New bike lights at DX (complete packs)

With XML and 3 modes

With P7 and 3 modes

XML 3 modes too

Another XML 3 modes too

They are cheap compared with all the old ones (about 60-80 USD)

These were already a great value.. In my country you will hardly go over 100lumen for this price if you want to buy a bike light.

I remember testing one P7 that my friend bought. He paid almost 100euros from it... Not from DX, some retailer. Now: 33euro.... With XM-L. :D

3 mode High/Mid/Fast strobe...

I don't want a flashing light on my bike.

A 3-mode bike light should be High/Mid/Low.

i would like to take a helmet mounted one, and all of these looks so dear, how long it would last in the hign mode?

I don't think they're dumping old stock, just that DX is cheaper than MF. The batteries are ~$20, which leaves $25 for light. Perfectly achievable if all the other xml lights are anything to go by. A very good deal nonetheless.

I wonder what the difference is between the xml models. They're being offered by the same supplier at the same time (YangLighting), so perhaps they're all the same sans cosmetic differences. These are also regulated so great deal if the batteries hold up.

The main difference is the assault crown..... (vissualy speaking). The internals... I dont know

I've bought one (Foyed bezel).....intending to mod it as a weapon light.

That's the one.

Looks like a good build........going to try a few optics.......and a different mount (Or maybe a 90 deg bend in the barrel).

Has anyone actually used one of these in an off-road situation?

If so, could they post a photo of it mounted either on a handlebar or helmet.

It does not look like the mounting hardware would work well on rough terrain.



So the 900 lumen lights have 1200 lumens printed on their packaging LOL.

Just how trustworthy are these knockoffs' specs anyway? I'm guessing around 600 OTF lumens at best.

I'm a bit worried about the Lithium pack. Specs say 8.4V 4400mAh (4x18650). Don't the concerns over multi-18650 matter here? There's no way to balance them. Are they IMR (or LMR, whatever)? 1100mAh per cell seems really low, unless they're that crappy.

I still can't get over the Assault Crown, described as such, on a bike light. They always make me laugh........."Full Ahead ramming speed, Captain".

Ah, thanks for the correction. Yeah, I still don't trust the battery pack. Neither do I have a skills to make my own. Oh well, I'll stick with the single cell flashlight on my helmet then. Don't need the runtime anyway.

I ordered 2 of these for my friends.

One is going to use it in orienteering, the other in biking, off-road biking mostly.

I just noticed that I maybe made a little mistake in recommending these XM-L ones since they have SMO reflector.

They are most likely going to be a bit too throwy.

Any suggestions what to do? Diffuser, what kind of, from where?!

seems good value. been wanting a light for my MTB for a while. Havent seen
a value setup to do it.

Got one of two XM-L lights I ordered some time ago.

First impressions:

-package was not so square anymore + scotch-taped to shut

-things were just stuffed in

-the light itself had a loose bezelring, which got my attention.

-Minor loose reflector flakes inside, one flake stuck in emitter. Still, got it away by pushing with a cotton swab.

Conclusion: returned goods sent again.

Otherwise no complain, works and charges properly.

about $49

Recommended velcro strap and extension cable for helmet use:

$3.25 including postage.

$3.50 including postage.

Add your favourite SMOOTH flashlight:

The strobe mode can be used on the rear of the bike to warn drivers if you are on the road. That's what all the bikers around here do at least. And it really helps get the drivers attention.