New Blackshadow Terminator

4*18650 Correct they dont... By default the asterisks means -No F-- chance..

I’ll wait for the 9x LED version Would definitely look like a Gatling gun by then.

I was sent the DHL tracking number for mine last night. Should be in my hands sometime next week. W00T!

Congrats Johnny it looks like a winner!! :wink:

I have to admit I am intrigued by this light. I think it looks awesome!

Congrats Johhn. I think you got a very unique looking light. I also think the finish looks to be a killer as well.

Thanks, guys! It looks like a winner to me as well but I will defer final judgement until after my full review. So far Black Shadow has not disappointed me one bit. Fit and finish are superb and the equal of any high-end brand.

I would be thrilled to also review the new SolarStorm L3 monster. I believe BS makes both brands.

I cant wait to see your thoughts on it keep us updated!!

You will be updated with a full review and tear down! Part of the cost of doing business. :wink:

The comparison between Terminator and Niteyes 40 this time.
In the 100m beamshots, the spot of Terminator is brighter.
In the 200m beamshots, the spill of Niteyes 40 is slightly larger.
The logo of Terminator is identical to TrustFire?
The master ON/OFF by rotating the battery compartment, modes change by the handle switch which will turn to red indicating battery level low warning.

To the left is a Nitecore TM15; to the right is a Black SkyRay King.

Awesome pics - thank you for sharing them.

Is there any way you can test how many lumens the Terminator generates?

or at least a meter reading (for ceiling bounce) as compared to your TM15 or Sky Ray King?

Thank you!!

awesome pics thank you! outdoor shots?

WOW. It is tiny, and VERY sharp looking!! Yikes.

I was planning on getting a Fenix TK75……I love the throw…but which do I get now??

I’m unable to do any lux readings. Outdoor shots are a real problem for me - I’d have to make a special trip and I don’t have the time right now.

But, judging its flood capability based upon purely subjective, naked-eye ceiling tests, I’d say it’s in the same league as my TN30 and Xtar S1 (whose brightness is waaay underrated IMO).

I would put my flooders in the following order, with the first three very close:

Black Shadow Terminator (rated at 3500lms)
Thrunite TN30 (rated at 3000lms)
Xtar S1 (rated 2350lms ???) This HAS to be underrated.
Nitecore TM15 (rated 2450lms)
Sunwayman T60CS (rated 2100lms)
JetBeam RRT-3 (rated 1950lms)
SkyRay King (??)

I have a Fenix TK75 on order, as well as the Supbeam X40. I may order the Zebralight S6330. And I’m waiting for the BTU Shocker to get cheaper….

I’d say the Terminator is more of a flooder - the lens aren’t very deep. When my TK75 arrives I’ll do a naked-eye comparison.

dang you have some nice lights! wish you lived close to me so I could check them out

Thanks Bwolcott. For better or worse, I’m a real flashaholic…

Can you tell us how many amps it draws?

Any PWM on the lower modes please?

Thanks for the comparison. Looking forward

to a delivery....