need help dealing with dx

i place several small orders BEFORE i place my order for the 18650 batteries and charger. the batteries and charger came over a week ago registered mail. the small orders i placed are going on a month. i figure that i should have got them already since i received the batteries and charger. i emailed dx with the paypal transaction numbers and haven't got a response. for some reason, i am unable to complete my dx account because i can't seem to get the verification code sent to my email to complete the registration so i can check order status. what should i do? btw, i live in california.

DX does not use email, I know it sucks, but the most sure way of getting in touch with them is by using their customer service system at Not having a working DX account might complicate things.

Does single order tracking work? You can check it here without being logged in.

DX performance is terrible.

Go to Paypal now, start dispute.

DX will send you an email with a lie.

After 5 weeks, go to PayPal and upgrade to claim.

When I buy from DX orders more than USD20, they arrive in one month (21 days after they send it), but when each package is less than USD20 (and if I don't pay extra USD1.7) they arrive in 60 days.

I haven't noticed any speed difference between registered and unregistered airmail. I just have to go to post office to get orders sent by registered airmail, unregistered come directly to my mail box :)

Usually it has taken about 2 to 3 weeks packages to arrive (I mostly order 1 item at time). Longest time has been 1 month and 2 weeks.

Don't go to PayPal for a DX order that has been less than one month. Once you open a claim DX isn't going to help at that point until the claim is resolved.

Less than a month at DX is normal. Just because one package of items came right away doesn't tell you anything about the other package. Maybe they were out of stock.

I'd try to solve whatever the verification code problem is and contact DX. There probably is no problem however. I've never heard of anyone not receiving their merchandise at some point.

Go to the forum at DX and post regarding the problem you are having as far as the verification code. A moderator (which are just customers and not DX itself) will help you. They will contact DX.

It's a crazy system and they are slow but it makes no sense to file a claim at PayPal which throws a wrench in everything for no reason.

OP lakemonster1 said that it is nearly one month and he did not get his order.

I said that he should go to PayPal and open a Dispute.

Someone said that it is normal for Deal Extreme to take two months to fill orders.


If Deal Extreme is that bad, they need to die.

Manafont fills my orders in 12 days. They can take over.

I agree that Manafont is better and that's who I use if they carry whatever I'm looking for. I agree they usually take 2 weeks at least for the times I've used them.

There are some people who have waited a month or so from them however.

For me the average time from DX has been a month or even a bit more sometimes. I've very rarely got anything in less than a month.

I wouldn't say that 2 months is average but it certainly happens. However the OP said it's been less than a month! If he doesn't want the merchandise and just wants to get his money back and not use DX anymore then fine go to PayPal.

If he wants the stuff (and he did at one time or he wouldn't have ordered) then he should wait as less than 1 month from DX is not in the least bit unusual.

He hasn't even contacted DX or checked his account to see what the deal is.

Don't use DX if you don't like it. I rarely use it but don't be naive about the way it works.

By the way, my intention isn't to be rude to Steve who was just trying to help. I'm just letting the OP know that he needs to contact DX IMO to see the status of his account before filing a claim at PayPal for a normal occurrence.

You only have 45 days from date of original transaction to open a Paypal claim. Just go do that immediately, like now. That's the only way I shook a refund loose from DX. Rather than bitch up the works, Paypal claims will get some attention.

Oh, yeah... don't deal with them, period. If it's emitters and parts you're after, there are U.S. dealers who'll get parts to you in 2 days, not months.

If you must go to China, use Manafont. DX should go out of business.



That was awesome. Best post of the day, as far as I'm concerned.


Man, What an unfair negative talk about DX

Ok, they are a bit slow but I always got refunded if an item was not send out or damaged (only a few times from the many many orders)

"Bull Plop" is the best post of the that's a rough day!

I forgot you're moving probably has been a rough day. :)

I just received some lasers from DX that I ordered so long ago that I forgot I ordered them. In defense of DX I will say my memory isn't all that good, but it was at least 2 months. The memory is the second thing to go with old age right, what were we talking about again. I would start a Paypal dispute if it makes you feel better, but 60 days for DX is not abnormal for them.

This is the way to go with EVERY seller in HK. If you try to solve the problem yourself,

you end up with a lot of meaningless emails with even more meaningless qustions and

suggestions. A PP dispute gets their attention (they need PayPal) and raise it to a claim

later if you are not satisfied with the result. But make the dispute at once, dont let them

stall you with their nonsense emails.

Remember that you have paid for the items and have every right to receive them in working


PS: 3 weeks is my average when getting something from DX.

In my experience that is not true. Whenever I have had a problem with either Manafont or Kaidomain they have sorted it out for me quickly and direct with me.

I have not expressed myself clear enough. What I think you should do is to start

the dispute and then work it out with the seller. You get his attention with the

dispute and he now knows you mean business. It speed the things up and you

dont have so many of the nonsense emails from the so-called servicedepartment.

It has worked for me with DX, KD and others. When I have not used it, I got

stalled until the 45 day PP period has expired and I was on my own.

Also remember to take a picture of the envelope, the broken item etc. This

will greatly help you to solve the problem with the seller (or PP!).

This is not to the OP, but a rant to the "fan boys" that want to take their ball and go home.

I had a light that reminds me of this, it whined too. My experience is that 21 days is relatively fast, the shipping is free. If you want a faster ship, PAY FOR IT!

You wouldn't buy from DX if they weren't the cheapest thing on the planet, and they have a WIDE variety of items we like.

If you think their communications are poor, perhaps you could learn to speak Chinese.

I personally stop dealing with people that are a pain in the ass.

If you boycott DX till hell freezes over, they won't give 2 shits about it, let me know how that works for ya.

Lakemonster doesn't list where they're located but Hong Kong, China is over 11,000 miles from my house, literally half-way around the WORLD, for free. I'm amazed it gets here AT ALL!

Because of time zone shifts, if I e-mailed them by mid-night, I would usually get a reply by the time I woke up.

You could try a phone call, if you think it'd speed things up.

Step back, take a breath, allow the process to work itself out. Just how many hundreds of dollars did you spend?

D*mn, FandyFire STL-V6 got backordered, so I canceled order. Let's see how long it takes DX to refund :|

EDIT: took 1 hour to get answer at live chat, and answer was that refund should happen within 8 working days... wow that's a lot time to refund... couldn't wait and ordered Sky Ray STL-V2 from Manafont already :shy:

That is funny I did a live chat today with DX and it took about an hour for a response. Even there real time help is ridiculously slow.

It is amazing that their business seems to be really taking off without their service improving at all :) They have the new warehouse in the U.S. and their ads are all over the web now...and yet they are still the slowest in the business :)