New 3535 Hex die LED from Nichia 309/319A

Yes, we knew that already. We just discussed something off topic about our preferred emitter design based on the nice 144A which doesn’t have thermal pad

“…Nichia claims its 319A high-power LED is a record breaker by achieving a whopping 164 lm/W at 700 mA (5,000 K). And the 319A is a production device, Nichia say, i.e. not one shining brightly deep down in a liquid nitrogen vessel or in the minds of a few theorists at MIT. Mass production of this super LED is planned for late this month or early January 2017 so with a bit of luck you will be dazzled by your daughter’s new flashlight for Summer Camp.

The size of the 319A is 3.5 x 3.5mm and the device and is foot-print compatible with earlier 3.5-mm LEDs, if not optically. Breakdown is specified at 1,050 mA (~3 W).

A variant with 3000 K color temperature is expected to yield 415 lm with a minimum CRI (color rendering index) of 80. This device won’t give you much deep red though as its R9 CRI specification is zero.

Nichia showcased a number of breakthrough LED technologies at the recent Lux Live show in London’s Excel Centre … what’s in a name….”


Luxeon M:

1130 lumens max with 2.8 amps… <——- corrected. Still not impressed

So am I
Unless there’s CRI 9080 involved

The Nichia 144A I got, rated 900 lumen in about the same 8,4 watt power output with CRI 9050
Tested here:
And 1000 lumen in hard to get higher rank

The CRI 70 also outputs ~1300 lumen in that test

Interstiing, I would how they handle the heat, if they could be cranked up to ~~10-15A like the XHP series then it could be potent, doubt it though.

Thanks for taking the pictures!

Do I see a slight spiegelei here too?

And the three pictures on the bottom are beams from a reflector or a TIR optic?

That’s the test current. That highest possible forward current is 4.8 A.

That’s exactly what Nichia should come up with. And than a flat domed version like the MZ as well.

So the 319a is green. Like, really green. :confused:

Very narrow TIR with frosted center aspheric lens, Gaggione LLC49R. Its not spiegelei (well, very subtle) in reality, it’s a very cool looking hex projection.
With normal plain TIR optics, you can see the hex projection.

What do you expect from Ra7000 6500K? It’s much much better than XPL 6200K CRI70.

Ah, well it didn’t occur to me that those were the really cool ones. Here’s hoping the 5000K neutrals are…more neutral. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to test them for us.

Oooh, that 5000K 319a looks much better. I’m anxious to try those myself. Thanks Clemence!

The secondaries used in above tests for those curious

I agree, can’t wait for those 5000k 319A to show up.


How do they dedome ? If possible ofc, pls try that if not when you have the time, its the thing that interests many of us most :slight_smile: