Need a 2x 18650 host

I have a 17 mm driver and a 20 mm mgt-2 led and i need a host to put them in. It has to be a 2x 18650 and preferably not very expensive. Also needs to have decent heat seaking because it is a 4.5 amp 6v driver

Adapting 20mm driver pill to 17mm

i am assuming you need the 20mm pill for the led and 17mm for the driver JohnnyMac did something along those lines

I have one. It is of good quality.


the solar force tube is made for P60 drop-in modules even sanding the edges 20mm is to big for a P60 module. to be honest sod all idea what 20 mm mgt-2 is i assume it is the star size

the link take you to

US $31.05 / piece

Sorry, this item is no longer available!

pity i would have got afew of those myself. gut a P60 dropin for parts

The thread originator has not been on the forum for nearly a week

Not sure if the heat sinking is as much as you might want, but

thanks for that Ruffles Small Sun ZY-T08 has the form factor i like even if the modes suck, time to cannibalize an LD41 spare for parts maybe if the driver can handle more than 6 volts. Time to bug Fenix again :bigsmile:

expand your options
Driver Expansion Board 20MM

Product name: Driver Expansion Board 20MM 7153
Size: Diamter 20MM x thickness 1.7MM x the hole diamter 5MM
Fuction: to expand the size of the driver board
Material:Duoble gold-plating
Suit for: 7135*6/7135*8 drive board

Package included:
1 x Driver Expansion Board 20MM 7153

Or this,

looks good, i wonder if heat dissipation would be better ?

XML’s are a bugger to keep properly cooled, one of the reasons i like Fenix LD41 is they did not try to squeeze every last lumen at the expence of reliability and runtimes. Having a light burn out or runout of power when you need it just to say hey i was the brightest for 3 minutes seems rather stupid to me.

Okay so i have a 17mm driver and a 20mm led board with the mgt-2 on it. With the 17mm to 20mm adapter i can use it as a 20mm driver. So what flashlight do you guys reccomend? The first post is only a 1x 18650 and i need a 2x one. I wish that the one for $31 was in stock because it looks very nice! And i would rather the batteries be inline so the small sun is out of the question. Any more sugestions?

My current personal favorite light is my Shadow TC300 MT-G2 but it’s not very large and doesn’t handle the heat well, I had to make a copper slug to press into the pill to add some mass and even then high (10.3A) is only usable for a few minutes plus the reflector has to be enlarged.

It does 3020Lm tho…
Edit: their new site lists it sold out but just a week ago on their old site it was listed as in stock, if you like it email them, they may be in stock and marked wrong during the transition.

I considered using this one but I ended up using a C8 with an extension tube for my MT-G2 at 4.55 amp build.

That one on tmart iterests me but so does the one before it. Can you guys confirm that it is a 20 or 17mm driver? And also would an extention tube work with a convoy c8? I would like to use that if it would work but i dont know where to buy the extention tube. Thanks!

Sorry not a convoy c8 i ment a xintd c8. The ones from mountain electronics. I think those disperse the heat pretty good right? I have one and they are a nice piece.

Most of these C8 sized lights that I’ve encountered use a 17mm driver. If it turns out to be larger you can easily adapt it as mentioned above or cannibalize the original driver and use it as a contact board.

The TC300 uses a 20mm driver and 20mm emitter m

i have a very old trustfire tr-600 that had a p7 emitter. i had tom e upgrade it to a xml2 and i forget what else he did do it.
but the host handles the heat very well, its only doing about 1000 lumens though.
and the reflector has a more than big enough opening for a mt g2.

i cant find my anymore tr –600 , but i did find this tr-t1, which looks the exact same as my tr-600, but im not sure if the internals are the same.
but mine has a shallow and slight orange peel reflector which would make it ideal for the mtg2.

the tr-t1 is smooth reflector , but still looks shallow.