Need MTG-2 host with good heatsink

Any suggestions for a cheap host with good heatsinking? I don’t want anything with a huge head, i.e. C8 or smaller. I’m using a BLFDD17z with a 2 minute turbo and 2 18650 samsung 25r, but the led wires unsolder before it steps down.

Good heatsinking + a small head is not possible unless you install a small fan.

I use the Roche LS-01 and it works fine.
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What is the host that you currently use? LED wires unsoldered by itself?! That is way more than 200 degree celsius right? :open_mouth:

Did you use thermal paste and secure your LED board on the pill securely?

2x25R and an FET driver is an insane amount of heat. You can't run it for 2 minutes even in a C8 sized host. You're going to have to either go down in power or go way up in size.

Ultrafire c12

LuckySun D80

Nico Nature XXX-990

Interesting. Has this been posted before? Any experience with this light? Driver drive an MT-G2? Gearbest pic shows an extension tube attached, but where is the extension tube to order it?


I know its been around for a while, but the zy-t08 is a good mtg host.
Think it was Comfychair who modded it first (I’ll just check that!)

Edit: Sorry, make that relic38 here!

+1 on Garry's questions above, please.

Relic38 made an MT-G2 T08 here.

The Roche LS-01 may have to do. How long do you think I can run it on high?

Would the c12 be able to handle the heat?

How long you can rub it on high is only relevant to how hard you want to drive it. If you want to run it at 5 amps it will get hot very quickly compared to running it at say 2 amps.

Need MTG-2 host with good heatsink favorite flashlights to put mtg2 in.



Well Garry, the op is looking for an mtg2 host so wouldn’t a thread concerning a person’s favorite flashlight to put an mtg2 in be useful?
EDIT: OH fudge! Hahaha! I understand. Sorry. Might have been lacking sleep at the time.