the post

So Marrsinc sent you a replacement? I just sent them an email and pictures we'll see what they say

Doesn't look like a leak to me. Appears to be water induced corrosion.

I agree 100%

ugly. ouch.

I agree that part of it looks to be corrosion but the near side was somewhat sticky

well consider that this came from a company which made an entire lot purchase from battery Junction which had a fire ....

Water might be appropriate ....when addressing an issue like a ...FIRE :P me crazy but I'm just guessing..water was involved ..

I'm assuming not many people have seen the video so I'll post it here

Diane will send you new batteries regardless ...cuz they're good people :)

I wondered if the brittle heat shrink wrappers are a tenergy issue or due to the fact these batteries got baked at 500degrees for 2 hours .

I bought a bunch of these from them and am very impressed .

maybe it's that humid hot weather you have down south ..

Matts response to the video and fire ..

Hi folks.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this thread - it means the world to me and my staff.

The good news is that no one was hurt and that our data is safe. Everything else is just 'stuff' and stuff an be replaced.

We are fully and adequately insured for the damages and lost business. No employees will be laid off as a result of the fire and we fully expect to resume normal operations ASAP. In the meantime we have decided to suspend the acceptance of new orders until we can again ship them in a timely manner.

All customers with unshipped orders have been emailed with the choice to wait/edit/cancel and our CS reps are working from home, via our terminal server, to answer emails, cancel/refund orders as needed, etc. Please be patient as our CS responses are going to be a bit slower than normal as only 1/2 of them are working from home and the other 1/2 are in the office helping to deal with the aftermath.

The news reports are, unsurprisingly, a bit exaggerated - here's what happened.

At ~3:30 a fire broke out - the cause is still undetermined.

The sprinkler system contained the fire to 2 back to back racks in our warehouse - a space of ~8 x 20. The problem is the sprinker itself got a ton of other stuff wet and a second sprinkler head in another location went off (due to 'smoke movement patterns' I am told) which caused more water damage.

The fire didn't 'reignite.' The fire wasn't truly out when they turned off the sprinklers. It was knocked down again in seconds after they turned off the sprinkler.

The bulk of the damages are due to water and smoke - not fire. It does stink. The DEP responds to every commercial structure fire. The only 'special' interest they have with our situation is that want any damaged batteries removed by a DEP licensed contractor.

The news video is a bit silly. I guess I should have talked to the lady but I was, as you can imagine, very busy and there were 3 news crews there and it just wasn't my priority.
She spoke to our marketing manager and 'spun' their conversation to make it 'sensational' - this is what passes for big news in our small state I guess.
A few clarifications:
-The windows were not 'blown out' the fireman broke them to ventilate.
-We're not going to be closed for 'a few months.' She asked Brian, our marketing manager, how long we would be closed, he said, 'we don't know' she said, 'a few months?' he answered, 'anything is possible - we just don't know yet.'

While we still don't have a firm reopening date our goal is to reopen in 3-4 weeks.
We have to replace a bunch of furniture, inventory and desktop computers. We have a lot of cleaning and fixing to do and we're off to a great start; the water has already been sucked up and there are about 30-40 fans and dehumifiers running and about a dozen huge HEPA systems cleaning the smell from the air. My warehouse crew worked their tails of yesterday saving critical inventory. I'm lucky to have such a great and supportive crew. We're a family business and my crew is part of my greater family - I know it might sound cliche but I think this sad event has brought us closer together.

The local fire response was amazing. While the fire itself was relatively contained there were, at the end, something like 18 firetrucks and 60 fireman from 5 towns on scene from what I understand. The firemen did a fantastic job controlling the situation and minimizing the damage. It never hurts when 1/2 of them are your customers and have been in you place before to buy lighting toys and their chief is your HVAC guy.

I appreciate the calls for donations and that's very sweet but not necessary as our insurance will cover any monetary needs/requirements.

The idea of holding off or not cancelling purchases is one that I can appreciate and get behind. :

Your good will and support helped us grow to what we've become and as we rebuild and reopen the site it will be critical to getting us back up to speed quickly.

I'll fill you in again as I have time and we're planning on posting updates on the homepage of the website as approrpriate.

Thanks again for the love and support here. MattK


A few quick answers:

-The C&O (cause and origin) is still undetermined. The town fire marshall as well as C&O specialists from both (mine and my landlords) insurance companies are investigating but still have no clear cause.

-DEP showing up is automatic for any commercial fire because the firemen rarely know what is inside and what they will contend with. We'll be using a DEP licensed contractor to clean up any burned batteries as they have requested; the vast majority of our products were not burned so it's a relatively small area.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Boaz, you are correct about Marrsinc. One look at the photo and their response was "a replacement one will be shipped". A few hours later I received a shipping notice. The battery should be here today or tomorrow.

Kudos to Marrsinc - Mike & Dianne... Definately a recommended seller!

It appears to be water damage to me also. I would not fear using that battery. I’m glad they are sending you a replacement. If your just gonna toss the damaged one you can send it to me :wink: I love my tenergys and wish i had more!

HAHa ... that's a joke only SecaRob will get ...Don't worry I'll send Bluebeam a new one .I have a package next to my front door with his name already on it .

Sorry about the lame TV news video ..

seems to me I remembered a much greater, glorious... flames shooting out of the top of the buildings video .with exploding batteries going off like bombs ..

hmm ....seems the mind is the first thing to go

OH wait ... here it is ... this is what i remember seeing ..

Crazy canadian reporters saying lets see how close I can get after saying he could smell something ..(remembering how toxic Don said litium fumes were ..)

Sorta makes the battery junction fire look like a cub scout weinie roast

that makes me feel better about buying marrinc stuff

just don't buy anything from that other place ..:P

So Boaz, would that happen to be a couple of "white elephants" in the room wrapped in red for Bluebeam? :)

Those ultrafire reds are singlarly the worst POS i've ever encountered .
I've heard tales but have never in my whole life ////Wow...What absolute garbage ..the plastic box is more valuable .

usps ought to have offered you a deal on shipping

Ok so now you got me laughing my tail off. Were the un-protected worse than the protected ones? I thought I would play it safe with the un-protected ones so I left them in the "protective" wrapper. I think I paid about $3.00 for the pair and shortly afterward thought "what the hell Rob"?

Glad you got some amusement out of them :)

I think Boaz has at least enough love for his fellow BLF'er to remove those red and whites from that nice storage box before he sends it ;)

Kudos to Marrsinc. Received a "protected" replacement today. 3.73 volts out of the envelope and now on the charger

UPDATE: was just about to bag it up and send it out to a fellow BLF'er when I noticed the "cheesy" substance under the button had grown.

This one's a goner folks

All my Tenergy cells are OK

I hate it when I get screwed.